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25 Clever Exam Answers

These are the types of people that become powerful CEOs of major internet companies.


80 Responses to "25 Clever Exam Answers"

  1. Anonymoose says:

    Oh, you’re that guy.

  2. Erothyme says:

    Too bad you’re all lying jerks who lead such unfulfilling lives that you feel the need to attempt to leech glory from others.

  3. AnonymousKbot says:


  4. AnonymousKbot says:

    I cockur! (spelled correctly)

  5. pale white guy says:

    halarious (if thats spelled wrong ifm sorry my F7 key wouldnt work)

  6. Anonymous Poster says:

    Only American’s who can’t spell don’t add a U.

  7. John WOods says:

    Dude are you kidding me? This is like totally crazy man!


  8. a guy says:

    yeah the ovary puma one was my favorite too.

  9. seeklove says:

    Hahaha , funny!

    Recently, I found an age-gap site …

    So JUST- __ “Agegaplove^^^com”, and I met my lover here. He is 9 yeard- older than me. It’s a nice place- for Younger Women- and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to- interact with each other. Age gap is- not problem- there. You may check out or tell your friends.

  10. Some Random Dude says:


  11. Yea boiiiii says:

    wow these are pathetic, I can only imagine douches and preps, and retards

  12. John Troller says:

    NO U

  13. Machiavelli says:

    The majority of the world spell humour, colour, favourite, etc. with a U.
    Especially us up here in Canada. Our superiority to Americans is geographically evident.
    Oh, and we don’t have Presidents who are awarded universal peace prizes for their lack of effect on the world.

  14. Sides split says:

    Damn, funniest shit I’ve read in a long time! :D

  15. Anonymous2 says:

    well actually i herd you liek mudkipz

  16. notanamerican says:

    i think my pretty little name says it all

  17. Mr Furley says:

    I like soup

  18. DonkeyXote says:

    Sounds like someone got beat up and/or humiliated in school by douches, preps and retards.


  19. I <3 Rush Limbaugh's Hot Bod says:

    A lot of these have been floating around the net forever, but I never saw the lion, tiger, whatever Vulva drawing. My hat’s off to that!

    Oh – And why do you losers hate Dane Cook so much? I mean, he’s not as amazing as the sweaty backside of sweet Rush…but c’mon!

  20. uh oh says:

    I like turtles

  21. uh oh says:

    shut up or i will knock you out.

  22. King Caliente says:

    Lasers in every day life was actually pretty moving.

  23. ThatGuy says:

    Really? Because I heard from a reliable source that you like mudkips.

  24. Anonymous2 says:


  25. iqb says:

    the kid that drew the charizard, i draw charizard EXACTLY like that. he must has learned it from the same exact online tutorial that i did when i was a kid.

  26. Digger says:

    Nice way to write an article!!


  27. cook says:

    hmm first and foremost who the fuck cares where a joke started its designed to make us laugh you douche bags, second these are humourous and i wish i would’ve pulld something like this. but alas i didn’t next why is it that you douche bags have to argue about meaningless bull shit.

  28. Skeeter Miffin says:


  29. JamesC says:

    News flash: answering “she’s a woman” is frat-boy stupid, not clever.

  30. Nocturnesthesia says:

    I know no one is gonna believe me but I was the one who drew the Thug Life guy getting kicked in the face… It’s on my old bio teacher’s facebook.

    Ironically, I’m finishing my H.S.Sc in biology next year.

  31. Andy__H says:

    Oh James, stop trying to win brownie points with the ladies.

  32. mircosneezia says:

    Hahahaha, that’s amazing.

  33. Midget Tree says:

    What you meant to say was “Americans.”

  34. Your Brain says:

    LOL! Amazing CREATIVITY!!!

  35. Tom says:

    Education system is so useless, like all the liberal elites like Obama that are these idiotic moronic professors, which live in their head.

    The liberals need to be thrown out of the education system, teaching kids bullshit, propaganda, no teaching skills.

    Education should be fun, fun like playing sports, there is a new method of teaching, hopefully I will soon post this new ‘system’ online.

  36. Anonymou says:

    Ok, get a dictionary. Look up the word “clever.”

    It might say something like “intelligent” somewhere in the definition.

    None of these pictures depict anything “intelligent.”

  37. Galina (: says:

    ey u guys who cares if theyre SMART or not
    theyre just funny jokes some poeple with humor
    decided to write as answers.

    be a little funny in your life

  38. DongayXote says:

    Only impotent homosexuals add a letter U to the word humor.

  39. John Troller says:

    Let’s face it, you’ve never been the life of the party.

  40. John Troller says:

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen someone try to take credit for MY work on the internet. Go to hell motherfucker!

