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25 Extreme Examples of Laziness

Look, pictures.


116 Responses to "25 Extreme Examples of Laziness"

  1. Jewish guy says:

    lol, brown skinned people are lazy as hell, fucking shitbags

  2. mahumala says:

    very intrestig pictures

  3. MyName says:

    LOL, awesome pics!

  4. Olaf says:

    First! Oh…

  5. Beerad says:

    I was in Korea recently, and the photo of the line-up for the escalator is typical of their country. Most of the time there would be an insane line for the escalator and not one person on the stairs.

  6. fredly says:

    I can see the car on the island as being not lazy. Lots of provisions, heavy equipment/furniture, etc. It’s a lighthouse so I presume there is a lot of stocking up that needs to be done at certain times and perhaps instances where heavy things need to be replaced and/or added/fixed. Not nearly as lazy as the people taking the escalator to the gym.

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  8. Johnny Rocket says:

    Holy Taco dude thats incredible indeed!


  9. Bicycle Bill says:

    In the picture of the guy ‘towing’ a bicycle from the rear seat of the scooter, it looks to me like the bicycle is missing the chain and is therefore unable to be ridden.


  10. athan says:

    “printed in hong kong, folded in china” hahahaha

  11. Mookie says:

    escalator to the gym…they stole my idea

  12. SilkySaul says:

    Hill billies and rednecks can be lazy as hell. Don’t start calling browns “sh*tbags”. Makes you seem racist.

    Unless you were trying to seem.

  13. HD BOY says:

    nice one really good one


  14. Trip-Out says:

    Did anyone notice that the last picture is in there twice?

  15. thatguy. says:

    why is the guy at the urinal lazy? Women sit down to pee all the time.

  16. Someone else says:

    No, but I noticed the second picture is in there twice.

  17. Digg Lover says:

    The best part about this whole list is that the guy who made it, was too lazy to find 25 picture examples of laziness, so he just put the first picture as the 25th picture. brilliant

  18. calumny says:

    Only the bike example features someone with medium brown skin. Most of these fools are pastel people. The bunch waiting for the escalator is typical of the whole page, if you’re too much of a lazy slob to look at all of them.

  19. Love the workout facility with the escalators. Priceless.

  20. Spamfck says:


  21. Kickstand Ken says:

    then he could at least put up the kickstand… lol

  22. you morons says:

    The disabled woman probably uses the lawn mower from her wheelchair not because she is lazy but because she CAN’T walk, you morons..

    unless you meant that the real lazy asses were the non-disabled people who should have done the mowing in the first place.

  23. Seriously some of the funniest things ive ever seen.

  24. FredInSTL says:

    Disabled or just really, really, really fat? Maybe if she put down the fork once in awhile she wouldn’t have ended up that way.

  25. Mark Eagleton says:

    I like that there are only 24 photos and number 2 and number 24 are the same. Do I win the prize?

  26. Mark Eagleton says:

    This, by the way, makes the title of the post valid, as the act of duplicating an image and leaving an image out would fill the the remaining two examples of laziness of the 25 referenced in the title.

  27. Stick says:

    Actually, Comcast, specifically with the movies on FearNet, puts some work into their movie descriptions. (Often humorously referencing films and works that horror fans would know.)
    I’ve seen that movie and it is terrible. Practically the only reason people watch it is to catch Pitt in an early role. That description is perfect.

  28. BannedFromTwitter says:

    the comments were even stupider than the article. I worked out all of the reasons for these apparently amusing circumstances…..If this is what passes for wit these days then pass me the fucking dildo, it’s going up my ass – nah, only joking, this was great and the comments were as good as the article.

    Felt bad for the armadillo though.

  29. something says:

    I just shit my pants, I will change myself later.

  30. I'm not really laughing says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL that was funny! :D

  31. Rubee Blue says:

    Dude !!!! Using a public (terlet) the gals HOVER …. Ya know – like a chopper? Try doing that on both accounts …..

  32. Frank says:

    Just because she is overweight has no bearing on her being lazy. There are many causes. Do you feel better now that you have made fun of another person?

