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25 Cute Animals Covered In Oil

With the Gulf Coast oil spill in full swing, we wanted to show the cuter side of the disaster. Spoiler Alert: we think most of these are dead.


73 Responses to "25 Cute Animals Covered In Oil"

  1. Lolpipe says:

    The boat didn’t explode. The pipe underwater did.

  2. Nauseated says:

    Is this a support group for brain-damaged sociopaths? If so, you’re doing it right. I haven’t seen a more despicable collection of idiots since Lou Dobbs got canceled.

  3. Connected. says:

    when I read these posts…it just shows how people are becoming more and more stupid as time moves forward. most people have nothing positive to add to the world. For me…this is a real tragedy for all earthlings. Stay Connected.

  4. WhoShot JR says:

    Idiot animals!!! If you see oil…..MOVE!!!

  5. I think that last one is covered in Chocolate. Just for the record.

  6. corey trevor says:

    The funny part is the title, and then the pics aren’t that funny, and then the comments are funny again! It’s a textbook humour sandwich.

  7. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    After continual humourless disappointments from this website, it is a nice to finally see the guys at HT redeem themselves with this composition. I almost creamed my pants from laughter.

    “25 cute animals covered in oil”. Fucking hilarious!

    Keep it up, ASSHOLES!

  8. monstermouth says:

    Sarah Palin is a fucking tool. I hope she gets soaked in oil and lights a match in her god damn mouth. She’s sop god damn stupid.

    I hope her teenage daughters baby’s bathwater is full of oil too.

    bonfire anyone?

  9. 00kla the M0k says:

    OMB!! Sooo cyooooot! I think the hirsute ones are attempting some hair-loss prevention. The birds are just morons being copy cats. And the lizards? … assholes. First class douchebag animals. They got the slick courtesy of karma.

    The Earth obviously had enough of these mother fucking animals. Decided to squirt a lil’ oil at ‘em like a squid. I don’t fear the Earth though. I pee on its face. I fire my pistol into it. I chop at it with a shovel. I fart methane into its precious atmosphere. I survive its so-called “disasters.” HA! Disasters, lol. Only people as dumb as these animals get killed in disasters. That and people with parkinsons. Earth is a weak adversary.

  10. pratik says:

    Ya… posting dying animals isn’t really kosher.

  11. WOW! says:

    This is not even remotely funny. Way to go Holy Taco.

  12. Gray says:

    Honestly, this is just sick. I weep for humanity if this is what passes for humor nowadays. Boycott all of Break Media’s advertisers.

  13. Yea dying animals says:

    Wow thats awesome. Dying animals. You probably masturbate to this shit you fucking wacko’s.

    Hopefully when you get home a grizzly bear is there fucking your girlfriend before eating you

  14. Rick says:

    Wow, that was actually really lame of you to put this up. Nothing funny about it. Call me a pussy all you want, but really, fuck this.

  15. Foodieinhisundies says:

    bird + oil = peking duck

  16. Anonymous69 says:

    blah blah blah

  17. Phil Jones says:

    I got some love oil i’d love to cover your faces with. Sluts!

  18. Pants Alive says:

    You guys are fuck heads.

  19. _ says:

    Posts like these prove that Justin and Casey are covered in rancid douche water.

    Bring back Halpern! Bring back Halpern! Bring back Halpern!

  20. LOL!!!!! says:


    This is awsome! I love it!

  21. whoooo! says:

    none of those animals were even close to cute you fucking tools, let me guess, you googled ‘oil-covered animals’ and put up the first 25 pics that came up. mail it in some more, really.

  22. Alexa says:

    What is this I don’t even

  23. OMG!! (0.0) says:

    Are all you people fucking stupid or something??? Its not just birds who die you fucking retards its fish,dolphins, whales, otters, penguins. Its not their fault their diying we are the people who made this substance be carried across the ocean and look what happened the boat fucking exploded! do you think that was the animals fault that boat exploded!? NO! you guys are fucking dumb asses id like to fuckin punch you all in the face for thinking that way! These animals are dying slow and painfully unless you want to see that happen to you sometime in the future then id shut ur mouths you cunts! STOP THE OIL SPILL!>>>>>>>>SAVE THE ANIMALS! :)

  24. OMG!! (0.0) says:

    and then all you guys fuckin tlk bout is masterbatin if u love it SOOOO much then make your own fuckin porn movie and post it on iight get a life!!!!!!!! so go shove it ur ass iight!

