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25 Crazy Celebrity Portrait Tattoos

redd foxx

Portrait tattoos are a mixed bag, usually a bag of different kinds of crap.  But if you need to have another human’s face plastered across your body, why not go for a celebrity?  Another thanks to BME and the various artists who help people express their love for John Goodman.

al bundy

george romero

william shatner

clint eastwood

dalai lama

chuck berry

bret michaels

axl rose

eddie murphy

john goodman

mother teresa

ice cube

snoop dogg

david cross

tom waits


johnny depp

judge judy


don knotts

celebrity tattoo

sid haig


fire marshall bill

One Response to "25 Crazy Celebrity Portrait Tattoos"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    Ye-ye-yeaaahhh. West syyyd fo y’all muthafucken niggas out in there. Bigups yo to mai crue, yo. Ice Cuube fo lyfe, nigs!!!

    f agrees