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25 Hardcore Pets

A collection of hardcore pets who were probably willing participants in the modification of their bodies.


43 Responses to "25 Hardcore Pets"

  1. Jimmy Christ says:

    I haven’t read all of this. In fact, I haven’t read any of this. Because I, nor anyone else, could give two shits what this long-winded, psychotic asshole has to say.

    Please, go swallow a knife.

  2. sheiba90 says:

    I got to be honest, animal cruelty in some cases like the piercings on some of the animals, but the one thing they tell you is don’t do something to your pet you wouldn’t do to yourself. I don’t necessarily see some of the tats as cruelty, but the piercings were more than a bit much…though that too could be argued for all the people who get there pets’s ear’s cropped and tails cut and the dewclaws removed

  3. Signe says:

    Well, some of these are obviously photoshopped or marked for practical reasons… But what about the rest? Are some of these actually real? ‘Cause that’s pretty horrible.

  4. Animal Lover says:

    Great pics I just fapped like 7 times. Got any pics of a dog humping a pig while being poked with a branding iron? Ok I gotta fap it again Animals rule.

  5. Fuck Monster says:

    Your retarded… why are people that get ink losers? I have multiple tattoos and I’m the IT director for a hospital… but according to you I’m a loser. Grow the fuck up… it’s an expression of art. I guess it’s ok for us to say that people who drink star bucks are losers (95% of world population). However subjecting animals to it is nonsense.

  6. LoliLightning says:

    Pffft a pet really woulden’t care? Have ya ever thought of that? I’m pretty sure they just want to eat sleep breed, xD I mean my old cat had i hole in his ear which he obtained during a fight with another cat xD I think it’s not too bad to pierce an animal since parents get their babies ears pierced And are the infants aware of this? no. They didn’t care, they were a baaaabbbbyyy. Yeahh tattoos arn’t supposed to hurt much really It’s worse to see pigens walking around london with gammy feet. Nobody looks after them or cares about them.
    Loli ;D

  7. Jackielyn says:

    People who get their animals tattooed and pierced are almost bigger douchebags then fist-pumping guidos who look like oompa loompas decked out in ed hardy.
    those guys have probably done this to their animals.
    And its pretty fucked up thing to do.
    I’m not so sure an animal likes having a needle shoved into their skin, sadistic fucks.

  8. someone007 says:

    I don’t want to sound like a PETA nut or anything, because I’m really not, but, other than what I think of as the old fashioned cowboy branding, which was done for a reason, as well as the oxen with nose rings (hey, you already castrated the bull, go ahead and mutilate him more, it won’t hurt as bad after that. Ask any human male!) which just seems kinda right, dunno why…at any rate, if it’s a pet, like a cat or dog, or all those pigs with tattoos…they don’t exactly have a choice in the matter. I mean, if they did, I’d be all cool with it. I’m not sure if they knock them out(with anesthesia) so they aren’t awake for the piercings or tattoos…I’d be okay with it I guess if that were the case…but if they are awake, I personally think that borders on animal cruelty. Like that Sphinx cat with the swirly tattoo on his side, I think looks nice, that breed is fairly bland looking without fur. But I wouldn’t want to think about the poor kitty going through that awake.

    And just so you know, I think people can do whatever they want with there bodies. I personally will never get anything pierced, I don’t see the point of putting extra holes in my body, but it is the persons choice. Tattoos, if they are artfully done, I find quite fascinating. I haven’t gotten one myself, only cause I don’t have a high pain tolerance.

    But when it comes to pets, I do think this borders on cruelty.

    Off my soapbox now. (TOO LATE! GTFO!) *bows out gracefully*

  9. Josey says:

    This IS animal cruelty. Pets cannot consent to something like a piercing or tattoo. I’m willing to bet that almost every one of these animals let out howls of pain when the needle touched their body. These are gross displays of human vanity. What use are body mods to animals? The owners need to be turned in for their crimes.

  10. your daddy says:

    you are probably one of the stupid fucks that got an I LOVE YOU MOM tattoo and got made fun of really bad for it so now you dont like tattoos grow the fuck up.

  11. Raab says:

    Humans are like, actual sentient beings that can do whatever they want with themselves whether or not someone else thinks it’s stupid.

