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25 Hardcore Chicks

 In honor of Friday the 13th, we bring you 25 hardcore succubi. 


41 Responses to "25 Hardcore Chicks"

  1. ABC says:

    i must know who #10 and 11 is

  2. Bluefoot says:

    Is that Sasha Grey in #7??

    If so, what is it from?

  3. BALLingham says:

    man thes chicks are so hot espesially number 13 (the blue haired girl)

  4. Acai Burn says:

    A little scary. I would be scared if I ran into some of these women in a dark alley.

  5. John says:

    Excuse me #7 but your genital STD is showing.

  6. Mark says:

    anyone else notice the red stain on the inside of sasha’s thigh?? (misfits girl for all you non porn watchers haha) Ill beat off to her and everything but shes griiiiimy sometimes maaaan

  7. emerson biguns says:

    very nice

  8. Ferst! says:

    Ill take #7 thank you. :)

  9. Da Dude Mon says:

    What can I say…..HOLLY TACO……nice collection dudes…..except the last dude/chick……dunno what tht last thin is……O_o

  10. That Guy says:

    Who is the girl in pic #2?

  11. Junk Puncher says:

    The girl in pic #2 is Asia Argento.

  12. Fuh Ksaiks says:

    The last one……its meatloaf back-in-the-day. LOL

  13. abc says:

    I <3 Sasha Grey

  14. BlackZepellin says:

    Sasha Grey was repeated but shes so hot it doesnt matter

  15. Gary says:

    Sweet jesus no……that can’t be a woman!!!

  16. Claynoidial says:

    wow look at those guys fingers. like fuckin sausages

  17. Al says:

    It’s not a he; it’s a she.
    C’mon, look at its mouth. Guys don’t wear lipstick Do they?

  18. godhead says:

    Shhhhhh don’t let him know he’ll eat them… and from the looks of it that poor fuck has enough fucking problems.

  19. fingfangfoom says:

    fingfangfoom salutes Holy Taco for the immense determination theyve once again shown here. remember, if the hard core pics are not posted, the terrorists win. god bless us all.

  20. Winged Reaper says:

    The Knights Templar were slaughtered on this day so that we could have this Friday the 13th gallery… we’ll never forget their sacrifice.

  21. pratik says:

    That last one might be a guy… or could be a girl?

  22. MOWREZ says:

    Thats the hottest picture of Emma Watson ive ever seen

  23. Chicoson says:

    Agreed. I am going to watch all the Harry Potter movies now. And apply to Harvard….or is it Brown?

  24. six-pack of kegs says:

    I was wondering if that was her. Damn she’s hot.

  25. lemieux-66 says:

    Totally agree with you. Ive never thought she is THAT hot…

  26. FU says:

    If only it wasn’t so very, very obviously fake

  27. Sid says:

    The Emma pic is totally shopped.

  28. TheInfragableKrunk says:

    Obviously Shopped…

  29. your mom's mom says:

    Jail bait still?

  30. B says:

    I’ve never actually seen Emma’s boobs touching each other on their own in any of the picture I’ve seen of her…

  31. Told ya so says:

    Emma Watson’s tits are nonexistent, but the ones in that photo are nice and big. It’s only her face.

  32. Thallia says:

    Look at the size of the head in comparison to the body. Definitely shopped.

  33. thelurker says:

    yes it IS shopped I’ve seen the original, it’s some femdom chic, huge website can’t remember the name. Gauranteed fake, especially since the face that is shopped is like 15 or something when it was made a while ago. If it were real it would rival the miley vanity fair nonesense

  34. asdasdasd says:


  35. s3xt0y says:

    Watson is attending Harvard.

    Should have added some suicide girls, there hot.

  36. Darryl says:

    Watson is attending Brown, not Harvard, get it straight

  37. Captain Moustache says:

    If that last one’s a lesbian, she’s well-hung… (fat fingers)

  38. Honey says:

    thats definitely a fake pic of emma watson

  39. Barn Door says:

    What clued you in? The huge fucking out of place head, or the nasty fucking 35 year old hands?

  40. George T says:

    35 is nasty? Do you even have pubes yet? (Sorry. Stupid question.)

  41. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Masumi Max has 4 nipples. Her extra nipples are near her arm pits. She’s the chick with the red dragon tattoo.