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25 Hilarious Roller Coaster Photos

The cameras placed on roller coasters capture some of the most perfect and precious moments in life, these are just a few hilarious ones.


66 Responses to "25 Hilarious Roller Coaster Photos"

  1. Julie says:

    i thought some of them were cute, but i dont understand why “playing” chess and checkers on a rollercoaster ride would be so much fun…stupid comes to mind. the funniest part of the pictures were the cussing fits everyone threw with their comments. that cracked a smile.

    sorry i don’t find the same hilariousness as apparently over half of you did.

  2. we all give a shit believe me says:

    cool story, bro

  3. buckaduckpryor says:

    whao how. crazypics/ chess all day. rook to L6

  4. Ethan says:

    thats awesome, i have actually rode over half of those rides, most are from Cedar Point

  5. White Man Fight Back says:

    I built the Pirtate ship and a few other things at Cedar Point.

    Funny as hell

  6. kl says:

    to send

  7. Dorney Park Gal :) says:

    This pictures are insanely funny (: but I agree with a lot of you and I also have a new comment… These looked edited or something. I mean if you are really that stupid that you would believe people are actually playing checkers on a ride than wow… I’m not saying all of them look edited I’m just saying a lot of them look edited. They are funny and a lot of them made me lol but seriously grow up.

  8. Roastbeefcurtains says:

    #1 Definitley shopped, I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time. #8 most definitley real, though…chupacabra’s are as real as the law of gravity.

  9. Bleeper says:

    The last one made me laugh. I had a friend that actually broke into a toboggan run one summer and rode his bike own the starting ramp. He actually made it and was as white as a ghost afterwards.

    He swore he’d never do that again.

  10. Anonymous says:

    take a pop top can of soup with you the next time you ride a ride. Make sure you are in the front and do it when no one is looking (or you will get kicked out of the park)… it will seem like puke… and it is REALLY FUNNY!!!

  11. Shamsizzle says:

    This was a hit and a miss article
    but It still was funny. I couldnt stop laughing

  12. Brady Burdick says:

    How about inside out?

  13. Anae says:

    Um these pictures are stupid and whoever made these pictures you need to grow the heck up and get a life. I thought none of these pictures were funny. Seriously, a girl riding a bike down a steep wooden coaster? People playng games on rides? (that isn’t even impossible because you would get caught) like seriously if all you guys think these pictures are funny well than news flash YOU NEED LIVES TOO! I think these pictures are pacthetic and a waste to look at. I know I looked at them too but I just looked at them because I thought they would be funny and a bit more mature but obviously I was wrong. These pictures of my vote as a thumbs down. Wow bitches need to grow up.

  14. Brady Burdick says:

    What the fuck is glue, why not tape?

  15. Brady Burdick says:

    F is funnier than A and B. And D has a great facial.

  16. @Color_Isah says:

    OMG!Fantastic! Very much Good!

  17. @Color_Isah says:

    Adorei essas fotos! Haha!

  18. mkl159 says:

    hollywood tower hotel paris

  19. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    and let us not forget “Flash” (Splash) Mountain.

    Thank you Disney !!!!

  20. office jerk says:

    nipples win

  21. Rob Grave says:

    Playing chess on a coaster? Why dont they do the opposite…

  22. Alex Da Girl:) says:

    Yall all need to just shut up like seriously yall don’t even know what the heck yall talkin bout:P

  23. Gabrielle says:

    Nossa muitoo bomm essas fotos cara !!!

  24. melissa_the_roller_coaster_queen :] says:

    these pictures are so freaking funny! the one that made me laugh the most would be the one were the guy was wripping his shirt off. haha and the one were a guy was touching the girls boobs going down a water ride. lmao. who cares if these pictures are immature :D we have to laugh at stupid shit sometimes. these pictures have my vote as a thumbs up!

  25. melissa_the_roller_coaster_queen :] says:

    anae shut up. if you say we all needs live from looking at these pictures than you should too. because you were looking at them too honey so back off us. once in awhile you need to laugh at dumb shit you know? you have NO sense of humor.

  26. Backwoodsredneckwomen16 says:

    these are amazing.

  27. Crusher says:

    “He swore he’d never do that again.” = He makes me do his laundry.

  28. Pecker says:

    What? Play rollercoaster on a chess board?
    Explain the physics of that one genius….

  29. Daniel says:

    Great xD

  30. Phil T. says:

    #17 is so ghetto! they should be scared of that Coney Island ride… looks like it was built using couches found in the dumpsters…

  31. Insecurefatkid says:

    It’s called glue dumbass

  32. Creek Dog says:

    Some of you guys here sound so imature man. Sticks and stones man. Heh heh. Is that all you got? Give me a freakin’ break.

    Have a nice day……….Over an Out!

  33. Vector Victor says:

    The chess photos are inspired by xkcd


  34. lolo ferrari says:

    there should be a vaccine for your mom motherfucker

  35. asdasdasd says:

    no, faggot. the chess thing was done before xkcd posted about it.

  36. redrum says:

    Is Friday your special asshole day, or do you do that everyday?

  37. WTF??? says:

    Faggot? you got that from his post?? Back at you shit head.. takes one to know one

  38. Anonymous1 says:

    You all suck dicks

  39. fuckyourass says:

    i hope you all get aids.

  40. NotAnon says:

    Don’t they have a vaccine for that now?

  41. Julie says:

    I have to agee… that first one is 100% photoshopped… look at the reactions on the other pictures… it’s clearly obvious that all faces, shapes, reactions, and strained arms can be brought on with no effort. and… the 2nd row back is people along on the “vomit gig”… they wouldn’t have any idea what was hitting them instead of preparing for it. look at the ppl in the 3rd row clearly screaming their asses off.

    Someone is good at photoshop otherwise the kid on a tri-cycle going down a rollercoaster wouldnt be on here.

  42. EGON says:

    that cant be photoshop. look at the way the guys arms are strained, the peoples reaction and the way the vomit bends. that would be some damn good photoshop. plus the peoples reaction says it all. that is a “oh shit i’m getting sprayed in the face with some dudes vomit” reaction.

  43. sirdrinks says:

    Way to go Columbo, now get the fuckin pizza pop out of your facehole and get a fuckin job, the economy needs you.

  44. WTF??? says:

    Truly being an ass is an art form for you. Your Mom would be proud, but maybe she’s the one who thought you to act that way

  45. the cynical gentleman says:

    downright hilarious

  46. ben kloosterboer says:

    first picture: “let’s play: guess what I ate yesterday”

  47. phnarr says:

    …or “guess who learnt Photoshop yesterday”

  48. photo shop says:

    you know it was photo shoped in just like that last coment

  49. Anonymous123 says:

    your mom

  50. Taggof says:

    all responses preceeding this one are FAGGOT

  51. Yea boiii says:

    what the hell is that #8!!!????

  52. lost in a vagina says:

    el chupacabra

  53. el chupacabra says:


  54. Brady Burdick says:


  55. captain awesome says:

    almost as awesome as me

  56. Teddy Picker says:

    I have never laughed so god damn hard at anything else on this site

  57. sirdrinks says:


  58. pratik says:

    This is a nice comeback from the hentai gallery.

  59. JIm Davis says:

    Wow, most impressive collection dude!


  60. boobzz says:

    Wow, why don’t you shut the fuck up dude?

  61. Lasagna says:

    leave him alone, he wrote Garfield for christ’s sake.