  33. Holier than thou says:

    I’m sure she is sitting in her chair somewhere judging me for laughing at her picture. Therefore I don’t feel bad

  34. J.K. says:

    Believe it or not, I’m the guy on the bottom of the escalator at 24 Hour Fitness. I don’t know who took the pic – I’m sure some tourist – but this is in San Diego sometime between 1999 and 2000. The reason I took the escalator instead of the stairs is because I had injured my left knee in another gym years ago doing heavy leg extensions, and it always hurt to walk stairs before warming up my knee with some exercises.

  35. someguy says:

    This exchange is funnier than the fact that the photo was posted twice :) .

  36. someguy says:

    This exchange is funnier than the fact that the photo was posted twice :) .

  37. Toni says:

    Ewwww, is that why I always sit in pee at the mall?!? Don’t do that shit, nasty-asses. Just line the seat with toilet paper or something if you’re freaked out about germs. Lazy.

  38. Creature Face says:

    Congratulations Captain Geniuspants, you figured out the…oh fuck it, I’m taking a nap.

  39. Dan says:

    You aint lazy AT ALL! Get out of our thread!!

  40. Dan says:

    Take your logic and do something energetic with it, retard!

  41. Mr. Pointing Out The Obvious says:

    Koreans do love their technology, even if it’s 1950′s technology.

  42. thunderpants says:

    O RLY?

  43. Koreans are not ALL like that says:

    Mexicans love knives and soccer.

    Blacks love chicken and watermelon.

    Jews love money and getting gassed in the shower.

  44. abh says:

    That exchange is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day…

  45. FUneral says:

    Good eye BB.

    Now is that a task bar showing on the monitor/ashtray?

    Or is that just a reflection?

  46. ORDucks says:


  47. Anonymo' says:

    haha i like that, “pastel” ppl lol,
    i’m not white or black, i’m pastel ;)

  48. Awesome Anthony says:

    Also, It’s in a shopping center with a Vons and a bunch of other stores.

  49. Awesome Anthony says:

    The escalator going to the gym is actually in Point Loma in San Diego… The escalator was there before it was a 24 hour fitness. I think it was a sports store before that, that would have worked as a lazy pic too.

  50. Bachelor Frog says:

    Blast it with piss!

  51. Mr. Paul says:

    Extra Last!

  52. unknown name says:


  53. poopants says:


  54. H8 Firsties says:

    Cram it with walnuts!

  55. tyc says:

    clean it with shamwow!

  56. the shizzle says:

    god damnit fuck your mother!!!

  57. FUneral says:

    Preserve with embalming fluid.

  58. Bill Brasky says:

    Kill it with fire!

  59. Ron Jeremy says:

    Get a facial from a faggot

  60. poopants dad says:

    Poopants is my son, I porked his momma in the ass and she shit him out first.

  61. John Daly says:

    I’m fuckin drunk again


    I don’t know how you guys can be arsed to post a comment here. ._.

  63. Mfitch says:

    Taking that chair into the public men’s room in order to sit on it to pee isn’t very lazy.

  64. Jojitsiu says:

    Oh ….never mind…..

  65. LARRY COFFEY says:


  66. Mister Mikey says:

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  68. tunguy3n says:

    wow makes me feel less lazy.

  69. JudeG says:

    I’m pretty sure that 24 hour fitness is located within a mile from my house, same architectural style and everything. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen.

  70. tj says:

    Thsi made my day! I actually thot I was lazy lol

  71. barn yard jolly says:

    Hey I was wondering

  72. rico says:

    At least, lift up your brush and re-start paint AFTER the wood. Wake up, worker!

  73. anny nominus says:

    It seems our road workers are the laziest. Nothing like being paid with tax dollars. Wait, I need a rest. Got to fill out the stupid captcha form later. OK, I’m back. Finally got to it. Bye

  74. DC says:

    yo this shit is HILLARIOUS

  75. taxpayer says:

    Get a job and support yourself, you’re not disabled.

