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25 Coolest Banksy Graffiti

For those of you who don’t know, Banksy is an English graffiti artist who’s work can be seen all over the world. We’re big fans of graffiti art, and that got us thinking: are there any HT fans that are into graffiti art? If there are, send us some pictures. We’d love to see them.


74 Responses to "25 Coolest Banksy Graffiti"

  1. Anonymous123 says:

    Any collection of banksy’s work that doesn’t include the girl hugging the bomb like a baby doll, and the kids doing ring around the rosie around an atomic explosion is lacking in my opinion

  2. Bristol Street Art says:

    To be more precise Banksy is from Bristol in the UK. In fact the 2nd, 4th and 14th photo are pieces located in Bristol. Here you can see Banksy pieces located in Bristol http://www.bristol-street-art.co.uk. One of the above pieces isn’t actually a Banksy, the 22nd photo (I want change).

  3. poop stain says:

    The “Keep your coins I want change” is NOT Banksy. That was done by an artist named Meek, he’s from Melbourne.

  4. rachel says:

    this guy is incredible

  5. TOY says:

    Banksy is not a graffiti writer. I can tag with paint, ink, scratching windows, or even with my blood.(Buddy did it once) Because someone uses spray paint it doesn’t make it graffiti, get off our culture you hipster yuppies. He has some nice looking stuff, it’s illegal sure, but he doesn’t hold down a city and most importantly, he has no letters. No letters, no graffiti. Nothing you can say to dispute me on this, i know because im a graffiti bomber and i know my history and my culture.

  6. duplicious says:

    love banksy amd his subversion techniques… been specialixing in radical resistance for some years now… modern society is far too overrated

  7. cAPS lOCK sTUCK says:

    TThe Corrector- Yeah, and I wonder where he gets the stencils? You bell-end.

  8. The Corrector says:

    Yeah. How amazing Banksy must be to hold a piece of polyurethane up to a wall and paint over it (ie stenciling). You think Banksy’s good, kid, then you should’ve seen me in grade school. I use to stencil the alphabet like a mofo. Hell, I even did different colors one time! (*sigh* the easily impressed)

  9. Gourry says:

    I thought it said Boxxy graffiti. I was disappointed.

  10. Zane St. James says:

    in some foggy corner between yr ears and behind yr eyes.

  11. Pop-corn says:

    My art is very similar, though much more political. I also use stencils in the pieces I create on and in the various flushing porcelain bowls I come across all over town. Sometimes up to twice a day!

  12. Wolf Pack of 1 says:

    One time I blew a load on the carpet that looked like the stay puft marshmallow man walking through new york… Does that count?

  13. Anonymoose says:

    These are not all Banksy. Try doing a little research before publishing articles to the blagosphere and give credit to the actual Artists next time.

  14. Adrian says:

    ich bin scho hässlick whie dehr haxxschenberck

  15. David says:

    Can someone give me an hint where i can find the interpretations of these graffities? heil

  16. Charley Steen says:

    Wow, no way dude that is truly amazing! Well done!


  17. David says:

    is it possible to get the interpretation of these graffities somewhere????

  18. David says:

    is it possible to get the interpretation of these graffities somewhere????

  19. Sage says:

    In case none of you know anything about graffiti, this is not free hand , its mostly stencils… BANKSY is awesome, look at some of Salts, bombing science . com another artist i like alot is Alex Pardee.

  20. David says:

    Can someone give me an hint where i can find the interpretations of these graffities?

  21. thmc says:

    He uses a paint roller and stencils mostly, although spray cans are used in graffiti a lot, a lot of us like to use a roller for the primer, and rollers are much easier to use on stencils and larger projects like big walls or sidecars, whereas cans you gotta come back and forth to make sure everythings been covered.

  22. skates riessen says:

    you said that already. nobody gave a shit then, either.

  23. Marc Ozna - Stencil Graffiti says:

    Hm where does that idea come from? No letters, no graffiti? Never heard of that before. Stencil graffiti started in the 1980s when throwups and tags were becoming boring. Stencils allowed for a fast way to make something impressive. They’ve become awesome now and Banksy, Dolk and others have taken it to a new level.

  24. C.Burgundy says:

    BANKSY is truly the best of the best! One other G-Artist,
    who has not been heard of in quite a while, is BORF!
    Great stuff!

  25. hungryrainbowblood says:

    i like alex pardee too, but does he do graffiti?

  26. Just a fan says:

    He does a lot of political graffiti as well. He just recently re-released his book of the art he’s done and he provides some insight on how he does these MASSIVE murals. Check out his page – he’s got SO much more on there: http://banksy.co.uk/

  27. butler says:

    You really need to check out douglas panzone.com, he is completely freehand spray paint no stencils. I dig the stencils, hell we’re in charleston sc, its where Shepard Fairey is from. You know the whole Andre Has A posse thing started. Anyway doug is on a different level, selftaught from what I understand. so good the owners of the building hire him out to keep the bullshit tags off the walls, hell he got a goverment grant to pursue his art, not better than, just different.

  28. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Yes, but I’m thinking the patrons of Chuck E. Cheese would prefer you wait until you got home to express yourself artistically.

  29. banksy fan says:

    Form your own conclusions, that’s the beauty of art… it’s what you make it. Banksy prints will have more info omnn the big man when it fully launches, in the meantime just enjoy the images

  30. butler says:

    he’s got nothing on one of our locals here in charleston south carolina, check out douglaspanzone.com for some really fresh paint.

  31. GMKOMD says:

    They are good but I wonder how he would feel if I graffitied all over them?

