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25 Drunks Passed Out On Benches

Alcohol + Park Bench = Soft Place To Sleep


24 Responses to "25 Drunks Passed Out On Benches"

  1. Drift King says:

    naanam ellallo evanmaarkku kudichonde nadakkan…
    ayyeeeee :(

  2. GoreMotel says:

    One has to wonder if the cuddling drunks wake up and feel awkward. You’d have to hope not, it was just some innocent warmth-cuddling. Except #2, you don’t accidentally sleep with your head resting up against your drunk bro’s morning wood.

  3. PoleDancer says:

    haha. i wondered how many of these were Polish people. and then i saw the second last one – guy face-planted in a pile of Zywiec (popular Polish beer) cans. classic.

  4. Rafael says:


  5. dinesh says:

    lol second

  6. Daisies says:

    Giggle, giggle. Third.

  7. assfinger says:

    bahahahahahahahaha I’m in there twice

  8. pratik says:

    That first guy might be dead… has the ragdoll look to him.

  9. DonkeyXote says:

    Why isn’t someone braining these fuckers with a bottle and taking all their shit? It’s not like they’ll remember having it, anyway!?

    Random Drunk Person : Hmm where did my watch go?! hmmph oh well!

  10. Your name says:

    Your a twat.

  11. DonkeyXote's boy toy says:

    Why dont you do that, loser

  12. I Write, You Hate. You Lose. says:

    Notice how all of these public drunks are White. They try and blame the “illegals” for stealing their jobs, but they are really all just lazy and worthless shit.

    Apparently getting drunk and complaining about the “coloreds” is more important than writing a resume?

  13. Vaginal Cavity says:

    You touch your cat at night.

  14. MrKillson says:

    See, us whites have jobs that allow us to have enough money to get this drunk.
    Your first sentence is right except for the quote marks around illegals. They’re illegal and have no right to work here. Don’t belong. Then you change topics to coloreds? Us whites really only care about the illegals anymore. Any ethnicity is fine with us as long as they be legal.

    You liberal pussy.

  15. I Write, You Hate. You Lose. says:

    @Vaginal Cavity

    I gotta wipe my fingers on something to get rid of the stench from your mother’s curdled cunt.

  16. hilter says:

    1) a lot if not most of these drunks look slavic (russian, eastern european, etc), i.e. the scum of the white race, so they don’t count.

    2) go fuck yourself

  17. nerd says:

    Actually, most of us crackers blame the economy, which caused us to lose our jobs in the first place. And after constant interviewing that goes nowhere, we decide to drown our sorrows in a bottle and waste our time on message boards. But if you want to make this somehow about racism, that’s cool too. Oh, by the way, go eat a dick.

  18. I Write, You Hate. You Lose. says:


    “a lot if not most of these drunks look (like) the scum of the white race”
    “Scum of the white race”? Now you are just being repetitive.

    Oh, and thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to use it the next time your meth addict mother doesn’t satisfy me, yet still expects full payment of 3 picks off the Wendy’s dollar menu. But I will admit her blow jobs are pretty good, there is something about the tingle from expired Polident that makes it more enjoyable.


    even your name screams I NEED ATTENTION

    had to take a good funny set of pictures and twist it into something that ruins it for everyone.

    Your probably educated. Even Employed. But i doubt you have any solid friendships. I would wager the responses people give you on here, voicing their outrage at what you type, is the closest you come any meaningful interaction.

    When you sit there at night thinking, “do i whack it too much?” the answer is yes. And when you sigh thinking, “does anyone really give a shit about me?” they do not


  20. skylinerecords says:

    Not technically benches, but #14 is win.

  21. Fuck you HITLER says:


    1) a lot if not most of these drunks look slavic (russian, eastern european, etc), i.e. the scum of the white race, so they don’t count.

    2) go fuck yourself

    Just cause you cant drink its not our fault that is what rakija does to you.Go home to your half turkish family and fuck your father so to keep the race pure.

    And #3 has the most sofisticated drunk man sleeping on a bench pose ever

  22. New Guy says:

    @Hitler…Come and say that to the Balkans,or pretty much everywhere in Eastern Europe, I dare ya!

  23. Cat man due says:

    The best is when you wake up and there is still a beer left for breakfast