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25 Funny Crucifixes



16 Responses to "25 Funny Crucifixes"

  1. 2010 Tax says:

    John Belushi had a killer crucifix when he wore the spandex in public.

  2. vaselineGonzalez says:

    In other news I took a dookie today.
    It smelled awful.
    My poo was so terrible it flipped me of as it sped out my anus.
    It stabbed in the buttocks as it slipped from me rectum.

    I like to lay on the beach and let seagulls peck me anus that I filled with birdseed.

  3. BurritoSmith says:

    Holy Taco, I dare you to post some of these comments.
    I bet ya wont.
    Your not that fearless.
    Like myself, I only bang virgins.
    Then I chug a jack and coke and smoke a blunt of weed.
    Then I just walk up to a house and bust through the window and steal the food of the plates of gangster men.
    Then I just dump it on my dick and leave.
    Huh? Yeah Thats right 18 year old virgins daily.

  4. Travis Bucharest says:

    That sounds pretty badass. Too bad there aren’t any virgins that exist in this world. Unless you bang kids. Child Rapist.

  5. awesomosapien says:

    am i 1st

  6. LoatProphets says:

    you are still below me awesomosapien.
    You piece of s*%t!

  7. Hoobaskaa says:

    Christ compels you = http://bit.ly/csBOxM

  8. awesomosapien says:

    Good all U below eat S$%^& and die!

  9. AnonymousAtheist says:

    Suck a bag of dicks, ARO. You’re obviously not putting your religion into practice if you hope that non-Christians will burn in hell.

    “I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”

  10. A Religious One says:

    Burn in Hell HT….Easter is the one day of the year that changed the world, and you put this crap out…you are what you are.

  11. Jodie Foster says:

    I’m an atheist and still found all of those to be blatantly unfunny. For now, I’ll blame it on the new guy that took the place of Johnny…but he better get his shit together.

  12. Phil Jones says:

    Sweet Jeebus’ dildo! That Jeebus dildo was what i was looking for! Someone take it and fuck me in the ass with it! We can share share my ass juices by sucking on it afterwards! WIN!

  13. DonkeyXote says:

    Dwight, you need help with many, MANY FUCKING years of therapy.

  14. Phil Jones says:

    Sorry Donk. Dwight is prolly sleeping with his dick buried in his blow up doll. I’m PHIL JONES bitch! Don’t you forget it! Who needs therapy? I can tell myself i need help for FREE! Like you being online looking at InterSpecies Erotica! Sick fuck! NO! You CANNOT fuck a rabbit! That is just gross!

  15. DonkeyXote says:


  16. Stick says:

    The fifth one down is actually a pretty good movie, it’s called Altered States.