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25 Dog Fails

It’s hard to fail at life when you spend most of your day licking your own balls, but somehow these dogs manage to pull it off.


28 Responses to "25 Dog Fails"

  1. Hunter says:


  2. Hunter says:

    whose the bigger douche? The douche or the douche commenting on the douche’s post?

  3. Anonymouss says:

    the douche hunter

  4. teehee says:

    haha awesome

  5. Anonymouss says:

    your all fagets

  6. poop says:

    ^^at least he got “all” right

  7. Maria says:


  8. jennii_dawn says:

    Well played.

  9. cboo says:


  10. boop de doop says:

    Most of these are Dog Owner Fails.

  11. dead pac man says:

    the wiener dog one is downright adorable

  12. Gomer says:


  13. Olala says:


  14. queen dopple popplus says:

    dick and balls uu====|3~~

  15. assman says:

    low five one is fucking awesome

  16. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    How long can YOU go?

  17. Bungle says:

    Number 1…

    1.Wrong species
    2.Wrong gender

  18. DonkeyXote's Mommy says:

    That’s a recurring problem for my son, which is why his Holy Taco account got hacked.

  19. DonkeyXote says:

    My account didn’t get hacked, I just came to accept myself as the fudgepacking, self-hating, pencil-dicked cunt that I am. No lets go have another mexican bible study mom, I just love it when you shart up my nostrils!

  20. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Shit kid, you must have an IQ no higher than room temperature! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You FINALLY figured out how to accurately clone a pseudonym! How many weeks did it take you to crack the obvious, eh?

    And you wonder why I call you a fuckwit!!.

  21. TD says:

    That Xote’s family….they’re just a therapy session away from being zoo creatures.

  22. Jess MEyers says:

    You have to admit thats crazy!


  23. Gomer says:

    Those dogs are way cute!!

  24. Anonymussy says:

    That first pic is hot as hell!!!!! Makes me wish I was that deer tapping that canine booty!

    Zoophilia is so hot, damnit! I’M HOOKED!!!!

  25. Russian says:

    Бляха муха. Пиздец заебатые фотки. Охуеть ёбаный в рот!

  26. Tiger Woods' Penis says:

    What he said

  27. A different Russian says: