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25 Girls You Already Know

You guys know these girls. In fact, you probably see them more often than certain family members. A free Holy Taco t-shirt to the first person that can name all of these girls in order. Email us at Feedback@holytaco.com


68 Responses to "25 Girls You Already Know"

  1. bryan says:

    i knew 12 right off the bat, i thought that was pretty good. Holy Taco make it harder next time ->right click->view source easy peezy
    I had a friend in college that looked exactly like breanne we used to tease her about it.

  2. Don't taze me bro... says:

    Alot of CoK Snot has dropped due to those slizuts.

  3. BobLobLaw says:

    All of these women are Adult film stars. Therefore they are all named ‘Whore’.

  4. Obvious says:

    #1-25: Attention whore
    #26: Goddess

  5. Pew Pew LAsers says:

    Faye Reagan is the best:

    Faye Reagan, formerly Faye Valentine,[2] (born September 19, 1988 in Las Vegas, Nevada[1]) is an American pornographic actress.[1]

    Her first Boy/Girl title was the 2007 DVD, The Gauntlet 3, which featured her in four scenes.[3][4] These included an interracial with Jack Napier, an orgy scene, a creampie, and an extended blowbang with 18 guys. She reportedly swallowed all of the ejaculate produced during the blowbang, and all four scenes were filmed in a single day.[5]

    She truly is an amazing cumdumpster

  6. fucker says:

    good job leaving their names in the image source. you guys are fucking geniuses

  7. Ding Master Dong says:

    #6 Ain’t Amy! Nailin Palin had another Actress :D

  8. Mr Obvious says:

    damn. I need to watch more porn. The only one I recognize was Sasha Grey.

  9. Camel Tao says:

    Fuck, I don’t know any of them. And I watch a lot of porn. I guess I never bothered to learn their names, you bunch of stalker freaks.

  10. deathsmk says:

    first girl is Allyssa Hall :)

  11. asdasdasd says:




  12. justin says:
    It’s not random. She’s also in porn.
  13. Captain Obvious says:

    Note to Holy Taco: If you want people to guess, don’t leave the girls’ names in the filename. i could cheat and get them, but i’m gonna go whack it.

  14. Sahasrahla says:

    Jeez, you couldn’t get a less freaky-looking redhead than Faye Reagan?

    Do yourself a favor and look up Stephanie Renee (also goes by Sedora). Great rack, terrific figure and squeals like it’s so good it almost hurts.

  15. Rampage Jackson says:

    damn i only knew 6, i need to go do some homework now, brb in 5 minutes

  16. the last boy scout says:

    The #6 is Sandra Romain

  17. Trying To Make You Face Pregnant says:

    bridget the midget dumbass

  18. Lt. Dan says:

    Hey jackass I wasn’t saying Bree Olsen was #2. I was just saying she was 1 out of 2 girls I knew on here! Thanks for killing me on here.

  19. Enhor says:

    I recognize :
    - Tia Tanaka
    - Charmane Star
    - Sasha Grey
    - Bree Olsen
    - Jenna Haze
    - Teagan Presley
    - Sativa Rose
    - Bridget the Midget

    Meh, that’s only 8, I’m kind of disapointed at myself…

  20. daym says:

    I fapped to all of them in order.

  21. BooberKing says:

    1.allyssa hall
    2.lexi belle
    3.faye reagan
    4.allyssa hall (again)
    5.amia moretti
    6.amy reid
    8.bree olsen
    9.brianna frost
    10.charmane star
    11.cody lane
    12.courtney simpson
    13.faye runaway
    14.jackie daniels
    15.Jenna Haze
    16.rita lovely
    17.madison scott
    18.Marie McCray
    19.Naomi Russel
    20.nika noire
    21.sasha grey
    22.sativa rose
    23.tanner mayes
    24.teagan presley
    25.tia tanaka
    26.Bridget “the Midget”

  22. Andy says:

    congrats on posting it at the wrong place. send it by email, now everyone knows the answers dipshit

  23. jimbo says:


  24. You've got to be sh*ting me... says:

    Dude epic fail hahaha I hope HT has an assload of T-shirts to hand out!

  25. yiddish 11. says:

    yeah, plus way to fail at life

  26. Anonymous says:

    Yeah…except its only for the first person to name them all…and its a fucking t shirt. You people act like its a good prize.

  27. nice says:

    the redheads=wank material.
    midget too.

  28. Dude says:

    That’s Teagan Presley? Sure doesn’t look like her.

