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25 Crazy Muscle Freaks


There’s nothing wrong with being in shape (not that we’d know) but sometimes you can get yourself into a shape that no one has seen before and that’s just a little weird.  Please don’t rage and rip us to pieces.

ab veins



can't put arms down

ridiculous arms


weird dude


weird dudes

leg veins

chest guy



pec implants

bicep dude

ab implants

huge arms

carrot top

truck pull

arm veins

leg muscles

arm guy


muscle dog

6 Responses to "25 Crazy Muscle Freaks"

  1. Kris says:

    Most of these guys weren’t muscle freaks, they were synthol freaks. Synthol is an oil you inject into your muscles that bloats them.

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    Silly sausages, muscles shouldn’t look like lymphedemas. ¬.¬

  3. a guy can dream says:

    yea these are all mainly synthol users which puffs you up like a balloon not even real muscle to begin with too or strength

  4. ToyMachine says:

    9th down. that chick is fuckin thick!