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25 Funny Bachelor Frog Memes

Bachelor Frog is probably one of our favorite memes on the internet. If you’re a guy and between 18-35 years old, then you can probably relate to a majority of these. You can make your own Bachelor Frog meme at memegenerator.net


76 Responses to "25 Funny Bachelor Frog Memes"

  1. Brains says:

    Jesus Christ Americans, why are you all so fucking autistic?

  2. Car RamRod says:

    Sink clogged too? Piss in an empty beer bottle and leave it in the fridge to catch friends who don’t ask before they take a beer.

  3. A says:

    That’s why you keep a stick next to the tub.

  4. Line Man says:

    Yeah, I draw the line at pushing logs down the drain with my toes. Fuck that.

  5. Rosie says:

    Seriously…seriously do guys shit in the shower,I have never heard of this.

  6. Douchebag X says:

    The reason I lol’d so hard at “shit in shower, stomp down drain” is because I do it all the time. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I took a dump on the john. I would feel unclean.

  7. Harry Clark says:

    I just made like twenty of these. all frog style. go find em. PS: they’re funnier than the ones HT picked

  8. Derppie says:

    These are all really fucking stupid. And I’m a 29 y.o. male.

  9. ted says:

    you forgot to mention that you suck teh cock….

  10. smart feller says:

    who gets to take a bath after the shit stomping? can you say floating dingleberries?

  11. Rebel Shower Shitter says:

    I had one of those “Animal Planet” moments once. Nothing Soap n Water did not fix. BTW, how do the prudes clean their asses while showering? you know you gotta reach back there and scrub that crusty shit out your holes. else your walking around with shit on your ass! LoL! Melanie and “a girl”, does your shit stink? bet if you both drank a few glasses of milk, they would kick you out the nunnery. “PoooT!!!”

  12. Rebel Shower Shitter says:

    I’m going to shit in your can of Skippy. turn it into the crunchy kind. You’ll love it… Rich n Creamy.

  13. Rebel Shower Shitter says:

    and your probably cute too. its the pretty ones that do all the freaky stuff. why i love this planet so much.

  14. Rebel Shower Shitter says:

    that’s because its true, foo’

  15. I says:

    This post is a sad and depressing exposè of my life up until now.


  16. L says:

    Good shit taco! I would add: toilet cloged? Piss in sink

  17. Ash says:

    I feel disillusioned.

  18. Hugh Jorgan says:

    i laughed but who the fuck shits in the shower and then steps on it!? That is so fucked up

  19. dr.appledick says:

    best laugh all fucking year.

  20. Al-P says:

    FUCKING LOVED THESE. me and the roommates had tears of joy

  21. acdc69 says:

    I shit in the shower, but shit in my hand, then flick it into the toilet. I save water by pissing in sinks. I’m in my 50′s and LOL’es & ROTFL at them ( as I do most every day )

  22. chuusie. says:

    i thought these were fucking hilarious?
    and i am a girl.

    i guess i’m one of those weird ones..

  23. a girl says:

    NASTY NASTY NASTY! joining the nunnery w/ melanie

  24. Schitty McGitty says:

    Don’t forget “Out of toilet paper. Use roommate’s pillow case.”

  25. FARP_Thor says:

    GHEY alert!

  26. a guy says:

    I’ve got to say these are some of the funniest comments I’ve read in a while. Almost laughed as hard as the actual pics.

  27. TurdBurgaler says:

    you would be suprised what I or 4 more people can do its a bit odd…

  28. donzaloog says:

    This was fuckin’ hilarious. I really hope all of this shit was sarcastic cause its fucking disgusting. I would never do something like that, gross. LOL @ melanie why must I crave the cock? Ladies if you ever find your man doing that shitting in the bathroom thing it’s time to get the fuck out of there. Quick!

  29. jeff buckley says:

    i found a site that has 1000s of foul bachelor frogs: http://www.foulbachelorfrog.org

  30. jewish guy says:

    lol, all of you need to read up on hygiene, yuck

  31. omnomnomnom says:

    fucking bitches and gheys who take this shit literally

  32. who cares says:

    freaken amazing simply amazing though i am one of those non shit stompers i still have to say MOST of these are true

  33. butthole says:

    Not as funny as you think

  34. Jesus Christ, American says:

    What is that – the King’s English? It’s spelled ARTISTIC, you scone munching “retaud.”

  35. zoock bock says:

    ive done pretty much all of those except jack to parents wedding video thats sick

  36. AJ says:

    Ha, this is awesome. I’m actually the guy who made that “Shit in shower, stomp down drain” image. Can’t believe it cracked THAT many people up!!

    For the record, here’s the story behind it. We were drunk and high talking about stupid shit, and got on the subject of pissing in the shower. Then at one point I remarked “Know what? Anyone can piss in the shower. Anyone ever take a shit in the shower?” And they’re all “It won’t rinse down like piss does.” So I said “Well you could just stomp and grind it until it’s gone. Like what you do when you have bits of food in the kitchen sink..just grind it through the slats.”

