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25 Hilarious Storefronts

I saw the sign, it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign. Life is demanding, without understanding.


34 Responses to "25 Hilarious Storefronts"

  1. Pedo Phil says:


    you’ve been to maine


  2. Buddy the Elf says:

    I’ve stayed at HOT ASS in Chicago a couple times. Cass Hotel, downtown Chicago without the downtown price.

  3. sd;kfjhsdfkhdkf says:


  4. jagenigma says:

    There is a fruit market 3 blocks from where i live that says “we carry all kind fruits”

  5. Fruit Focker says:

    Not funny.

  6. Dukie says:

    Haha I’ve actually stayed at Hotel Cass – It’s in Chicago. Nice!

  7. zefciu says:

    “Fart” actually means “luck” in polish.

  8. shza says:

    ive been to and can confirm 3 of those places.

    dirty dicks in panama city, FLA
    fuku sushi is in the japantown mall in SF CA
    and hussys general store is in mid-coast maine.

  9. Timym Wods says:

    Wow, this is most impresssive I like it.


  10. Alan says:

    whoo juan in a million!!!!!! best breakfast tacos in austin, tx

    Hook ‘Em Horns!!!

  11. JuanInAMillion says:

    juan in a million in austin tx.. best breakfast tacos in texas

  12. whackopotomus says:

    i used to work in cum park plaza, no shit, i never thought burlington nc was gonna make it to holy taco.


  13. Claire says:

    Dirty dicks pub is in edinburgh. Drinks are way overpriced

  14. Big E says:

    No Bullshit, “Kidsexchange” is in Thousand Oaks, CA. Always made me laugh that they didnt realize what it said. Apparently, someone told them eventually (what an asshole) and they changed it.

  15. nicholas says:

    Big Dick’s Halfway Inn…that’s the best lmfao

  16. monotronic says:

    how could you forget the “dirty hoe” garden tool store

  17. sweetfly says:

    I have been to Bunghole Liquors …it is right off I-93 in Salem , Ma.

  18. Jizz Mopp says:

    Underwear Prototypes = http://bit.ly/NxPA6

  19. OnYoBlock says:


  20. Tax Act says:

    3.5 …
    Big Dicks is the best one for sure.

  21. content says:

    what a name to have! I says all! I guess you remain like that, desperate.

  22. ifuckedurwife. says:

    This is the funniest shit in the world.

  23. bonerito says:

    first Mottha Fucka

  24. douchebag police says:

    yes, youre a douche

  25. e cig says:

    LOLOL You suck.

  26. the forgotten one says:

    How could you forget this place. It is in tucson.


  27. SUCKMYCOK says:

    LOL at S.H.I.T

  28. pratik says:

    Where’s the Black Anus sign? (Black Angus with the G missing)

  29. TD says:

    Don’t know about the sign, but look in your shorts for the anus.


  30. BOB says:

    Juan in a Million…..that is a awesome place to eat. Its located in Austin, TX. If you have never been I suggest going there. UN REAL FOOD…

  31. Anonymous Q says:

    Hehe..Butt Market

  32. hotsaucemonster says:

    thats funny i live right next to dirty dicks crab house