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25 Chicks with Chainsaws

chainsaw sex

Chicks love chainsaws, that’s a fact proven by these 25 photos and pics or it didn’t happen.  FACT.

girls on couch with chainsaw

girl with saw

chainsaw chick

chainsaw chick

chainsaw chickchainsaw woman

chainsaw artist

chainsaw scuplting

xbox girl

sawing trees

chainsaw girl

chainsaw girl

chainsaw murder

girl with saw

chainsaw poster

girl in red with saw

chick holding chainsaw

chainsaw girl

chainsaw girl

pink cutting tree

chainsaw movie


chainsaw chicks

chainsaw girl

9 Responses to "25 Chicks with Chainsaws"

  1. Just Gotta Know says:

    WHO is #4 ???

  2. dallas daniel hessler junior says:


  3. DonkeyXote says:

    and only one of them was wearing safety ear muffs. ONE!


  4. Mr. Broadway says:

    What!?! No Wendy O. Williams photo?

  5. emerson biguns says:

    #3 so hott

  6. bwahahah says:

    #1 wins

  7. Adam says:

    25 pictures of girls with chainsaws and it looks like only one of them actually knows how to use it. She wins.