    Well none of us ever actually tried it–shitting and stomping, that is. But it became sort of an inside joke. “I just got out of the shower.” “Oh yeah? You take a shit? “Of course.”

    Then one day I saw the Bachelor Frog Meme generator…and well… the rest is history.

  37. Antonymous says:

    Sister Melanie’s OCD for cock?


  38. Really says:

    AWat, you should know that yes, some people understand your comment was sarcastic as it was hilarious.

  39. JP says:

    shit in shower, stomp down drain. check

  40. Depy says:

    Fuckin lolled at that one. Scared the cat.

  41. Airesofwar says:

    WOW That is some funny shit. But no its not true but funny. And if you shit in the shower you just lazy and sick as fuck I mean the fucking toilet is less then 10 ft away XD

  42. Guy Richie says:

    shower shitting is big in the middle east and india. its common practice to eat lots of cheese so its a big hard log then try and force it down the drain with the heel of your foot. ALSO when getting married over that way the wife also joins in on the fun for their honeymoon

  43. Ben says:

    Yeah, that’s gross, I refuse to shower-shit, and never knew there were people who considered that an option. Going to stick to not being a bachelor, thanks.

  44. Melanie says:

    What the fuck?! What the fucking fuck?!
    Men. Are. Disgusting.
    It’s revelations like these that make me wring my hands and ask myself, why must I crave the cock? If I were asexual, I would totally run off to a nunnery where I could let my OCD flourish in peace.
    …fucking stomp it down the drain. Jesus Christ.

  45. JHC says:

    Despite all women being mentally ill, I still crave the pussy. One of those mysteries of life best not over-analyzed. hehehe… analyzed.

  46. AWat says:

    Yes, Melanie. It is a fact that all men have at some point (if not regularly) shit in the shower and stomp it down the drain. I’m not talking picking a dingle-berry and using your big toe to coax it towards freedom; I’m talking about taking a full-blow, Chipotle-induced, corn-riddled, dense -as-fuck shit over top of the drain, and stomping it American History X style to oblivion. We do this, of course, because what better way to take a shit than to make sure that you will be clean as a whistle when you’re done; you are already in the shower, readily spreading the ass cheeks for the spray of water.

    I guess the best way to think of it is as a SUPER bidet toilet.

    By the way, Melanie, you will never be able to look at another man the same way again. I hope lesbianism works out for ya.

  47. WTF says:

    Yeah, not so much. You may believe that all men stomp on their own shit in the shower, but I’m thinking you are part of a small and very special group of shit-stompers. Good luck with that, man. The rest of us will stick with crapping in the toilet. Bachelor frog is a bachelor for a reason. Think about that.

  48. Synonymous says:

    WOW, that’s fucked up! you haven’t shit in the shower before? what a queer.

  49. ? says:

    Tell him to get his shit together? You get YOUR shit down that drain.

  50. Middle-Easter says:

    Yeah… Uhm.. That Middle-East/India comment is not true. Get your shit right before you accuse anyone, man.

  51. Nope says:

    Yeah, I’m a guy (25 yrs old) and gotta say I’ve never shit in the shower. That’s seriously fuckin’ revolting. I first heard about people doing this on the radio of all places; the morning shock jock brought it up and had to dance around the wording a bit because of the FCC but I was just as horrified at the idea now as I was then. I’m amazed that people are that dirty of their own will. Simply wow.

  52. bob (rull talk) suarez says:

    ive done everything in that list multiple times in the past four days

  53. Anonymous420 says:

    As a woman, I always wish my man had tits so I don’t have to resort to playing with mine for lack of a gf Q_Q

  54. Sergio says:

    Hahahaha! You got manboobs, you fatso. I bet you won’t see this anyways, since you’ll be in KFC the next few hours.

  55. Burnsy says:


  56. Anonymous342rjwefj says:

    man boobs are not so attractive to the sex that already have boobs….if they wanted more boobs they would turn lesbian

  57. nemesis says:


  58. LG life's good says:

    Homo says what?

  59. Philospher says:


  60. Pink caddy says:

    Sup Nemisis? i think we’re related.. this was retarted. myconfinedspace has better crap.

  61. boop de doop says:

    I liked every single one of these. Great job. My life in 25 squares.

  62. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    I didn’t LOL, ROFL, or any other acronym that pertains to finding something humorous. I’m 36.


  63. MotleyCruzControl says:

    That’s cuz you still live with your parents.

  64. FARP_Thor says:

    STOMP Shit.

  65. cowbert says:

    stomp down a drain? hahahahaaha!

  66. It's me says:

    What’s FAP?

  67. Tylertron says:

    Fap means masterbate

  68. Jen says:


  69. Tylertron says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s “masterbate” in this apartment. Seeing as this is my domain, I am the master. Go learn how to cook, Jen, and stop scaring off all the good husband material you come across.

  70. netzzzzzz says:

    omg you genius! and you so funny

  71. eborlliw says:

    she got excellent job

  72. Sony says:

    I’m under 18 but I can relate

  73. Zeddo says:

    I’m gonna go shit in the shower right now.