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25 Giant, Awful Bugs We Hope Never Turn on Humanity

goliath spider

After yesterday’s harmless cicada article we thought we’d focus some time on bugs that could destroy the world with venom, slime or grossness if they ever organize and attack.

giant wasp

bug millipede

spider webs

stick bug

giant worm

some winged monster


giant african land snail

bee swarm

stick bug

giant insect

weta? maybe

giant moth

banana slug

giant ant

emperor scorpion

big green creeps

horned beetle

giant weta



bot fly


spider eating abird

8 Responses to "25 Giant, Awful Bugs We Hope Never Turn on Humanity"

  1. Rancor says:

    The 4th from last is a Bathynomus giganteus(giant isopod) which isn’t an insects they are crustaceans.

    3rd from the last is a bot fly larva if anyone was wondering what was the point of the picture.

    The 3rd picture from the top was done by a crap ton of small spiders in Lake Tawakoni Park in Texas.

  2. oh yeah says:


  3. bad acid trip says:

    eh, I got worse stuff crawling around my basement. I don’t mean rats, I mean the bugs that rape and then eat the rats

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    Is that last one is eating a bird?

    Pretty sure that’s not right…

  5. Metallman says:

    Hey there. The botfly is a nasty fly. The larvae will live inside you and then eat a hole through your skin when it’s ready. There are some pretty sick videos on the net showing people removing the damn things themselves.

  6. Bob Loblaw says:

    Terminate, terminate with extreme prejudice

    Seriously, some of this shit would require a shotgun to kill