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25 Girls With Pasties

This is as much bewbie as we can legally show you. Happy Labor Day!


45 Responses to "25 Girls With Pasties"

  1. 50 cent says:

    fuck you grandpa

  2. Yankin&Bankin says:

    I would gladly chew the melanoma(?)off of them there whatcha jiggers

  3. Jacwing says:

    So much silicon…

  4. agent037 says:

    MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. roflcopter says:


  6. Havascrew says:

    See more at NippieStickies.com

  7. maxspain says:

    That first one looks familiar…. fap fap fap… anyone know her name?

  8. Antifucktard says:

    Yea that would last for 5 minutes then Johny law would have you bent over the side of the boat.

  9. BAMF says:

    Yeah, but just for being black, not for swinging his hard on around.

  10. Antifucktard says:

    So what your about an F cup right?

  11. Lt. Dan says:

    Philosopwhore I think you are on the wrong site! You may want the Rainbow Taco. That is if you were wanting me to fuck you? Cause I don’t do that shit anymore!

  12. Moe Lester says:

    Philosopwhore dont you got a peter to go puff.

  13. Dr. says:

    1, 5, 6, 19

    with 6 FTW.

  14. Jeff says:

    You wouldn’t know silicone from real if they smacked you in the face dildo.

  15. zubair says:

    the photo is nicwe you con den this o pohoto all nhs hshhh j jj s j j jafn j j fy ljfnb

  16. Anonymous Girl says:

    WHHHHYYYYYY are there soooo many fake boobies?
    its not sexy… its gross, speshly when you can see the scar… ew. boobs are suppose to move when you move… not look like softballs all the time. id rather have a real titty b!tch over a fake one any day, real boobs are fun to touch, and look at for that matter, good gallery though just would have been better with more real girls in it.

  17. Hektor says:

    Way to fart on a perfectly good boner with that last pic.

  18. critter says:

    ah, youth…..

  19. cabj1905 says:

    that 1st pic would be hot if she wasn’t letting loose a power queef right then.

  20. MyDrunkTexts.com says:

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  21. O Squiggly Line says:

    Very nicely done, sir.

  22. Token Black Guy says:

    When did this happen? Drunk white girls walking around with lil stickers covering their nipples!? I would be hard as a rock, swinging my dick and every pair of boobs that walked by.

  23. lt. Dan says:

    Now this post makes sense unlike the stupid fucking cat video one. Also fuck everyone who liked the cat video!!!

  24. Philosopwhore says:

    You want to fuck me? Gay.

  25. Fucktossoburrito says:

    At least it wasn’t Stan Van Gundy (or the Hedgehog).

  26. asdasdasd says:

    OOO LOLOL RANDOM PIC AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Whydona Blowme says:

    I just nutted BECAUSE of the last pic.

  28. man nutter says:

    i nutted just as i scrolled to the last pic. probably could have slowed up enough to avoide, but i figured it was ok to nut to a guy after lloking at lots of girls

  29. the REAL Kurt Russell says:

    i just nutted. too bad it was for the last pic. i feel ashamed.

  30. Antifucktard says:

    If thats where I think it is because public nudity is against the law.

  31. jethro says:

    why don’t they just go topless all the way?

  32. s3xt0y says:

    5th one down is painted not pasties

  33. Puff says:

    You defeat the whole purpose of this list. Please go away and don’t return.

  34. Euro-boy says:

    Americans! “This is as much as we can legally show you”? Isn´t the Puritanism period over? Is flesh still considered so “naughty”? Grow up and get a grip (open to adolescent jokes no doubt…). I doubt America will ever be adult about such matters…

  35. filozofer says:

    at least girls in america shave their armpits.

  36. Anonymous says:

    filozofer = WIN.

  37. vageen says:

    Euro-boy = guido

  38. MrKillson says:

    and people wonder why I love this site

  39. Steve says:

    It is laughable that they can show absolutly every part of a womans body except nipples, vagina and anus. Those 3 little areas make so many people uncomfortable, wierd huh?

  40. El Moose says:

    ha u called it an anus

  41. Philosopwhore says:


  42. Jeez says:

    Great, thanks. Now I want to kill myself.

  43. Master Of None says:

    I miss summer already

  44. Anonymous says:

    Why’s that, philosopher? Is sitting at your computer 18 hours a day in the summer somehow better than sitting at your computer 18 hours a day in the fall?

  45. philosoraptor says:

    well look at it this way, philosofucktard — you still have these pictures. it’s not like you’re going to get any closer to boobs or bikinis anyway, so what’s the diff?