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25 Funny Tombstones

Gone, but not forgotten.


39 Responses to "25 Funny Tombstones"

  1. Jewish_tranny_ says:

    you guys love talking about sucking dicks, alot

  2. Some kind of tranny says:

    2nd! Fuck Yeah!

  3. Oh snap says:

    Alright… I have to say, all of these replies TOTALLY made me do a roflcopter. Win on your parts…. Probably because it is all one guy…
    You poor, lonely bastard.

  4. Jonathan Blake says:

    Johnathan Blake’s grave, That was from Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, it doesn’t count.

  5. JustTheFax says:

    Half of these pictures are fake graves or Photoshopped…

  6. fuck yo coauch says:


  7. Stick says:

    More than one of these are in NJ. (Saw them in Weird NJ.)

  8. Frank Grimes says:



  9. General's Dusty Scrabble Game says:

    Apparently, you’ve never played Scrabble…..

  10. jlbcs says:

    Have a look at the cimetery in Tombstone AZ. There is a funny set of graves:
    “shot to death”
    “dead of natural death”
    and I noticed only one woman…

  11. Justin Whtoe says:

    OMgosh dude no way thats incredible..


  12. FardingBlood says:

    I spray mud then I spray blood!!!! You’re all a bunch of faggots!

  13. Great Butt nephew says:

    Wow. I cant believe this site would take a picture of my great uncles tombstone. Dicks

  14. dondig says:

    I told you I was sick! LOL.

  15. Hey you says:

    Have a look at an effing dictionary. Cemetery is with an “e”.

  16. General Ization says:

    Lovable is missing the second L in picture two…

  17. General Ization says:

    Er, picture four

  18. JoshBSD says:

    If you play scrabble, you will know why-it’s the blank tile being used for the L.

  19. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Only jackasses and losers play scrabble anymore, get a fucking life, idiot!

  20. pratik says:

    Robert Clay Allison sounds like a compassionate soul.

  21. Whatttttttttt says:

    Oh, the two replies and the names of their authors made me laugh more than the pictures.

  22. Herbert says:

    I second that.

  23. holy burrito__--lolz--__this-is_so-funny----------------- says:

    denied,i close this election!lol

  24. Dead_Frankz says:

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  38. Inquisitive Nun says:

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