  41. John Troller says:

    You don’t even need a dictionary to define loser. Just find a mirror and have a look.

  42. Ronald Reagan says:

    Well that’s because the rest of the world is full of impotent faggots, see the French, and if by “superiority” you mean “stupidity” and “weakness”, then yes, your “superiority” is geographically evident.

    By the way, some of us Americans are well aware of the astounding lack of leadership our failure of a “president” is showing.

  43. ColbertFTW says:

    Grunt…Yell…Liberal fucktards



    Louder…Yell…Fox News

    Go to Holy Taco…Comment…Reminisce about winning at dodgeball in grade 4 (your highest achievement thus far)


  44. cherajeepn says:

    I like Werewolf movies!!

  45. What Woah! says:

    Haha Vulva + COOKin’

  46. ARTYFISHALL says:

    Let’s face it, the perpetrators of these exam answers are nothing but retards.

  47. Couriers says:

    I like it in the ass.

    In fact, my dad is currently inserting his penis in my anus as i tYYYYYYYYYpe! Oops!

  48. Mitur_Binesderti says:

    What do you call a black man with a knife in an operating room?

    A surgeon you racist.

  49. Jew Leader says:


  50. nickmare says:

    a priest and a rabi are on a walk togehter when the pass a schoolyard with children playing in it, the priest says “should we fuck them?” the rabi says “out of what?”

  51. couriers mom says:

    stop me if you heard THIS one: an idiot with a 3rd grade education, and all the wit of that same 3rd grader posts below another idiot and makes himself look like an ass. the punchline? you just read it.

  52. mac says:

    its should we screw them not fuck them.

    and stealing a joke off dane cook is pretty fucking ironic

  53. Jew Leader says:

    haha dane cook

  54. Tom says:

    How is that irnonic at all?

  55. Jeff says:

    Cuz Dane cook stole all of his jokes from Louis CK.

  56. Anonymous Poster says:

    No, what did the racist get on his SAT?

  57. KingGreat says:

    I think (hope) he means that it’s ironic that someone could/would steal a joke from Dane Cook seeing as how that guy doesn’t even tell jokes, but more anecdotal quips and observances. That’s the ONLY way stealing a joke from Dane Cook would be ironic. Truth be told, though, if Dane Cook told that joke first, he was telling it while he was in the 6th grade because I’m certain that I heard that joke sometime in elementary school.

  58. koala says:

    This just in: jokes have been around a long time.

  59. corey says:

    A baby seal walks into a club

  60. CAKid says:


    Dane Cook has been accused of plagiarism on many, many occasions. Some of his accusers include Joe Rogan and the aforementioned Louis CK.

    Rogan says that he’s performed jokes in the same club as Dane, and then seen Dane perform the same joke later on and claim it as his own.

    Ergo, someone stealing a joke from Dane Cook is somewhat ironic.

  61. KingGreat says:


    You’ve humbled and educated me. Thank you for both. Either way, I still think Joe Rogan is a dick, even after he managed to catch the BIGGEST dick Carlos Mencia.

  62. Daveybear.â„¢ [HTID][AoC] says:

    @Koala: LOL! xD
    Epic win :3

  63. nickmare says:

    hey what did the black kid get on his s.a.t.?
    barbecue sauce

    and to the cunt saying i stole this from dane cook 1. i heard it from a friend years ago 2. do you understand how jokes work?

  64. PermieWriter says:


  65. PermieWriter says:

    And do you know what the racist got on his SAT?

    Doncha know that book larnin’ is a CIA-Zionist conspira-somethin’? Moonshine and incest was good enough for my grandpappy, and it’s good enough for me.

  66. Tooble says:


  67. DoWorK says:

    First Bitches

  68. Olala says:

    wrong and joe rogan is gay

  69. DoWorK says:


  70. fsfsd says:


  71. You're All Idiots says:

    you are all bitches….including your moms!

  72. Classics says:

    Awesome !
    Love the “Woman=Problems” stuff. ^^

  73. Russian says:

    Rofl, yeah that one was my favorite, too.

  74. the gingless souler says:

    i forgive you, HT, for this weeks fucked up shit!

  75. sick bastard says:

    the 300 one is the best

  76. Miss Sunshine says:

    that was my favorite, too! He shows great artistic apptitude. Should have earned him (and I assumed it was a guy) extra points.

  77. sweetfly says:

    the best was ” draw a human body and label the organs and glands ” ….. kung fu gland ? …. fucking genius

  78. martinkunev says:


    There is a mistake. It is written:
    Women = Problems
    it should be
    Women = |Problems|

  79. Jackopaws says:

    It is just an example of pre-compartmentalisionism in the 20th century. How sad.