    People forcing their pets to get tattooed and pierced? To feel pain, even for a little bit, and feel constantly annoyed by shit in their ears and faces because their dickhead owner wants something that looks COOL and RADICAL is a fuckin joke.

  12. Skimer says:

    This is disgusting. Pets don’t have the need to feel cool by getting inked. People that get tats are nothing but fucking losers.

  13. S**T Does HAPPEN says:

    nuthin say BAD ASS like a chihuahua with full sleeves.

  14. Ambassador Boogah says:

    Last pic is Catman. He lived nearby (Whidbey Island) for a while. Don’t think he felt particularly welcome. http://stalkingcat.net/ (looks like it hasn’t been updated in years)

  15. Njoo says:

    Animals getting Tats and Ink?
    Man up you pussies!
    If they can get them you can! :P

  16. You're White Trash says:

    Being the IT Director for anything is a fucking loser gig. Go pound some Pabst and fix my fucking router while I wipe my ass with your AA degree and express myself all over your mother’s face (once she pulls the Parliament out of it).

    Tattoos = Parents who didn’t pay attention/dead/abusive and losers in desperate need of attention.

  17. Raab says:

    This shit is harsh. I would never do that to any of my pets man, I actually like them and they aren’t just customizable objects to me. These people are vain jackasses.

  18. Always Golden says:

    Hey, Jimmy, how’s this for you:

    This is nothing short of cruelty. These pet owners should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. Somebody says:

    Wow most of those look stupid (except for the pedigree or ownership ones. Notice they are nmostly little fruitcake animals (like their ownwers, probably), not real Dogs and cats.. God, some people need to get a life.

  20. pratik says:

    FUCK that last picture will give me nightmares for at least two weeks. It’s like one of those Avatar people that started doing cocaine and ether.

  21. xamboozi says:

    This looks shopped.

    I can tell because of some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  22. Yuuyu says:

    Pic 3, fail Photoshop is fail.
    … actually… looks more like Paint.

  23. get a life says:

    whats funny about animal cruelty? you fucking twat

  24. Zig Zag says:

    No, you’re a fag you corned beef cunt flap. Shut the fuck up and roll yourself down a hill in a barrel packed with gay midgets, you fuck faced fuck.

  25. Torch says:

    So these are cool…but it looks like some of them are for pedigree marking reasons, not pet mod…

  26. No Shit, Sherlock says:

    Everything! Especially when they test perfume in their eyeballs! Go hug a tree you cock-faced ass mango and let me get back to my experiment: Trying to determine what 50 kittens in a barrel sounds like rolling down a hill. Fag.

  27. No Shit, Sherlock says:

    Wow, you’re sharp. Don’t waste your superior observational skills at HolyTaco when you could be using it for the good of mankind, or to get a goddamn sense of humor.

  28. Second says:


  29. Anonymouss says:


  30. Mickey Mouse says:

    Just plain wrong! But funny! First!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymouss says:

    Actually SECOND, so you failed !

  32. LuvAnimals says:

    you suck idiots!!!! who did the tattoos and piercings and who laughs and agrees with this havoc…. you are insane in the brain!!

  33. WTF says:

    It official, America has too many assholes.

  34. Uncle Sam says:

    Your just mad because I stuck it in your ass last night while you went down on your sister. It’s all on video…

  35. America says:

    Yeah , I have four assholes . HOW THE FUCK DID YOU FIND OUT???

  36. smartasswhiteboy says:

    just saw it on youtube…he didnt look mad at all…especially when his dad came in and slurped out the creamy hole you left behind.

  37. Uncle Sam says:

    Yeah, and you’re one of them!

  38. Mother Liberty says:

    Your the one to talk!

  39. Dennis Abner says:

    Wow that dude on the end is pretty hard core for sure. Wow.


  40. My Ballz b oraange! says:

    This is cool.
    Regular pets were getting so fuckin’ boring.

    One time I let a pig lick oatmeal from my anuz

  41. Pig says:

    I’m back for more bitch!

  42. Hell says:

    These fucktards need to be put to sleep..at least the ones that were real, the fakes should just live in fail.