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25 Creepy Mall Santas

You’re a creep, Santa Claus.


42 Responses to "25 Creepy Mall Santas"

  1. HOLY $H!T says:

    Does the pic before last scare the shit out of anyone else?

  2. snarfy says:

    “Pedo” means fart in Spanish. Really.

  3. Santa could've said no says:

    “Oh don’t worry mom–everyone in high school wears their speedo to the mall to sit on santa’s lap.” WTF?

  4. AnonymouslyGravy says:

    All of which are stolen from http://sketchysanta.com ?

  5. Cindy says:

    6 Down is the real Santa.

  6. DCoolio says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I like this website.

  7. Jigsaw says:

    Why does my brother scare you so much?

  8. bleh says:

    lame… Why didn’t you just do “10 Creepy Mall Santas”? Most of these are pretty standard issue, nothing creepy about them.

  9. rsmtico says:

    Last photo obviously A GAY TEENAGE Bill Clinton.

  10. adult says:

    Really takes the cake for cruel kid behaviour this kind of exhibit. What makes little kids think that their parents having money makes them mean?

  11. Myndscaper says:

    That HAS to be Glenn Beck in #25. I guess he wanted Santa to blow his… horn!

  12. Justin Beiber says:

    Im gay.

  13. Stick says:

    In WW2, when most men were out fighting, wooden Santas were in comman practice.

  14. Santa Claus says:

    You’re on my naughty list and I’ve got some Santa’s wood for you this Christmas.

  15. Fk this shiit.. says:

    the creepy santa in the mask, [one before the gay teen] is ACTUALLY gonna be in my nightmares tonight.. wtf were they thinking giving their children to that crazed murderer? and the mall… SHAME ON YOU. those poor children..
    and number 10s a creeper too.. geez.

  16. Fw says:

    Imagine seeing yourself there on one of those pictures :D .

  17. Daddy Claxton says:

    These are funny, peculiar and a ha ha. We’ve been doing Santa at our house this year in the sleigh we have in the front yard and thankfully, none of our pics look like this. http://www.daddyclaxton.com

  18. Was raped by mall santa says:

    That’s me in the third pic.

  19. starwars kid says:

    I think #18 is the Emperor from starwars. Something something something dark side.

  20. bizerker says:

    some of these santas look like they are most likley also on the fbi most wanted page i guess mall santa is good cover for pedophile / serial killer

  21. Uwe says:

    Silent night, creepy night

  22. Mr. Pointing Out The Obvious says:

    Is #21 Andy Richter from the Tonight Show?

  23. PikeyMIke says:

    WTF….Pedo alert

  24. Hong Kong Fuey says:

    Don’t think the last little boy can wait for Christmas to open up Santa’s surprise.

  25. pratik says:

    I’m guessing it’s pretty safe to assume that most mall Santas have a hard-on while on the job.

    Do they even do background checks for sex offenders when hiring a creepy old man who decides that his livelihood is having little kids sit in his lap?

  26. bad says:

    They’re all eating shiting fucking santas.

  27. Yes man says:

    I agree with what he said

  28. I would be crying too.

  29. jules says:

    the first five are pretty much the creepiest fucking santas ive ever seen hands down. but i gotta say, am a fan of all the drunk santas

  30. Goopy says:

    “Take it back!” = http://bit.ly/4IPtNC

  31. That santa is just frightening.

  32. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Santa turns me on!!!

  33. snarfy says:

    Probably the shin bone thing. The urine would ultimately cool you down.

  34. badonkadonk banger says:

    I wonder which is worse, sitting in that red and white oven of a costume, or having your shinbone shattered by a hundred kids on your knee.

  35. Youdickface says:

    Will you smell my nuts while you repeat what you just typed?

  36. smed says:

    Maybe santa should tell the little sons of bitches step the fuck off, santa’s has gotz shit ta do.

  37. Bill Clinton says:

    Isn’t it Woody Allen?

  38. BillyBlaze says:

    Is the fifth one down Eugene Levy?

  39. JC says:

    Ha…I was thinking Lee Corso.

  40. Just wondering says:

    The Santa that is up twice is the real one, I think.