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25 Epic Faceplants

Face first into failure.


30 Responses to "25 Epic Faceplants"

  1. Your Mom says:

    I did!

  2. Ledge Musselman says:

    I would love to butt bang the girl in pic #1

  3. Randy Rhoads says:

    i agree with egon!

  4. Stick says:

    Kids having the sack race got the most laughs from me.

  5. wally says:

    holy smokes that’s me eating a dirt sammich falling off the bull! Who took that picture?

  6. ToxiK says:

    Dude u cracked me up thats definatley the worst face plant

  7. Paul says:

    Fucked up I know.. but..I love watching little kids get hurt.. Its probably the funniest thing in the world.

  8. EGON says:

    I don’t know man, the one with the soccer players face in his opponent’s butt……… worst kind of face plant if you ask me.

  9. First Hater says:

    Fall into a bucket of AIDS and die!

  10. First sucks says:

    First? That just means you sit on your fat ass all day on the Internet and have no life

  11. Johnnymack says:

    First bitches.

  12. Johnnymack says:

    I was first to be GAY!

  13. wow... says:

    you realize animals invented war you idiot?

  14. lawyer says:

    We don’t kill people that are not in the same race.

    We deport them
    or torture them so that they’ll leave by themselves.

  15. Chuck Noris says:


  16. "wow" you're dumb says:

    Didn’t really start wars, I mean, they kill for survival, humans kill for so much more, if a lion wasn’t hungry it wouldn’t kill a zebra

  17. ted warson says:

    i invented war…hoo hoo

  18. Ants says:

    What about ants, ace? They kill cause they don’t want other ants around…seems like people.

  19. Mateus says:

    Dont like when the animals get hurt.

    You know, people sucks, but puppies are nice

  20. Barn Door says:

    Try some Monistat it’ll take care of the burning.

  21. Hey, wait... says:

    You forgot to include a picture of Holy Taco after Justin left.

  22. justin says:
  23. DonkeyXote says:

    It is actually more humorous to see the still image planted on something – usually the ground – than to see these characters in motion like you do in AMF and such, they’re just not funny.

    HT should do more of these. Fucking mint man! MINT!

  24. Gaijin says:

    that was my favorite one. his face was wrapped around the tire lmao

  25. victor gonzalez says:

    That one with the bicycle was hardcore!

  26. Shane says:

    Dude you are fucking sick. You need to go see a psychiatrist or the police or something. But keep posting when you are in jail, cuz you crack me up…

  27. supermanlymangunowner says:

    is that first one a midget or a really hot 4 yr old? cuz id feel weird spanking to a midget

  28. Anonymouscousin Ron Artest says:

    I know your in heaven and i hope to see ya next year. Michael Michael Michael you my cracker. Homie dont tell a lie. Because you know that you miss him. i cry for mike i cry for mike

  29. office jerk says:

    bicycle and trampoline dive faceplants are creme de la creme

  30. Anony says:

    Rugby ftw