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25 Epic Automobile Fails

Driving a car is a lot harder than it looks. Big thanks to our buddies over at Fail Blog for providing some of the pics.


27 Responses to "25 Epic Automobile Fails"

  1. i says:

    hahaha pic 18 FTW.. frekin getto

  2. Kevinanchi says:

    Are there Used trucks falling images real i guess not as there is something unnatural in it :)


    for one some of these are kinda funny some are just stupid and well most of you are like the jeW

  4. ThatGuy says:

    Yes it would

  5. six pack of kegs says:

    some of those look like someone could have gotten hurt

  6. that other guy says:

    …but would that make it funnier?

  7. That guy says:

    He’s only got one arm, he can only count to… wait a minute…

  8. Philosofag says:

    First to call me gay

  9. Really Hungry says:

    second to call you gay

  10. Philosofag says:

    haha third guess you are the one who is gay

  11. One-Armed Steve says:

    Gay? I’d say more like POINTLESS, all three of you.

  12. Philosofag says:

    2 of us… Fail on you…

  13. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    I am now the second to call you gay

  14. That guy says:


  15. Stick says:

    Last picture FTW.

  16. asdasdasd says:


  17. Odin says:

    ahahahahaha pic 13 is great, i remember when that happened, right down the highway, took me forever to find the place i was applying for a job at cuz 2 days after that pic that was the (then) closed offramp i was supposed to take. Hays, KS

  18. queeftard's retarded vaginal fart says:

    No one cares about your story except for maybe some douche over at the Lifetime Movie Network.

  19. Odin says:

    i tried, they said they spent their last 13 cents buying the tragic story of your life as an overgrown circus midget suffering with micropenis

  20. That guy says:


  21. sprinkles says:

    damnit ….was i late to call you gay?!?!?!?!? >:(

  22. Philosofag says:

    Sorry… I was only temporarily gay… Maybe some other time :(

  23. women says:

    i was responsible for all of these

  24. asians says:


  25. furious george says:

    I laughed for five minutes

  26. Old Asian Woman says:

    hey you no take credit from me! I get husband to kill you FIEVE TIEMES unless you admit it was me!

  27. Jewish guy says:

    lol, bunch of fucking idiots