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25 Google Street View Prostitutes

Thanks to the guys over at deaddog.com for finding most of these. They always seem to know where the hookers are.


50 Responses to "25 Google Street View Prostitutes"

  1. Jacob says:

    This is a good site for finding prostitutes, strip clubs and massage parlors in your area. Also has reviews on what they do and don’t do. http://www.naughtyreviews.com/

  2. Roc says:

    Hey guys, I just discovered a pretty awesome site that tells where to find hookers in just about most metro American cities. It’s called localtricks.com and it’s a free site!!!

  3. realtruth says:

    How does saying that you’ve been in a fight prove that you’re not a pussy? You’re saying this over the internet. Here’s a piece of knowledge, America had to build a wall too keep cocky illiterate beaners like you out of our country because us whites actually want to work hard (and actually work for that matter) to improve our quality of life. Another nice little fact, you dirty spicks are always bitching that you don’t get enough government money to pay bills. FYI it helps if you have a job (as in not running drug farm). Also the US has a strong military and frequently kicks some major ass. So who’s the pussy here, mang? Why don’t you stop collecting the welfare checks that uswhite people pay for, or just go back to jerking to that fat and disgusting “chica” who wears the big hoop earrings (ie all of them) from the trailer park across the way, ok esse.

  4. Jewish guy says:

    lol, i had so many great experiences with prostitutes

    I was in thailand once(i volunteer for chabad work sometimes, it takes me to a lot of places)where i met a young thai teen

    She offered me sex in exchange for 10 dollars so i said ok

    we went to our hotel room and had great sex, when she asked for the money i punched her on the face, it knocked her out but it didnt kill her(i just wanted to put her down for a few hours, i am not a monster or a killer)

    after taking a few pics with my brand new cam i stuck her in the bathroom and fled

    Best thai hooker experience ever

    You havnt lived until you beat up a thai hooker

    Adios amigos

    • Big Dick says:

      Uh, nope. Hookers don’t screw you then ask for the money. It’s cash, then gash everywhere in the world. Not in Thailand, not anywhere. You’ve never been with a hooker obviously, probably not a woman either. Go listen to your Justin Beiber song and leave this to adults.

  5. HB says:

    And moving right along……………..

  6. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Why am I not surprised that this D-Bag is a child molesting abusive thief?!?!?

  7. DaveLovesBacon says:

    W0w….Where are there hookers with beach chairs and umbrellas along the sides of highways?!?!? Hopefully they are not near cliffs..

    Driving along…OH MAN!! fap..fap…fap….SCREEECHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. Q007 says:

    No pictures from the red light district in Amsterdam…?


  9. sirmarjalot says:

    Great set of pics, would not mind knowing where a few of those places are and hiring a car for the day

  10. benjamin says:

    try http://www.trizzys.com lots of girls that would come right to you

  11. redwhitenblue says:


    I take off my hat to you. Well said my friend.

  12. spanker says:

    They are in my book. There was this time one of them was dressed like a nun. Man, she put up a fight, but considering how many coins she had in that can marked “donations”, she must have had a lot of business.

  13. wallyguitar666 says:

    I love you.

  14. douche bag jew says:

    where are these girls? nothing anywhere near as good looking here. if there were i might pay for it.. lol

  15. Pedophile Beater says:

    Jewish guy,

    What goes around comes around buddy….and I hope you get the shit kicked out of you by some hooker/pimp/thai or whatever, but not to kill you , we’re not monsters or killers you know.

  16. Pedophile Beater says:

    Hey Jew guy

    You’re a disgrace to jews everywhere , stop hiding behind the veil of anti-semitism. Actually you’re a disgrace to people in general.

    You’re a fucking pedo !! Face the facts you stupid fuck !!!

  17. jam rag says:

    jewish guy ain’t a jewish guy, he’s just tryin to get everyone to say shitty stuff about jewish people, not that i care, just pointing it out

  18. fadi says:


  19. Jewish guy says:

    you jew hating mother fucker

    so what i cheated a thai hooker, its my choice, you christians act so holy

    fuck you hypocritical anti semitic basterds

  20. Finnegan says:

    U know… Jews don’t lie…

    Oh wait that were Vulcans… sorry for mixing them up.

  21. gnarbuckets says:

    you missed.

  22. monkey says:

    So any woman standing by a road is automatically a hooker? lame.

  23. Jessica says:

    Omg Thats me in the third picture!! :0 That Is So Cool WOW !!!

  24. truth says:

    i’d love to run in to you! run over you. tough to spew shit with a wired jaw. go back to your trailer and beat off to your charles manson portfolio

  25. mxcn says:

    It’s segundo not “secundo” you ass!
    BTW, your president is looking for a few retards to kill iraqis.

  26. Anonymous666 says:

    OK, there are many silly troll comments here, but that is just over the top. Why is doing that so fun for you?

  27. nerd says:

    Good point. Obama should swing by home depot too…

  28. Anonymous1 says:

    I don’t know because when it comes to white retards, USA IS NUMBER ONE, NUMBER 1, NUMBER 1ONE111!!!!! WOOOO!!!! 9/11

  29. whiteprideworldwide says:

    The funny thing is that white retards are still smarter and more attractive than any mud race retard…so continue to hate on whites (like all the mud races do). We don’t care because we know you are just jealous. So enjoy, your vitriol won’t make you white…too bad for you.

  30. MavRick says:

    silly chicano, you only say that when you’re first to post, nada secundo, lol

    now get back to home depot, rob schneider is looking for a few good illegals to take home and choke him in the shower.

  31. mcc says:

    that is too funny

  32. truth says:

    white power equals ignorance………..you ever actually been in a fight? with knuckles…not posting shit like a pussy?

  33. rhode says:

    im actually from rhode island haha, and it was legal only indoors. but they recently shut that shit down.

  34. The Lord BAULBUS says:


    prostitution is legal in rhode island you know…

  35. boop de doop says:

    Why do you think there are so many “gentleman’s clubs” up there?

  36. rhode says:

    hey there… this shithole state is pretty shitty indeed. i live here and take no offense. faggot.

  37. John Mastodon says:

    All that aside, Rhode Island has good surf when a South East swell hits those rock reefs. Beats any East Coast beach break by a mile.

  38. meatwad says:

    Hey mko, actually it WAS legal in choad island, up until last month when it got put on the books as a crime, and the bill cant be fully enforced until something like 2 months from now (you dont actually live in that shithole state do you?!?!)

    ha ha rob schneider, classic

  39. GOINGSTRONG says:

    haha.. half of them are from Madrid and Spain

  40. The Lord BAULBUS says:

    What I meant to say was that prostituting ones self is legal in Rhode Island, however having a drunken argument and calling it a stupid argument is not legal. It should always be called a drunken argument, unless one is prostituting ones self at that time, in which case ones self is a whore. fap.

  41. mko says:

    Hey Lord Dumbass, no, prostitution is not legal in Rhode Island.

  42. ThePartyBarn says:

    Numbero Uno!

  43. e says:

    no u aint.

  44. Whore Monger says:

    Any chance of getting some latitudes and longitudes?

  45. Diet Cleanse says:

    He knew the high way was a good place to pick up woman in their underwear. I’m driving slower next time.