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25 Costumes of Real People

kim jong il costume

Dressing up as a vampire or Sasquatch for Halloween is one thing, but there’s actually a new layer of creepy when you dress up as another person who already exists in the world and you’re just mimicking them thanks to their own Sasquatch-level of notoriety.

soldier mccain

clock and viking helmet

lil jon halloween

schwarzenegger masksheen costume


palin costume

dog the bounty hunter

scott baio costume

guns n roses

sylvester stallone

steampunk lincoln

seinfeld costumes

jack nicholson mask

farrah fawcett costume

ozzy costume

obama mask

gallagher and watermelon costume

rob van winkle

slash guitar costume

donald trump is an idiot

leno mask

late night with conan o brien costume

stephen hawking halloween

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