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25 Godawful Fathers

Happy Father’s Day – now go tell your dad you’re glad he wasn’t any of these sorry sons-of-bitches.


32 Responses to "25 Godawful Fathers"

  1. Lark says:

    To NogStomper: You wish someone’s kids develop cancer? I hope you develop cancer in your dick and it falls off. What an asshole.

  2. thats me says:

    you are all a bunch of idiots. one word. photoshop.

  3. Anonymous 2446 says:

    sure hope that guy in #20 made it and didnt land on those babies

  4. The Cunt says:

    Some of those assholes need castrating, and some need knighting.

    Makes you realise what a set of cunts we have living under our noses.

    Great work, keep it up.

  5. Emilly from Ohio. says:

    The last one rockedd my socks. :P

  6. Tool says:

    Haha that Tool shirt pic is classic!

  7. debi says:

    we have the best dad ever norm!!

  8. HORSEDICK.M-PEG says:


  9. Super Dave says:

    Lol at the last one.

  10. Erlkonig says:

    Dear angry mom… guns don’t kill, elves do.

  11. Stick says:

    Teaching children how to properly handle firearms is a good thing. It helps prevent accidental deaths.

  12. Roosteyr says:

    totally true. while in the gun one when the adults were drinking was kind of irresponsibly there was nothing wrong with the other one. i don’t understand why guns have become something that people think of as bad voodoo.

  13. hiphopAnonymous says:

    people kill people
    Oh man, Lets ban people. Oh wait we have laws for that which aren’t enforced and countries suing us over laws for that…

  14. Föarst says:

    well maybe… because there are over 10000 casualties caused by civil guns each year in the US alone…

    But on the other hand… regarding the number of civil guns in the US, it’s still pretty safe…

    I just saw the statistics for south africa… over 13000 casualties each year, and they only have about 4.5 million civil guns in South africa…

    when you look at the up to 280 million civil guns in the US, america still has a good guns/kill ratio….

    Perhaps this IS an argument for allready teaching kids how to handle guns safley?
    Who knwos….

    Still… safest way would be to simply not have any civil guns…

  15. angry mom says:

    maybe if he waited until the kid was 1. out of the freaking carriage…and 2…old enough to hold the darn thing correctly on his/her own. I am not a prude, and if someone wants to own a weapon, as long as it is safely stored, etc…by all means…go for it…but let’s be responsible people….GUNS KILL!!! and as for the statistics….ONE child killed by a gun is too many!

  16. NogStomper says:

    Shut the fuck up pussy. Whats wrong with picture #10. God forbid people drink beer while kids shoot guns.. Kids get kill themselves on their bicycles as well, we should ban those. once child killed is too many!.. Shut your fucking mouth faggot. I hope your children develop cancer.

  17. 00kla the M0k says:

    I have no problem with guns at all. Teach kids gun safety, yes. What makes those particular dads bad is that part of gun safety (especially at that tender age) is ear protection. That toddler took some ear damage there.

    Still to this day people blaming the tools of murder for the murders and deaths. Cars kill, drugs kill, rope kills, whatever. The premise is so weak that there is no real point arguing.

  18. hunter says:

    Guns kill bullshit!!!! guns cant load them selves or pull the trigger!!!!! People load guns and pull the trigger so people kill using guns and other weapons like knives, screw drivers, cars etc.. guns are not dangerous people are dangerous!!!!!

  19. Lolifice Jerx says:

    Guns may not kill on their own, but it makes stupid and angry people a fucking hell of a lot more dangerous.

  20. nerd says:

    Firearms also help prevent accidental children.

    Thank you, Jesus

  21. Football Crazy says:

    So im guessing in the last one the boy is inside his robes. Either way, still hilarious.

  22. opium: the classic of drugs says:


  23. Bored@Work says:

    rofl at 18

  24. pratik says:

    Second one actually made my girlfriend pretty angry. Which means bonus points for you, HT.

  25. Timm says:

    Why? It is an old band shirt for the band, Tool. He probably wasn’t even thinking about it when he put his daughter on his shoulders.

    Your GF = vagina. Mine Laughed

  26. sweeeet says:

    she could have been molested when she was younger. that might account for her anger over having a younger girl portrayed in that situation, especially in public

  27. The Truth says:

    Don’t laugh too hard. Your girlfriend sucks. You’ll end up either getting a new one, or wish you had.

  28. jhawkhater says:

    I wonder if the chick posing in #7 is the little girl’s mom.

  29. WTF says:

    LOL nice one holytaco hahaha i laughed a lot

  30. Jenny Craig says:

    My dad used to push me to the ground to score in flag football also and I ended up alright.

  31. OMGHAX says: