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25 Comically Oversized Boobs

That there is Sheyla Hershey, who was trying to get the world’s largest breasts.  Unfortunately for her, she hit a little roadblock on her journey to get them, in the form of a series of terrible infections she picked up in South America.  That was because no American surgeon would butcher her this way.  Anyway, a series of antibiotics and surgeries later, she lost her boobs, but in honor of her insane dream, here are 25 ladies for whom the word "proportionate" means nothing.


23 Responses to "25 Comically Oversized Boobs"

  1. Ian Fortey says:
    I’m guessing no more than 7 of these are morphed and/or prosthetics.
  2. The Omissions Department says:

    Hey, you forgot to include Holy Taco’s writing staff.

  3. Ian Fortey says:
    We’re not comically oversized.  Just kind of doughy.
  4. ... says:

    hey, that is comical

  5. RoflCOPTA says:

    this had the potential to be kind of sexy, but jesus pretty much all of them were hideous lol. i guess it WAS just about gigantic breasts

  6. NinJay says:

    So many things that need to be killed with fire.

  7. FucktheJets says:

    That 7th picture with the lips and fingernails will haunt me for the rest of my days.

  8. Rick says:

    Correction… 50 comically oversized boobs.

  9. DonkeyFUCKINGXote says:

    So true! xD

  10. anon e. muss says:

    Stating the obvious…the one with that will also be featured in your future post “25 women with comically oversized lip injections” is, as Austin Powers would say, “a man, baby”.

  11. Orifice Jerq says:

    there were at least 2 trannies and 1 photoshop in that mix.

  12. Debt Relief says:

    I just threw up all over the desk.

  13. Skully says:

    I bet a few of those are traps. >_>

  14. Cliff says:

    #14 is Wendy Fiore. She’s pretty dang hot.

  15. QueenOfTheDucks says:

    oh god… i think i just puked a little…
    here i was expecting a bunch of real life jessica rabbits…

  16. D.Sharp says:

    Quadruple D scusting…

  17. MexicanAmerican says:

    i physically cant look at that last one for more then a second.

  18. Jay89 says:

    This comment made my day. HAHAHAHA!!

  19. oh no says:

    my penis just died

  20. RonPonder says:

    Ha Ha. Number 7 is filthy

  21. JIng Moo says:

    Dude, thats nasty. Downright disgusting. If its more than a handful, its a waste!


  22. Finnegan says:

    Obviously plastic surgeons only let ugly women get boobs that big…

  23. DonkeyXote says:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to see a tonne worth of boobs in such a short time. I think I’m gonna lie down now…