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25 Hilarious Cakes

Everyone likes cake, but not all cakes are funny. These cakes are funny.  Check out more sweet cakes at Cakewrecks.


35 Responses to "25 Hilarious Cakes"

  1. ZMoney says:


  2. Shane says:

    OMFG are you that anal that you must confirm the number of photos???

  3. fartsounds says:

    i faped to that last one
    then i pooped in the shower

  4. iFuckdMrAntisMum says:

    hahah the fat moll is the mother of ‘mrantifarleft’ .. i racist cunthook on youtube

    i get paid to fuck her.

    the cake made of shit that i bought her is what she’s eating.

    love and kisses

    anonymous hahaha (don’t worry, it won’t take you long to figure out who i am *snort*)

  5. iFuckdMrAntisMum says:

    i meant ‘A racist cunthook’ not ‘i racist cunthook’

    please don’t pick on me .. i’m sensitive (read THICK)

    love and rim jobs


  6. MathMan says:

    24 photos is the new 25

  7. jewish guy says:

    lol, 9/11 cake

    you shitbags better get rid of obama and the damn mooslims unless you want other 9/11 cakes

    american idiots

  8. jewish guy says:

    look at the fat piece of shit on the last picture,

    lol typical american

    israel has better looking women

    american jews should emigrate to israel

  9. office jerk says:

    way to drum up support, jewish guy.

  10. SmarterThenYou says:

    Looking in the mirror again? Bush was responsible for 9/11. Idiot.

  11. smart american... says:

    jewish guy ur dumb that is not a typical american. thats about 6 or 7 typical americans, they just had a good idea to make a car look like a female eating cake.

    and israel isnt that fun, and chicks arent that great. sorry but i prefer me some catholic school girls…and im an atheist!

  12. StoopidStoner says:

    there’s a whole lotta fail on this page including the comments.

  13. The says:

    Well, the one thing that I can say to this type of thing is that Obama will fail.

  14. insideofyou says:


    we have cakes to discuss, who will frost the conversation?
    marzipan is my type of humor, who is yours?
    moisture is important SOOOO IMPORTANT<>defile<>
    a dry cake is the dessert of desert, how do? how do?
    tyme to cash in for favors of the bakery. will you Help!?
    lEt me KNOw!!!!!! desperation is desire in a sinking ship.
    g00d four now,

  15. John Woods says:

    ROTFL, dude that chick at the end is priceless!


  16. nerd says:

    Well, actually it was a group of Saudi and Yemeni terrorists. And if we weren’t giving so much blind support to Israel whenever they bomb the shit out of their Arab neighbors, those radicals could have focused their efforts in Israel where they belong, hopefully killing Jewish guy in the process.
    Cakefarts is awesome.

  17. somesurfer says:

    And you shouldn’t by any chance be a Palestinian who thinks that your fake bad publicity for Israel will help your team win “the game”?

  18. mothra says:

    I really hope you do this for every article you read.

    (Reading: 25 funny cake photos….)

    “Oh 25 huh?! we’ll just SEE about THAT! No incorrectly numbered lists get passed ME! I watch Letterman every night just to make sure his “Top 10 Lists” contain EXACTLY 10 items!”

  19. The Mediator says:

    See, this is the reason we have wars. Because “nerd” and “jewish guy” start fighting about something completely stupid that escalates into some dumb war. Every war can be solved peacefully; people just don’t want to do it. Why compromise when you can have things your way? All I have to say is why can’t we all just get along!? (Funny cakes by the way)

  20. Thunderscrotum says:

    A better last pic would have been one of the chicks from cakefarts.com.

  21. Guy Who Calls Everybody "Fucktard" says:

    Stifler?!? That’s the guy from Lost. Fucktard.

  22. That guy with the cake boner says:

    Cakes give me a hard-on, especially when they’re hilariously misspelled. But, as I sit here with a limp noodle in my hand, I’m having a hard time deciding which of those last 3 pictures killed my boner the fastest:

    1) The half-naked photoshop job on Stiffler…
    2) The hundred-year old, chain-smoking lady, or…
    3) The woman who is so obese that every fold on her body could pass for an elbow.

  23. Frig McCrevasse says:

    That entire blog is freaking boring.

  24. Kenward says:

    That was boring…

  25. Anonuuu says:


  26. new series tomorrow 10:30 says:

    Riiiiiiiight. Google image searches.

  27. packages riage says:

    lol @ Justin – nice cover, ya theivin bastard

  28. Dnm says:

    Shame on Holy Taco for not giving props to CakeWrecks.

  29. justin says:
    Actually, most of these came from google image searches.  CakeWrecks looks like a sweet site though, and you should all check it out! http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/
  30. Hurricane Ditka says:

    Congratulation Jism!

  31. Not Jesus says:

    I like the last picture the best! I think I’ll start touching myself right…NOW

  32. Broseidon, Lord of the Brocean says:

    this was not very funny, gonna be honest

    i did not lol. the lolz machine was not working. one could say i did not rofl

  33. Frank Grimes says:

    Most of them came from here: