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25 Extreme Dog Haircuts

dog groomed as lion

You may not be aware of this, because why would you be, but there’s an entire sub culture of people out there who like to turn their dogs into walking graffiti by giving them preposterous, decorative haircuts.  Look at the expressions of utter disappointment on all their faces.  Big shout out to the dude in picture 14 who took the time to go to a dog show in black face.

dog groomed as jack sparrow

 grape dog

teenage mutant ninja turtle dog

pumpkin dogs

fish design on dog

dog groomed as a bison

dogs groomed to look like pandas

dog with boar

cheshire cat dog

dog made into a horse

peacock design on dog

fish design on dog

dog made into zebra

golden retriever tiger

poodle groomed as a snail

giraffe dog

dragon dog

dog competition grooming

chicken dog

rainbow groom on dog

horse dog

horse design on dog

competitively groomed dogs

dog groomed to have fishnets

10 Responses to "25 Extreme Dog Haircuts"

  1. shylow says:

    this is animal cruelty , you people are disgusting.

  2. whatever - who cares says:

    first. that third one is real cute!

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Way to ridicule your pets, you fucking mongrels!

  4. bwahahah says:

    this post was SCREAMING for a lady gaga portrait as the last photo :( FAIL, ht. FAIL I tell you!

    • Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

      i concur, but i am still in laugh shock from the pic with the dude in blackface to even care.

  5. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    wait a minute. i have so many questions for guy-in-blackface… why? what were you thinking? what are you suppsoed to be? an african tribesman? is that a bamboo spear in your hand? why are you wearing a torn t-shirt and dog tags? are you a US Army native? why are you wearing an 80s rocket/emo hair wig, did they run out of dreadlock wigs at party city? at what point did you look in the mirror and think “yeah, this looks pretty cool and totally appropriate and non-racist. Let me just get the white around my eyes to make my eyeballs look bigger just like on the africans”. Is that a straw in your hair? why did you put a straw there?


  6. Omnomo says:

    poor dogs

  7. hotshot says:

    you people are sick treating dogs like a canvas how would you like it if someone did it to you.