  29. Joey G says:

    Um… if you click info on all of the jpegs you can see the names in the filenames…

  30. pick24 says:

    sorry, holytaco but you failed this one. right click and save image reveals all the names… Whoops I just posted this!

  31. samm says:

    i have no idea who any of these girls are…

  32. Harry Clark says:

    God Dammit!! just give me a t-shirt!!

  33. Hoof says:

    Awww, I would have totally won that shirt if I saw this sooner.

  34. Rich Long says:

    Nice try BooberKing, but I can say you’re wrong and ain’t gonna with jack sh!7 with those guesses…LOL

  35. Bubba says:

    The last one is Bridget the midget. I got all her porn movies, dam she let her self go. hook a brotha up wif a shirt

  36. Jonathan says:

    Yeah thats Faye Reagen shes one of my faves since she looks like a girl i grew up with that I always had a crush on.

  37. Steve says:

    It’s easier just to say, a few slutty ones, more than enough homely ones, plenty of crack whores, and one red head with lots of dots on her face. At least she’s got big boobs, I don’t have to look at the freak.

  38. dan says:

    homely and/or unkempt

  39. joe schmo says:

    damn i know the names of like hald of those. i got a problem. wait no i dont.

  40. obama says:

    right click the pics and go to properties. all the names but 2 girls were there… then dumbass Boomerking posted them. good job dick face now probably no one’s getting a shirt.

  41. Mudbutt says:


    Seriously — if a Holy Taco t-shirt brings that much meaning to your life — KILL YOURSELF.

  42. Locee says:

    My past, current & future baby mammas….except the last one!!

  43. Pr0n_lover says:

    Aaah well Holy’TaCo you’re damn right !!

    I see them whore (exept that crasy midgetcocksucka) more often than any of my familly member…but still don’t know all the names, god damn yeah I don’t write their name down when I’m on duty.

  44. Fringe says:

    I was expecting a list.

  45. justin says:
    Nope, That takes the fun out of the game.
  46. Joe The Asshole says:

    At least give the name of the first one just to download porn from her… fuck she’s hot

  47. perv griffin says:

    Might be Paulina James

  48. ron lam says:

    You may want to change the image names next time. : )

  49. Andy says:

    It’s Alyssa Hall from cluballyssahall.com

  50. ETompk says:

    girls in order: 1. ex girlfriend 2. ex girlfriend 3. V 4. ex girlfriend 5. ex girlfriend 6. ex girlfriend 7. ex girlfriend 8. ex girlfriend 9. ex girlfriend 10. ex girlfriend 11. ex girlfriend 12. ex girlfriend 13. ex girlfriend 15. ex girlfriend 16. ex girlfriend 17. ex girlfriend 18. ex girlfriend 19. ex girlfriend 20. ex girlfriend 21. ex girlfriend 22. ex girlfriend 23. ex girlfriend 24 ex girlfriend 25. ex girlfriend 26. WIFE!!!

  51. Oh NO!!! says:

    fail ctrl+v

  52. dangitbobby says:

    yes, this is horrible, what you just said

  53. Guess Who says:

    First one is Ashley Tisdale, how anyone can say 1 and 4 are the same is beyond me. Yes it is sad that I know this.

  54. sinislaw says:

    they’re all pornstars.

  55. s3xt0y says:

    And thats not a sign of an avid porn watcher.

  56. xil3 says:

    yea thanks a lot jackass. we know that.
    I thought I could name a lot more. Turns out I only had 3-4

  57. WHATTTTTT says:

    who is numba 5

  58. Andy says:

    Amia Moretti being featured in fucked18hard

  59. Mr Businessman says:

    I actually know one of these girls; Madison Scott is in my Business class, but not by that name. I guess she is using her real name and colored her hair. She’s really smart, and is as funny as she is in her picture here. Wow!

  60. Amy says:

    geez louis…can we get some “real” girls on here…no more porn stars ( Sasha Grey..Jenna Haze..) Let’s be original now

  61. Lt. Dan says:

    The only 2 I know is Bree Olsen and the last chick is the girl I’m banging.

  62. hey jackass says:

    number 2 is lexi belle jackass

  63. Word says:

    What are the names of numbers, 7, 9, and 24?

  64. D'oh says:

    If you had actually though, you couldve just looked at the properties of the pictures and it said the names in there. And only ones I know were Faye valentine(or Reagan :P )

  65. Buttered Fudge says:

    Damn it, the only one I immediately recognize is Lexi Belle. I need to devote more time to porn.

  66. The man says:

    THe last girl is my wife!

  67. Lance says:

    I like the first redhead. I’d like to stick my wiener in her hooha and let her suck her juices off.