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25 Famous Unscary Ghosts

These ghost are sure to never give you nightmares.
1. Casper

2. Slimer
3. Starscreams Ghost
4. Ghost of Christmas Present
5. Pacman Ghost
6. Ghosts from The Frighteners
7. A Dinosaur Skeleton Ghost
8. Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice
9. Any Ghost That Still Doesn’t Have a Cell Phone
10. The Funky Phantom
11. Patrick Swayze (althought seeing him now would make us shit our pants) 
12. Ghost Dad
13. A Sheet Ghost
14. Greg Kinnear
15. Ghost Writer
16. Ghost Mickey
17.  Bruce Willis
18. Any Scooby Doo Ghost
19. Sponge Bob’s Flying Dutchman
20. Space Ghost
21. Boo Berry
22. The Ghost of Christmas Past
23. Ghostface Killah
24. Ghostriding Whips
25. Ghost Whisperer

31 Responses to "25 Famous Unscary Ghosts"

  1. The Todd says:

    Creepy statement High Five!

  2. Cool Rapper says:

    Ghosts always find a way to ruin a jack duke.

  3. corey says:

    woa woa woa are you tellin me bruce willis was a ghost? Thanks alot!

  4. chedda says:

    i probably would find three 400 pound lesbians with faux hawks in the shower washing each other more amusing than this garbage

  5. C. Norris says:

    Does this mean we can look to some HT employees getting fired?!?

  6. blankyourface says:

    Do you guys need new staff?

    I could join but I’m the X most unfunny guy in the world, where X = the holy taco staff + 1.

  7. the shizzle says:

    fuckin gay, cant believe i still come to this site

  8. kingdingaling says:

    lame. like sex with no women lame.
    a bong with no weed lame.
    football with no beer lame.
    holy taco LAME.

  9. The RZA says:

    Ghostface Killa is one scary mutha fucka!!!!

  10. The RZA says:

    The Wu Tang Clan ain’t nuttin to fuck wit, you bitches betta recognize.

  11. Dr. Spock says:

    My font is bold.

    And Ghost Writer is the coolest fucking show in our solar system.

  12. nalin' stalin says:

    What’s with the Bold types? this helped?
    Anyway, this post sucks COCK!
    You can do better, HT.

  13. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    I fuckin roflcopteredat all these pictures. Especially the Ghost one. That movie ROCKED!

  14. too much free time says:

    i love Casper

  15. The RZA says:

    I would like to sincerely thank you for you henceforth recognition of the Wu Tang Clan. We here at the Wu-Tang Clan strive hard each and every day for your recognition and it is our promise to you that we will in every way continue to be “Nuthin ta Fuck Wit.” If in any way you feel that you are not satisified with the level of “representin” that we show to the Slums of Shaolin we urge you to please send your complaints to the re-animated corpse of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and rest assured that your voice will be heard in a swift and timely manner. Once again we here at the Wu-tang Clan thank you for your patronage.

    Peace out bitchez

    The RZA

  16. Mudbutt says:

    You just gave me a RAGING hardon.

  17. recognized says:

    Consider you and the wu tang clan officially recognized.

  18. yellojkt says:

    What’s with no spoiler warning on number 17. That movie is still in my Netflix queue.

  19. Stick says:

    It’s good, but not as good as Ghost Writer.

  20. WTF?!? says:

    You’re fucking shitting me, right? Tell me you’re fucking shitting me.

  21. whatever says:


  22. RamHat says:


    Where is that 1988 movie with Bill Murray called “scrooged”?!

    Beetle juice and ghostbusters for life and F the idiot that left out scrooged.

  23. incorrects says:

    A more amusing list might be “25 unfunny HT posts.”

    Hit or miss guys…and it feels like there’s been a fair amount of misses lately.

  24. office jerk says:

    wow.. why did you guys even go through the trouble of finding these images? didn’t someone at some point say “hey, uh, i dunno about this unscary ghost feature we’re working on. it kinda sucks. yeah… sweaty balls sucks.”

  25. office jerk says:

    and to top it off, there’s no fat,old,ugly,naked woman in the last pic.

  26. Stick says:

    I miss ghostwriter.

  27. scarfie says:

    I’m more scared by the disembodied heads of the three children in the Ghost Dad poster.

  28. Zeropissdrunk says:

    WTF HT???? Is Philosopher working for you now?

  29. I Ain't Scared says:

    Everybody knows #18 is just “Mr. Jenkins” — and he would’ve gotten away with it, if not for those pesky kids!

  30. populace calif says:

    MEDDLING kids.

  31. noahaction says:

    Boo Berry looks like he just did 5 bong hits