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25 Girls To Be Thankful For

A Holy Taco t-shirt to the first person who can name all these girls in order. Email us at: feedback@holytaco.com 


57 Responses to "25 Girls To Be Thankful For"

  1. You Failded says:

    Needs more tits was the only correct answer. You failded.

  2. HB says:

    Damnit, and to think I spent all morning studying for this test!

  3. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Number 11 can vault my pole!!

  4. This girl is hot! says:

    ALL OF THEM I FUCKED INCLUDED THE LAST ONE (that’s why he is pregnant)

  5. coolred says:

    #11 the pole vault chick, hottest one of all.

  6. Sarah Palin says:

    Olivia Munn is half asian fuck faces

  7. Anonim says:

    Gisele Bundchen’s breasts are prefect as they are. She’s so damn fineeeeeeee…

  8. Dr. Pepper says:

    what the hell??

    when did sarah palin get smart enough to use the internet??

  9. ShoSilks1 says:

    hahahahh I love Dr. Pepper’s comment man. You are the man Doc.

  10. ShoSilks1 says:

    Just give me the two twins and I will be forever happy. Thanks Holy Taco for this blessed post of some banging chicas.

  11. Weiners says:

    6 is zooey deschanel, katy perry has bigger titties.

  12. Bitch shut up says:

    My woman always bitches at me for going to this site, but unless she can transform into 25 hot chicks, I’m still coming here.

  13. bonzoello says:

    No I changed my address to 585 Justin Can Suck A Fat Cock St. Its in Holy Taco Are Fucking Liars, USA. Do you mind paying for postage you fucking toolbags?

  14. L.E. says:

    There was not one black chick on that list.

    What gives?

  15. Jewish guy says:


    Bar rafaeli is an israeli chick

    you fags are missing out

  16. huge ballsack says:

    If I could be the meat in a sandwich between #16 and #19 I would never ask for anything again… from anyone… forever

  17. fingfangfoom says:

    these are the pics that kind of make me want to masturbate but mostly just make me feel suicidal, realizing that my best days are way behind me and i will NEVER score a chick like this without hitting the lottery so I can buy myself one. sigh.

  18. JCM says:

    Not having Sammy Braddy’s legs up in the air in my bed while my wife watches, frankly, is not something I’m thankful for.

  19. Chris says:

    No Asian chicks either. Fine with me though. White chicks are irresistable. Asian and black chicks are…eh… And I’m half black-half Asian.

  20. bonzoello says:

    yeah, good luck trying to get HT to actually SEND you any of the stuff they claim to give you as a prize. especially when they use your intellectual property.

  21. Jigsaw says:

    i’m pretty sure that the 7th from the bottom is the actress who plays 13 in House

  22. justin says:
    We totally sent it to you, dude.  Is your address still 123 Crybaby Lane?
  23. this guy says:


  24. Buddy the Elf says:

    Sadly I recognized Amy Reid….guess that means I may have seen one too many porn sites

  25. stu says:

    Who the hell is after megan fox? That bitch is sooo damn hot

  26. jboot says:

    Looks like Minka Kelly

  27. George says:

    I hope Tom Brady signed off on his Wifes Photo? She is HOT
    For U guys who do not know which one she is, Heres a Clue or two: 1) Merry Chrismas, 2) Santa’s Helper
    I love Red Heads, been married #3 times and Looking for #4
    My first was a Blonde ( I was dumb & young) #2 was a Black Haired Beauty ( I didn’t make enough $$$ to satisfy her taste)#3 was a Brunette ( thought she understood the words Faithful and I do not Share) Finally if there is a #4 I want to try a red head I want to explore my older Firey side,

  28. asdasdasd says:


  29. Toadvine says:

    Jesus Christ on a fucking rubber crutch the pole-vaulter is a little hard-body. Fine as hell.

  30. lols says:

    did you recognize eva angelina? or is that really her?

