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25 Epic Faceplants

Face first into failure.


30 Responses to "25 Epic Faceplants"

  1. ToxiK says:

    Dude u cracked me up thats definatley the worst face plant

  2. Your Mom says:

    I did!

  3. wally says:

    holy smokes that’s me eating a dirt sammich falling off the bull! Who took that picture?

  4. Paul says:

    Fucked up I know.. but..I love watching little kids get hurt.. Its probably the funniest thing in the world.

  5. Randy Rhoads says:

    i agree with egon!

  6. EGON says:

    I don’t know man, the one with the soccer players face in his opponent’s butt……… worst kind of face plant if you ask me.

  7. Stick says:

    Kids having the sack race got the most laughs from me.

  8. Ledge Musselman says:

    I would love to butt bang the girl in pic #1

  9. Johnnymack says:

    First bitches.

  10. Johnnymack says:

    I was first to be GAY!

  11. First sucks says:

    First? That just means you sit on your fat ass all day on the Internet and have no life

  12. First Hater says:

    Fall into a bucket of AIDS and die!

  13. Ants says:

    What about ants, ace? They kill cause they don’t want other ants around…seems like people.

  14. "wow" you're dumb says:

    Didn’t really start wars, I mean, they kill for survival, humans kill for so much more, if a lion wasn’t hungry it wouldn’t kill a zebra

  15. Chuck Noris says:


  16. ted warson says:

    i invented war…hoo hoo

  17. Mateus says:

    Dont like when the animals get hurt.

    You know, people sucks, but puppies are nice

  18. wow... says:

    you realize animals invented war you idiot?

  19. lawyer says:

    We don’t kill people that are not in the same race.

    We deport them
    or torture them so that they’ll leave by themselves.

  20. Gaijin says:

    that was my favorite one. his face was wrapped around the tire lmao

  21. victor gonzalez says:

    That one with the bicycle was hardcore!

  22. Shane says:

    Dude you are fucking sick. You need to go see a psychiatrist or the police or something. But keep posting when you are in jail, cuz you crack me up…

  23. supermanlymangunowner says:

    is that first one a midget or a really hot 4 yr old? cuz id feel weird spanking to a midget

  24. Anonymouscousin Ron Artest says:

    I know your in heaven and i hope to see ya next year. Michael Michael Michael you my cracker. Homie dont tell a lie. Because you know that you miss him. i cry for mike i cry for mike

  25. office jerk says:

    bicycle and trampoline dive faceplants are creme de la creme

  26. Anony says:

    Rugby ftw

  27. Hey, wait... says:

    You forgot to include a picture of Holy Taco after Justin left.

  28. justin says:
  29. Barn Door says:

    Try some Monistat it’ll take care of the burning.

  30. DonkeyXote says:

    It is actually more humorous to see the still image planted on something – usually the ground – than to see these characters in motion like you do in AMF and such, they’re just not funny.

    HT should do more of these. Fucking mint man! MINT!