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25 Galleries You Won’t See on Holy Taco Now That We No Longer Do Girl Galleries

ladies and bears

We’re moving on from focusing on girl galleries here at Holy taco to focus more on unique, editorial content. It’s not that we don’t like girl galleries, we’re just leaving them for the other guys.  Because of that, here’s 25 galleries you won’t see on HT in the future.  But maybe some other sites will be kind enough to put them together for you.


woman and cow



body builder

dune buggy

rocket launcher


eating a bird

ladder fall

pumpkin kiss

bob saget

lawn mower

shopping cart


hot dog


cats and dogs


top hat


mariah carey boots



9 Responses to "25 Galleries You Won’t See on Holy Taco Now That We No Longer Do Girl Galleries"

  1. WowWee! says:

    Why would you stop doing girl galleries? There’s no reason to ever come back to Holytaco now or the internet for that matter.

    • Ian Fortey says:

      You can’t swing a cat on the internet without hitting a site that does girl galleries, so we’ve decided to shift focus and offer something else.

      • Yahweh says:

        After switching sites a few months back after this site became a breeding ground for the constant war between DonkeyXote and the other…well, pretty much everybody else, and you guys ran an ACTUAL ARTICLE that actually broke my computer by being the stupidest fucking article that you ever could post, having bowed to the wishes of your commenters by ACTUALLY posting a video of someone pwning the fuck out of DonkeyXote through a means of a text to video clip, I simply stopped reading because everytime I commented, I was accused of being DonkeyXote or one of the other dickheads involved in the argument.

        And now, reading Unreality, you’ve even stopped putting up girl galleries (which was really just you stealing pics from various places on the internet, unlike actual sites like The Chive) which just makes you possibly the worst website to actually be visited on the regular. You should just be a constant dialogue between Donkey and the rest of the world. Would be a better premise for a comedy site and the “switching of focus.”

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    Oh yeah. That RIP up there isn’t mine. I’m juss sharing the links ’cause ye know what they say, sharing is caring.

    Source: http://gelang-hitam.blogspot.com/2011/04/hobo-with-shotgun-2011-brrip.html

  3. Ronko says:

    Here you go for the jack asses you are for getting rid of the girls a new name and mascot

  4. PaulyO says:

    And with that the last of Holy Taco’s 10 visitors have now left. Thanks for letting us know so we don’t have to waste anymore time looking at this site.

  5. Kenmore says:

    Pretty sure I’m finding a new site now. Girl pics was the only reason I even came here…