  76. nick says:

    dose anyone else find it funny they used the same pic twice in a article about being lazy

  77. The Wise One says:

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  78. ORDucks says:

    Good grief, how many times are you boneheads going to comment on posting the same picture twice?

    I love the freezer that hasn’t been defrosted for about 2 years looks like mine.

    And, the computer with all the disgusting cigs and cans and crap all over it. Obviously it wasn’t being used for anything other than a receptacle for a lazy butt!

  79. Itchy Balls says:

    Those fuckin segways are fukin Gay, But id fuck that momma ridin one, woder if thats my baby she’s pushin?

  80. Itchy Balls says:

    fuckin fat lazy bitch in her power scooter , mowing the lawn, maybe if she would get off her fat stinky ass and push that mower she could lose weigth and then she wouldnt need that fuckin power scooter

  81. tink says:

    ok, sitting down on a “toilet” to pee would have been acceptable, but the dude had to go get a chair pull it over to the urinal, then sit down to piss! WTF lmao it looked like he was a little short and was missing it altogether!
    And how did they get that picture of my old freezer!!!!lol

  82. tink says:

    shut up itchy and go scratch your balls!

  83. aurore ghmeid says:

    thanks alot hularious u helped alot in my project

  84. Davidbeking says:

    Hilarious! I love the lady on the segway pushing the stroller! wow!

  85. Johnny Appleseed says:

    I’m amazed you guys didn’t show a picture of the Holy Taco staff.

  86. justin says:
    We took a picture, but we didn’t feel like uploading it.
  87. Anonymousy says:

    thats understandable…

    thanks anyway

  88. Justincase says:

    thats gay why dont you suck his dick?

  89. Joe says:

    I would, but i am Le Tired

  90. dontPlayWellWithOthers says:

    i was gonna make a witty reply, but i totally cant be fucked.

  91. Justin Timberfake says:

    So I’m going to assume that the last picture joke is you guys being creative eh?

  92. terse5ad says:


  93. incorrects says:

    You guys were really so lazy you had to double post a picture?

  94. Captian Obvious says:

    I can’t even be arsed to say something sarcastic about this.

  95. heh says:

    wow, i guess your mind was lazy enough to not get the joke.

  96. mko says:

    Where’s the 25th picture?

  97. hotsammysliz says:

    they were too lazy to find one lol

  98. Jeff F says:

    You know why…ahhhh…nevermind

  99. Claynoidial says:

    hahah this was actually really good.

  100. Ftttyky says:

    Number 4 is funny

  101. C-Reg says:

    Funny stuff. I was so lazy that at first I didn’t look at the list, instead I went to Asylum.com and then they lead me back to here.

  102. colleen says:

    I don’t get #5…

  103. slappynuts says:

    Apparently there’s a fire going on in the background, but one of the genius firemen would rather get Cheesy Poofs from a hot bitch on the side of the road.

    You’re welcome.

  104. edrspi says:

    Go to cheeseballchick.com to find out why she is giving out cheese balls.

  105. ORDucks says:

    We didn’t get it either but then we are too lazy to care

  106. Adam says:

    I lived on street road

  107. AZPete42 says:

    I was going to post something witty, but…oh to hell with it.

  108. Geoff says:

    nice one!


  109. Geoff

    hello gbot


    oops…. sorry meant to say you have two duplicate images

  110. says:

    some people are stupid

  111. iSPi says:

    Come’on 1/3 of these pics were photo-shopped…..

  112. Nelson Muntz says:

    Talk about lazy. You used the same image twice! Second and last one are the same thing. I am also lazy. I refuse to read the other comments to see if someone else noticed.

  113. alan says:

    got to about pic 6 then came straight here just want to sa

  114. Kristopher says:

    i love the revert back to the road paint picture. that was the first one i busted out at.

    imagining those guys painting the rd. seeing the log…*shrug*….goes around….hahah

    Then the Armadillo! hahahah aw man…

    was kinda disgustipated w/ the fat bastards and their epic laziness….

  115. mech says:

    this is damn funny. just how people can be so lazy.