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25 Freaky Fetish Folks

latex body suit

I thought this would be a fun gallery to research.  It wasn’t.  Here’s 25 people who really enjoy their latex and leather and wool and such.

latex birdo

marble bag tranvestite

worst picture ever

horse costume

dominatrix girl

mario lopez


terrifying granny

latex and gas mask

amy winehouse future

awful old man

red latex suits

domme girl

beating a jedi

dog mask

awful old man

barbecue weirdo

latex nun

bubble head

whip girl

latex mask man

wool fetish is a thing

bubble boy

noah cyrus

4 Responses to "25 Freaky Fetish Folks"

  1. bad acid trip says:

    holy shit, this is nostalgic

  2. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    my penis was a roller coaster

  3. Laurence Almand says:

    Looks like Halloween in San Francisco or New Orleans (or maybe Greenwich Village NY). Oh well, these costumes are kooky, if harmless. We all have our fetishes, so don’t be judgmental. (Although I for one would not parade in public looking like this.) Cest la vie….