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25 Disturbing Teddy Bears

bear with a butt hole

Teddy bears represent childhood innocence and comfort.  These ones represent creepiness.

weird forehead bear

teddy bear with horse body

bear with a hole

teddy bear in a jar

scary teddy bear

faceless teddy bear

stripping bearbears in leather

BJ and the bear

ugly teddy bear

bear coat

bear sex toy

creepy bear skank

ugly teddy bear

ugly brown bear

bear with breasts

eyeless bear

scarred sailor

dirty bear

bear microphone penis

stripper bearstrapped teddy bear

crazy looking bear

insane bear

mini me bear

8 Responses to "25 Disturbing Teddy Bears"

  1. v says:

    I soooo want # 4

  2. Boob Inspector says:

    So u censor teddybear boobs, but u dont censor teddy bear vagina?

    Where exactly is the logic in this? xD

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Teddy bear No. 22 looks to have made a bit of a mess creaming furrball juice everywhere but inside teddy bear No. 2, and given the size of her furrgaina, I’d say that’s a mighty hard thing to do. It’s like shooting at the sky and missing!

  4. xxKingofKingsxx says:

    Teddy bear #14 has a weird looking pussy, it looks to have been modeled after an 8 year-old.

    I’m sooooo printing that out before you guys realize that and remove it! HA!