  25. lovers:) says:

    I agree with them :) you guys are retarded i love animals and all u guys think bout is sex……No wonder girls have the brains in their heads guys think with their penis! .If they really have one :)

  26. :)L0v3(: says:

    I tottally love animals …….i love guys too lol :) but omg thats so true (lovers) you guys should care about our planet! soon we mite not have one anymore :(

  27. KIL says:

    Now they won’t stick to the pan…

  28. BetterThanMost says:

    Thank god there’s someone smart out there -__-

  29. Thai Mai Soo says:

    haha the amount of trolling on here is amazing

  30. will says:

    Most of the animals shown are not from the gulf spill, e.g.:

    No. 1 is from Hurricane Katrina
    No. 2 Japan
    No. 4 Russia, they are Russian solders!
    No. 16 states 2006
    No. 24 penguins in the gulf of Mexico?

    The fact that there are 1 or 2 pictures of animals covered in oil in existence, show that the affects from the gulf spill are grossly exaggerated by the media and US govt.

  31. Missy says:

    All of you people are idiots if you think that it’s the animals fault. We as humans (being at the top of the ecosystem) have a duty to protect animals who can’t protect themselves from the stupidity and GREED of mankind. The pictures seen here are because of people like you who don’t care about our Earth and wildlife. Maybe you should stop reading the Republicans talking points and use your brain to think for yourself.

  32. (: says:

    D: what do you mean?! why would ANYBODY ever deserve this?

  33. Anonymoose says:

    black is slimming

  34. Insert Name Here says:

    bitch ass animals

  35. cbutt says:

    yeah definitely deserved it

  36. tay says:

    wow. You people are sick, there just animals they dont know any better it’s fuckin dumbass Bp’s fault. Go to hell you fuckin assholes.

  37. WTF says:

    you fuckin dick! they didnt diserve it!

  38. Anonymous564654 says:

    i hope you visit the zoo and an elephant escapes and rapes you. but i guess you will deserve it for going to the zoo

  39. NogStomper says:

    They deserve it. Fucking animals

  40. Wondering says:

    Why do stupid people believe in God?

  41. BetterThanMost says:

    You’re so stupid! When you eat these polluted fish and get cancer, your last wish would probably be “man, i wish i helped these animals when i had the chance.” You’re a dumbass, we need animals to live. Why does God make stupid people?

  42. Survival of the fittest says:

    Absolutely. I think we should indulge with our privilege of being on the top of the food chain and screw up some of these animals ecosystems. The way I see it, if I don’t eat it, it should be extinct.

  43. Claire says:

    do not feed the troll

  44. pornstar217 says:

    all the animals are dying and im watching ur wtching the animals shure the hell arent watching or they wouldnt fuckin dive in the oil after the see a fellow bird stuck in the oil. i like animals but why the fuck arent they smart enough to fuckin go to land.

  45. Anonymous 2446 says:

    personally this is a bit cruel but at least the ppl in the pics are doing something about i and for those ppl who laugh at it or blame the animals. well there either retarded or just a bunch of douches they seem to lack the basic thinking process that would say that it was caused by humans in the first place this was no act of nature it was the carelessness and wrecklessness of humans that caused all of this to happen and for those of u who laugh at this or like it i pity you and the life u have

  46. Just me says:

    Why is it that you assume that he’s christian just because he said god? Also, being the most evolved why do you care what other people believe. If I want to believe that the world was created by batman, I have every right to. Who are you to tell anyone what to think… on the birds/animals covered in oil, The way I see it, it’s survival of the fittest. When I see dirty water I usually avoid it.

  47. neko says:

    there is no god you retard christian.

    openyour eyes and wake up , youre “supposed to” be the most evolved of all speicies, both of your comments guys , are “idiocracy” material. (not the fun parts)

  48. Oil Worker says:

    I agree with Hustle. Maybe they should have been smart enough to fly away BEFORE the black sludge touched them. Either that or smart enough to NOT land in a spot that is now black when they know it’s usually blue when they land in it. Dumb fucking birds. This is Gods way of weeding out the stupid. None of the smarter birds suffered this fate. They were like “fuck that shit, I’ll land somewhere else”

  49. Finnegan says:

    Could it be that birds can’t fly anymore once they get covered in oil cause their feathers won’t create uplift anymore ?

    Probably. Dumbass !

  50. Animals Suck says:

    If birds are color-blind, then maybe God wants them dead? If the mythical God wanted these animals to survive, then he would have made them smart enough to avoid the oil spill. We should all do our best and follow God’s will by striking out at all these dumb animals who don’t have the decency to fuckin’ evolve. Jesus Magical Christ, grow some opposable thumbs already!

