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25 Eggs With Sharpie Faces

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t find a better gallery for today.


32 Responses to "25 Eggs With Sharpie Faces"

  1. LLD says:

    Well, Jhonen Vasquez did both, but this is definitely Johnny’s faces. Weird.

  2. DonkeyPunch says:

    I quietly liked one of them. Nothing exceeded funny, but one of them predated ingenuity.

  3. LLD says:

    Is it just me or do the eggs in the 23rd picture(or the picture with the boot stepping on it)have the same expressions of characters in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?

  4. Ash Catchem says:

    The second to last one looks like one of the faces of Exeggcute.

  5. nicolas says:

    those were so amazing pics
    i use the 2 last one for my egg and now he looks like me in the morning when i have to go to school

  6. DonkeyXote says:

    I quite liked some of them. Nothing exceedingly funny, but some of them were pretty ingenious.

  7. Blood Ninja says:

    I was thinking Invader Zimm

  8. Bloopity Bloop says:

    Very very redundant i might add…

  9. AWESOME says:

    To: THE SWIMINATOR, go suck your daddys weiney.

  10. AWESOME says:

    To: THE SWIMINATOR, if he has one.

  11. OB269 says:


  12. bloopo says:

    My comments start to get redundant after the first one.

  13. holy pizza says:

    this was eggcellent…get it?? huh huh…..its fucking eggs you dumb shits…….jusus some people dont know puns when they see one….

  14. THE SWIMINATOR says:

    As an Artist myself, I must the way they displayed their art was brilliant. I never thought of that and I draw any and everything..NICE ONE

  15. CarrotMcGee says:

    He measures his OWN penis size with his tongue

  16. Awesome Anthony says:

    I bet you’re the type of person that writes dumb shit all over the bathroom walls/toilet…

  17. the shizzle says:

    ya but they sure can fuck!!

  18. Dead_Frankz_Dead_Dad says:

    your dead mom wasn’t saying that last nite (i belong up here)

  19. Mrs. Obvious says:

    Dead_Frankz measures penis size with his tongue.

  20. Hungry says:

    dead people generally dont speak…

  21. Yalla says:

    I’ll bet you’re the ind of person that reads it.

  22. Dead_Frankz says:

    firsttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GUY BELOW HAS A SMALL PENIS!

  23. Pembo says:

    lol, nice

  24. six-pack of kegs says:

    love it

  25. sprinkles says:

    wow….i guess eggs just really arent as amusing as i thought they’d be! slow day holytaco?

  26. Dead_Frankz_Dead_Dad says:

    your dead mom wasn’t saying that last nite

  27. bloopy says:

    These start to get redundant after the first couple.

  28. Mr. Wizard says:


  29. Mr. Wizard says:

    Prove it

  30. office jerk says:

    hahah i have to take a sharpie to our eggs in the fridge so that they look all shocked and panicked when the wife opens the box.

  31. bloop says:

    These start to get redundant after the first couple.