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25 Funny Snowmen

We realize that Winter is still technically a month away… FIRST! 


24 Responses to "25 Funny Snowmen"

  1. Anonymous, says:

    These snowman blow.

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    Fifth from the top was stolen from Calvin and Hobbes…. Still just as funny though!!

  3. penizMastaz says:

    This is my story, I’ve never told it to anyone before.
    I spread my asscheeks and waited for the cold sharp edge of his manly axe swipe through my cheecks.

    I Pushed the cold blade up my ass crack then, he walked out the door and I never saw him again.

    Its fun to lay with cereal in you ass crack and let crow peck it out

  4. Adam Bomb says:

    #21 – her head is a touch too low for the BJ. Looks like she’s trying for the rimjob from the front. Points for difficulty.

  5. Halotron says:

    #6 looks like it was taken behind the Wadsworth Hall dorms at Michigan Tech?

  6. Hermitbiker says:

    Holy Taco… seems to be a new theme to snowmen in the 21st century… great blog-site here too !!

  7. LowSpark says:

    Especially the ones with fellatio.

  8. pratik says:

    Some of these remind me of the old school Calvin and Hobbes snowmen. Good times.

  9. colin says:

    I was thinking the same thing.

  10. ICorrectYouSir says:

    No, you’re not.

  11. Spankey says:

    No your not.

  12. Loving the girl licking the giant snow cone.

  13. s3xt0y says:


  14. Throbbin' Hood says:


  15. Anony Mouse says:

    “I was hoping that it would maybe people a little less bitchy”

    What?!?!?! I understand a typo here and there, but this is just piss poor.

  16. Jack Of All Trades says:

    oh damn, your right. good eye

  17. Jack Of All Trades says:

    how did they get the twelfth one to be strong enough to hold up the head? is it photoshop?

  18. worst philosopher troll EVER says:

    dude, he hasn’t been Jack of All Trades in like months. Fail.

  19. Jack Of All Trades says:

    I was hoping that it would maybe people a little less bitchy.

  20. Dick HARD-ON says:


  21. bonzoello says:

    So…. by funny, you mean penis?

  22. Thunderscrotum says:

    I’m more interested in how they made those pendulous bewbs in the third one down.

  23. Jewish guy says:

    i think i finally understand american faggotry

  24. Jewish guy says:

    … because I tried it for myself, I mean. I took a guy’s schlong up my tuchus.