  32. Jamie says:

    I was recently in Berlin and I tell you – they have some amazing stuff there. Between 1990 and 2005 graffiti was completely legal in Berlin as it was considered to be part of the “redecoration process” after the fall of the Berlin wall. This led to some amazing art being created as graffiti was taken out of the hands of hoodrats scrawling their names on a wall at 3 in the morning, into the hands of actual artists with a respect for each other’s work who could spend days, if not weeks making a piece. If you’ve seen all that Banksy has to offer, I’d suggest looking up “xoooox” and “Alias”, both of whom use the stencil art that Banksy has made so famous. Check out “blu” while you’re at it too – doesn’t use stencil art (to my knowledge) but has some fantastic pieces too.

  33. Jersey says:

    saying thats not graffiti is fucking retarded. graffiti is illegal drawing painting sculpting or anything of the likes onto a surface of any kind. it’s graffiti.

  34. billybobby says:

    acutally no its not graffiti isnt that what you defined is called vandalism graffiti can be done legally on a peice of paper on a wall with permission, so learn before you speak bud

  35. Anonymous2 says:

    Key phrase: “sigh the less intelligent”. s3xt0y isnt saying that, s3xt0y is saying what less intelligent people might say.

    You folks aren’t very good at this reading thing, are you.

  36. s3xt0y says:

    Julius, thats not paint, that’s graffiti, sigh the less intelligent. Banksy did an art gallery in bristol I do believe, it was wicked, I’m sure you can find videos of it on youtube, and he has a lot of better graffiti than the ones you chose.


    his official website.

  37. durr says:

    graffiti is made of magic and toadstools. not paint.

  38. Above me is the less intelligent says:

    It is graffiti, yes, involving the use of spray paint. Please take the time to think through what you will say next time. It makes it easier for so many people.

  39. asdasdasd says:


  40. noahaction says:

    boy s3xt)y, you showed him in that superiorly edumacated British Mr. Chips knickers wearing way. quite impressive.

  41. anonymity. says:

    almost all of Banksy’s work is done by stencil and paint.

  42. bhoodslc says:

    He uses stencils, it’s not graffiti. The dude is brilliant but you aren’t! It’s understandable because google and Wikipedia list him as a graffiti artist! Thank you though for the most ironic phrase of the day, *sigh* this guy who posted this fucking fails!!!

  43. hUcksta says:

    s3xt0y is one of those morons that annoyingly correct you to say “are not” is you happen to say “ain’t”.


  44. Jake says:

    Oh man s2xt0y you really got him! Can you tell us how capitalism has ruined the world sitting there in your tight jeans, with your earbuds in, leeching wifi in some coffee shop in Seatle? Fuck off you pretentious ass.

  45. Kgore says:

    Wow, Sextoy is really unintelligent. More importantly, he’s annoying.

    Now run along, little boy.

  46. Craig says:

    WOW. You’re an amazing artist.

  47. Julius says:

    Awesome , wish that i could paint like that

  48. Pop-corn says:

    My art is very similar, though much more political. I also use stencils in the pieces I create on and in the various flushing porcelain bowls I come across all over town. Sometimes up to twice a day!

  49. stink says:

    All you need is a good muse = http://www.filthyrichmond.com

  50. hank says:

    please dont insult gays

  51. Fringe says:

    is everyone just looking for a scapegoat? I’m not philosopher. And unlike him, who thinks that everyone has the right to free speech and that crap; I believe that most people don’t have the right to speak their mind. color or culture doesn’t make anyone inferior or superior, its personality that dictates rights

  52. Mudbutt says:

    Wow, you sure showed me. Thanks for the dead giveaway, Philosofringe.

  53. mudbuttsucks says:

    you suck, mudbutt

  54. Fringe says:

    wow, these are incredible

  55. Mudbutt says:

    They “took a lot of skill,” right Philosopher?

  56. Mudbutt says:

    I’m sorry. I’m deeply hurt that you don’t like me, Philosofringe.

  57. pants-shitter says:

    i wish you al were’nt faggots.

  58. bored says:

    i really like the riotter throwing the flowers…

  59. James Smith says:

  60. James Smith says:

    There are pleanty of banksy prints on this site. It also has some neat laptop and console vinyl covers!

  61. James Smith says:

    There are pleanty of banksy prints on this site. banksy.artistprintsdirect.com It also has some neat laptop and console vinyl covers!

  62. Cocacolonoscopy says:

    im from new orleans and banksy did some really creative pieces there after katrina. they was actually an article in the newspaper talking about them. unfortunately this anti-graffiti asshole who calls himself the grey ghost painted over some of them with splotches of grey paint. sigh.

  63. pratik says:

    I’m liking the “Let them eat crack” next to the high school musical sign.

  64. yeawhateva says:

    Yea, that is definitely my favorite one.

  65. Anonymous10 says:


  66. Mark says:

    It’s “whose work, not “who’s work.” Please don’t bother pointing out that grammar nazis have no legitimate criticism because it’s simply not true.

  67. erzet hakim says:

    Karya yang sangat bagus sekali. Saya sungguh terkesan melihatnya. Teruslah berkarya kawan..Salam Lestari…!!!

    I am sorry, i dont speak english..

  68. The Rev says:

    I’ve actually seen that last one, It was in liverpool

  69. Haxxschenbehgsch says:


  70. Zane St. James says:

    “Keep you coins, i want change” is not a Banksy piece. it is by Meek.not Banksy. Meek. that image has been stolen and used for adverts without the artist’s consent, as well as been attributed to banksy throughout the internet. Meek. remember the name. he deserves more respect than whats been shown.

  71. Marc Ozna - Stencil Graffiti says:

    Interesting, never heard of him. Will check him out. Dolk is another one of those.

  72. Marc Ozna - Stencil Graffiti says:

    Love this collection! I have been collecting Stencil Graffiti for a while on my blog and Between Dolk and Banksy I think there is nothing better!