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25 Dogs to Make You Jealous

denise milani with a dog

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but the little jerks really manage to horn in on the ladies all innocent-like.  I think there’s a word for that…

dog walking chicks

hugging dog

girl walking dog

girl layingwith dog

angel and dog

dog strapped to an ass

pam andersongetting licked

jennifer bell with dog

denise milani walking dog

woman with doberman

beach dog

girl with little dog

girl with a boxer

girl with dog outside

girl with German shepherd

in bed with dog

dog on beach

white dog

scarlett and her dog

woman in stockings with dog

rubbing dog's belly

tattooed girl with dog

friendly dog

5 Responses to "25 Dogs to Make You Jealous"

  1. BG says:

    Needs more Denise Milani, and less of that german shepherd eating out the blonde chick.

  2. smorsh says:

    the last 2 pics just ain’t right

    • DonkeyXote says:

      Penultime one could use a little bit of photoshop by removing most of the dog in front of her *wink* *wink* – oh yeah, you know what I’m getting at! haha

      And that last one, just ain’t cool at all. For one she’s drunk and you don’t take advantage of someone under ethilic influences, and two you don’t know where that cooch it’s been. So uhm… NO!

  3. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    the second to last, or the way cockgobblers say it “penultimate”, picture: i’d fuck her and the dog, in no particular order.

  4. TheBayouBeatdotCom says:

    Yea the Last 2 NOT SO MUCH.