    I mean, these dumb animals aren’t even helping the situation. Humans already have to deal with this spill and now humanity has to CLEAN these stupid animals up to? Why is that our fuckin’ problem? Either pitch in and help us with the spill or go somewhere and die. Animals are useless unless they can be eaten.

  51. Fail. says:

    Birds are color-blind idiot. It would just look like water until they touched it.

  52. Jongo says:

    We can assume he’s christian because he said God and not ALLAH SHUB HURPA DURKHA LA MUHAMA JIHAD

  53. Hustle King says:

    How are most of these birds? how fucking stupid do birds have to be to not fly away when getting covered in oil?

  54. thealmighty says:

    The animals deserve it because they don’t pray to “God”. I mean have you ever seen an animal pray to God? noooooooo I don’t f–king think so. We’ve seen animals pray to Mufasa in the Lion King. So this is their punishment for not believing in the almighty.

  55. Hippies... says:


  56. DonkeyXote says:

    Why don’t you come and fuck some goats with me fuckwit!

  57. ANIMAL LOVER says:

    most of these are dead how is this funny ass hole ill go kill you by covering you in oil who will be laughing then

  58. Reubenceulem says:

    throw some feathers to and i will be laughing my socks off

  59. Richard says:

    Need more coments here, or are we becoming numb and comfortable and simply don’t care…drummed into silence from promises from goverment/company representives? At least “Hippies” said something 20 days after my comment!

  60. Richard says:

    This is really sad, and it’s going to get worse! The oil companys involved are trying to save a very productive oil well for future use. I say bury it under tons of construction debre; asphalt, torn up road,rebare and what ever else is left over by demolition of buldings etc. How? Using barges or ships used in shipping or garbage trasnfer. Yes the leak is deep, but build a mountain of heavy debre over the leak until it is sealed over forever. For those people taking pictures of dying animals get a life! However if you are going to take pictures get out there on the beach before BP or government clean up crews remove the evidence on these closed beaches (they are trying to delay public out rage and trying to say that the dying animals is at normal levels when they are trucking off and burying the actual numbers.
    On a lighter note: People were donating hair clippings for booms to capture oil. That did not work and that was stopped. How about a charity event with half naked girls on the beach mudd wresling or rather oil wresling in a shallow pit on a oilly beach. THIS WILL GET THE PUBLIC TO NOTICE IF THE OIL WRESLING GIRLS ARE VIDEO TAPED BY NEWS NETWORKS. Censored of coarse, but the beaches will not be ignored! In your FACE Q PUBLIC!!!

  61. Animals Suck says:

    Exactly. Look a Popeye. He lives by the sea and does he look happy? Nope. Always strutin’ around with one eye.

  62. Ben Affleck says:

    look on the bright side – they were spared the hellish life of living in or around the sea.

  63. CinAnimalLover25 says:

    We Really Need To Help These Poor Animals . They Need To Be Treated Animals They Didn’t Deserve This . I Am Doing My Part I Hope Everyone Else Is Too . I Would Treat Them The Way I Would Like To Be Treated . I Love Animals And I Think We Should Love Them The Way We Love One Another . I Appreciate Everyone’s Help Who’s Helping And I Encourage Those To Get Active And Help (:

  64. Blah says:

    No shit, they need to stop fuckin’ around in that oil!

  65. Vageen says:

    Don’t want to get all covered in oil? Get out the way, doesn’t seem that hard! Stupid animals..

  66. office jerk, says:

    lol, it’s so crazy it just could work.

  67. DonkeyXote is the new Philosopher says:

    I’m covering all the bushes in my yard with oil. I hate fuckin birds. Always shitting on my car.

  68. SirMixNoMore says:

    Drill,Baby,Drill is what S.P. likes to scream when i do her in the ass.

  69. she's right you know says:

    omg! this is horrible. poor animals. wrong site to get all pc and shit, but i have to point out the negative impact man kind has on this earth. smh. ok, done now.

  70. Bird says:

    What is this oil you speak of?

  71. BetterThanMost says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how heartless and stupid most of you people are. It’s like saying it’s your fault for dieing in a car crash! “Well you were driving in the street so, oh well, that’s what you get!” GOD SAVE THESE PEOPLE FROM BEING SO DAMN STUPID! I can’t believe he makes you kind of people. I can’t wait for all the stupid people to just die off so the world will be better. Go do drug or something, go die and leave the animals and world in peace.

  72. Fuck Religion says:

    To everyone who says “thats why god created them” or “god knows we need them” are fucking retards, you think some invisible man shit out a fucking bird?