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25 Girls With Pigtails

Pigtails are awesome. Not only do girls look totally hot wearing them, but Willie Nelson rocks them on a regular basis.


32 Responses to "25 Girls With Pigtails"

  1. i smell like ass says:

    god damn, i think i just developed a fetish here….

  2. insideofyou says:

    eNTANGLED hair gives me a sense of, how you say, erectile personality. watch out!!!? a distraction from breasted chests??! how would do such a thing?
    SWINE TAILED HAIR fortune begotten.

    take care for you…..my pennywhistles


  3. jewish guy says:

    girls in the last two pics…….examples of goyish chicks

  4. Some Dude says:

    pigtails? I didn’t notice them next to all those BOOBS!
    oh well.

  5. jewish goy says:

    I like guys wearing hats and pigtails and black coats….

  6. qwertsavedmylife says:

    who is 6

  7. L says:

    If it wouldn’t have been fir the last 2 fucking pics, I would have unloaded flawlessly.damn u taco! U owe me a nut!

  8. bob says:

    Who is number 10?????

  9. ss says:

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  10. allynbyrd says:

    I like pig-tails… especially on pigs.

  11. twobighands says:

    WHAT PIGTAILS?,I didnt see any.

  12. qwertsavedmylife says:

    # six anyone??

  13. big bear says:

    is it just me or is 23 a terrifying bobblehead abomination that looks like a bad photoshop

  14. emerson bigons says:

    5 and 6 so hott. also nice camel toe.

  15. emerson bigons says:


  16. vi says:

    good work, more pigtails pls ;p

  17. billy jean says:

    #6 is Seanna Mitchell… a model. Very hot!

  18. slimesbro says:

    mostly porno girls………….I like it

  19. question says:

    what’s the name of the first one? i wouldnt mind downloading some of her stuff!!

  20. JEWjitsu says:

    Her name is Denise Milani but she doesnt do porn… Fuck!

  21. nalin' stalin says:

    I wouldn’t mind loadin down some of my stuff on her.

  22. nalin' stalin says:

    loadin some of my stuf down on her

  23. nom nom says:

    two of these girls aren’t wearing pigtails.

  24. memo says:

    the first one is Denise Milani

  25. brett says:

    so is 10

  26. skill says:

    Whos the albino chick shes cute as hell

  27. Maestro Of The Deadly Symphony says:

    ouch, the “last picture gag” done twice. well done

  28. LivingDedMan says:

    Don’t blame Willie for having your dick in your hand while his pic showed up.

  29. nutbuster says:


    1, 2, 6, 10(same as 1 denise milani), and 12 are my kind of ladies.

  30. savagebeef says:

    6 is gorgeous. In a dirty kind of way.

  31. anna says:

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