  31. John says:

    1Marissa Miller
    2 Bree Olson
    3 Christina Hendricks
    4 Danica Patrick
    5 Gisele Bundchen
    6 Katy Perry
    7 Keyra Augustina
    8 Karissa and Kristina Shannon
    9 Stacy Keibler
    10 Adriana Lima
    11 Allison Stokke
    12 Amy Reid
    13 Aria Giovanni
    14 Heather Brooke
    15 Keeley Hazell
    16 Lucy Pinder
    17 Megan Fox
    18 Minka Kelly
    19 Miranda Kerr
    20 Olivia Wilde
    21 Olivia Munn
    22 Sammy Brady
    23 Sasha Grey
    24 Sofia Vergara
    25 Brooklyn Decker
    26 Thomas Beattie


  32. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    WTF?!?!?!? what the hell is sarah palin doing on HT is’nt she trying 2 make a book that doesnt suck donkey balls!!!,and nobody cares if shes half asian she swallowed a hot dog whole that’s something 2 care about u cum guzzler!!!!

  33. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    oh..i can convert her

  34. Cougars Suck Nuts says:

    that guy went to my high school, take that Punahou.

  35. John says:

    Or Bar Refaeli… always get them confused.

  36. jigganigga says:

    I would like to fuck the jew outta her.

  37. Half-black Half-asian? says:

    Huh?… Who knew Tiger Woods was an avid HT aficionado

  38. Bobby Lee is hot. And so are athletic chicks.

  39. MissBrookeBamBam says:

    There was an Asian he-she.

    Asian women are beautiful. They’re my second favorite behind Italians.

  40. Another guy who never got his prize says:

    bonzoello does have a point, is Break.com known for not honour its prizes or just the Holy Taco subsidiary? I guess you could try contacting the Break.com staff, the mother company has got to be worth tons.

  41. Stiff Dinkins says:

    Wow the pole vaulter is UNSANE! (Yes I know unsane is not a word but insane did not reach her level of hotness)

  42. F. says:

    Who’s #3 & #21 ? O_O

  43. HB says:

    1. Hot model chick
    2. Muffin tops
    3. Red head tits
    4. Angry driver chick
    5. Needs more tits
    6. Airbrushed brunette
    7. Soft ass
    8. TWINS!
    9. Tan booty
    10. Vickie’s model
    11. Smoking bod athlete chick
    12. Am I a latina chick?
    13. Bondage tits
    14. Bar girl tits
    15-21. Maxim hottie chicks
    22. Hand bra tits on a beach
    23. I like to be spanked chick
    24. Definitely latina hot chick
    25. Sunset tits
    26. Kill me now

    How’d I do?

  44. Anonymou says:

    most of these you can just identify by clicking on the image, so its not really a challenge to name them all

  45. anon1 says:

    would you please link the babes you’re masturbating to when you’re not alone. :D no need to highlight the cicumstances otherwise. thx ^^

  46. Joe The Asshole says:


  47. tonighttheyfly says:

    I know that’s right.

  48. John says:

    Those tits on christina Hendricks(red head) are absolutely out of this world. there the kind of tits you wanna fuck over and over again!! good god there luscious!!!!

  49. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    i know thats right

  50. tonighttheyfly says:

    Why isn’t your dad on this list?

  51. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    Why isn’t Toby McGuire on the fuckin list?

  52. assface dicksmell says:


  53. First 1.5 says:

    New and Improved!

  54. TimmyD2X1 says:

    Like anyone cares what their names are… Wait, should I be disturbed that the 2 I know are Danica Patrick and Thomas Beattie? FML.

  55. Barn Door says:

    If I won a Holy Taco T-shirt I would cut holes out for my nipples to stick through for everyone to suck on and floss their teeth with my black curlies.

  56. yup says:

    I only recognized the pornstars. Sasha Grey and Heather Brook… MY GOD HEATHER BROOKE CAN SWALLOW A PEEN

  57. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    olivia munn can swallow a hot dog WHOLE