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25 Crazy Pizzas

We’d eat most of these.


41 Responses to "25 Crazy Pizzas"

  1. Andrea says:

    Um, that’s Photoshopped.

  2. Rusty says:

    The face pizza (not the Arse one but the one with the guy holding it) was creepy and made me want to puke….

  3. or a really bad stomach ache followed by diarrhea! or vomit which ever comes first or last..

  4. gimp says:

    and i spose your gonna tell me the turtle is “photoshopped” also !?!?!

  5. T-Bonious Funk says:

    Wellstone, pull that whiny liberal cock outta your mouth and chill the fuck out. It’s a digitally-edited image. RE. LAX. A-HOLE.

  6. pratik says:

    I think the ninja turtles already ate all of these back in the 80′s.

  7. i hunt rabbit says:

    mmm..rabbit pizza

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow Wellstone; u mad?

  9. JupiterCoyote says:

    Mac and cheese pizza not so crazy, been there done that, tasty.

  10. Gustavo Mit says:

    As usual the incredible american bad taste. Congratulations. Shouldn’t they get a brain ???

  11. EW says:

    Wasn’t there that one sketch on SNL that was sort of a parody of this?

    Eating any one of these in the pictures should be enough to give anyone a heart attack…

  12. PIZZA THE HUT!!! says:


  13. Wellstone says:

    It was funny until I saw the mutilated Rabbit – real rabbit – real cruelty – real insanity – this is wrong. How you treat animals is an indication of your ability to relate to others in any sane healthy way. Get help. Don’t commit crimes like this. Who did this photo? I dare you to owe up to it. Let’s talk send your contact info and I will pass it on to the Animal Legal Defense Fund – so they can talk to you also. Maybe even the police – sometimes laws against hurting animals in this way are more stringent than hurting a human! See domestic violence penalties which luckily are evolving. Evolve buster!

  14. Rosati's Pizza says:

    We make a Loaded cheese fry pizza.A cheese pizza topped with taco seasoning,French fries, mozzarella,cheddar,and bacon..It’s Awesome!

  15. Frig McCrevasse says:

    I’d be more concerned with what happened to that rabbit before it was pizza- do you see the state of its nethers? I’m pretty sure that was someone’s rape bunny. And if you find that offensive, Wellstone, at least they’re using EVERY part of the animal.

  16. Stick says:

    It looks like a harliquin baby.

  17. Steve says:

    Wow, you should probably lock yourself in a little room forever so you dont get so upset by things you little pussy ass bitch.

  18. ComputerKid says:

    Ever heard of Photoshop?

  19. Anonimous says:

    and a diet coke please

  20. lameass says:

    Wow the guy bitching about the rabbit it a total puss…. thrats like that arent likely to get a response. You need to trick the person into giving their email, not threaten them! :P

  21. Anonymo says:

    “now i can eat whatever i want and not get fat!”

  22. Anonymo says:

    the turtle’s pizza shell is for real dude. but no animal cruelty is involved here as this species actually exists, populating the mozzarella archipelago near pizza island

  23. Wellstone says:

    please explain more – they need to hear it!

  24. proactive says:


  25. Wollen says:


  26. turbo tax says:

    I just had my first coronary attack too.

  27. Faghag says:

    Fuck off and die. Corn dog pizza FTW!

  28. DamnCali says:

    that Taco pizza looked fucking delicious

  29. Andy says:

    it looks so badass

  30. Some dude says:

    taco bell and pizza hut need to work together to create that beatiful masterpiece. quickly.

  31. mike hock says:

    they are owned by the same people….

  32. Melanie says:

    Somebody send that photo the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

  33. Jar says:

    Yeah, all of them were pretty awesome except for that one. I swear, I felt a little bit gross laughing at it.

  34. Angeld says:

    Harlequin ichthyosis pizza… yummy

  35. Chicoson says:

    That’s a pretty bad ass watch. You know, if you are 5.

  36. DonkeyXote says:

    Check out the watch on that fag on the third pic.

    He must be popular with ladies!!!

  37. drool... says:

    mmmmm… deliciousness

  38. Chicoson says:

    Wow, that burger with the pizza as the top and bottom bun (#12) was sick. I almost threw up with that.

  39. jimbone says:

    well arent you a quick one you fuckin lush

  40. Bitch Please says:

    I totally called a pimple faced fucker as the last picture spoof
    *high five for me*