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25 Examples of Patriotism at its Finest

old man in flag gear

Last night saw a massive outpouring of unity and togetherness as word spread of the death of Osama bin laden and people took to the streets, including at Ground Zero in New York, the site where over 3,000 people lost their lives.  It took 10 years but America prevailed and, because we’re cool like that, people partied.  This gallery is for those people.

wonder woman

american cat

american bikini

washington on a dinosaur

flag procession

duke nukem

american girl...sorta

pats cheerleaders

roosevelt riding a moose

my name is earl

face paint

dog muzzle

fake palin

unicorn and the flag

flag car

lincoln comic book

prom outfits

hardcore old lady

captain america

lincoln on a bear

flag and butt

weiner dog marine

girl with gun

bear riding lincoln

5 Responses to "25 Examples of Patriotism at its Finest"

  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    WTF is Napoleon doing in there

  2. bad acid trip says:

    Ah, post-9/11 paranoia, the greatest proof that we are nation of shitty people.