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25 Funny College Gameday Signs

The BCS National Championship Game is tomorrow, bringing to LA fans from both Texas and Alabama. This influx drastically brought the literacy rate down and the fist fight average up, but burbon sales are at an all time high! Roll Tide!


22 Responses to "25 Funny College Gameday Signs"

  1. bigboss says:

    girth = circumference of a penis

  2. For Shame says:

    “Lee Corso Has A Baby Arm” should have made this list.

  3. This Looks Shopped says:


  4. Joinng WOods says:

    No way dude is this stuff for real? Wow you have got to be kidding me.


  5. TideFan says:

    Big words for someone who can’t spell bourbon…

  6. baby mama says:

    Shixty Shree-Sheventeen wins it fo sho. Twentieth,yep.

  7. im a numbers guy says:

    What is the deal with saying first??? I get that it is to be “the first” to comment on a topic but, why just say first? What the fuck does that prove? Is it like calling shotgun or dibbs? Or is it just a super awesome waste of time? ( yes I am ready for the response of how “my birth was a super awesome waste of time” ) See what I did there?? Its called getting ahead of the story.. tiger..

  8. phuckyou says:

    murkin = a pubic hair wig

  9. HB says:

    Shixty Shree-Sheventeen made me LOL…old ass Lou needs to hang it up forreal.

  10. Stick says:

    Thanks for the PSA.

  11. Jesus Cristo says:


  12. Bucket Headed Monkey says:

    FIRST!… in the league

  13. Phone Lookup says:

    You didn’t quite get there to #1.
    That makes Corso my Baby Daddy.

  14. Bucket Headed Monkey says:


  15. BobLobLaw says:

    Third, you’re all going to hell

  16. blackie says:

    Hook em!

  17. pratik says:

    The airplane one wins.

  18. offensive name says:

    scott kelly does have a small dick….his gf told me after i fucked her!

  19. Scott Kelly says:

    Hey F*$^ YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Why make fun of someone when it’s the way the were born, asshat?

  20. Scott Kelly's Dick says:

    Settle down Scott. We both know it’s true.

  21. Scott Kelly's Ball says:

    Hey, have any of you guys seen my brother Lefty? He looks exactly like me, except a little bigger , almost the size of a penny

  22. pale whit guy says:

    9TH haha