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25 Holy Taco Girls of The Day

We take pride in hand picking some of the hottest girls on the internet to feature in our Girl of The Day section. Here are 25 of our recent favorites… Oh, and the ring was on her right hand.


There, it’s settled: The ring is on the LEFT hand.

57 Responses to "25 Holy Taco Girls of The Day"

  1. Big Bob says:

    What ring??? You clowns are more interested in arguing about a ring and a hand than enjoying her ass.
    That first girl and the girl on the beach are perfect.

  2. Mike Damage says:

    She’s wearing a ring?

    I hadn’t noticed.

    Who’s idea was it to ruin such a great page by putting el dorko in it?

  3. justin says:
    It was El Dorko’s idea.
  4. Lonewolf says:

    Coming from the guy who noticed the 2 guys in skirts BEFORE the first girl pic……lmao

  5. Mike Damage says:

    Screw you Lomo LOL

  6. office jerk says:

    but but but what if someone took a picture of her with a camera!!!!!1

  7. ThePadrino says:

    Hey the 5th one is my ex girlfriend dam nappy headed hoe


  8. s3xt0y says:


  9. Ever, Greatest. says:

    How long have you been on Holy Taco, you faggot.
    If you wanna look at naked chicks go watch porn.

  10. emerson biguns says:

    best top 25 ever!

  11. Chicoson says:

    Ever, Greatest….win.

  12. Jewish guy says:

    looks like the fags at holytaco woke up and decided to post babes

    let this be a lesson to you, always listen to a jew

  13. Token Black Guy says:

    Ya’ll still on that ring? Ya’ll funny.

  14. pgoss says:

    damn whos number 11?

  15. jethro says:

    i really really really want to see more of 14………

  16. capitan chode says:

    whats the name for the first girl

  17. The Urinal Behind Justin says:

    Just fap it in. Just fap it in. Give it a little fappy. Fap, fap, faparoo.

  18. Ass fucker says:

    On this occasion you have made a point worth listening to.

    Don’t let it go to your head.

  19. Freddie fapilator says:

    I bet most these girls have absolute douche boyfriends just to add to how unfair life is. But stared at these photo’s for the better half of an hour now

  20. Ben b From London Ont. says:

    Id leave my wife for the 1st one. The rest are typical sluts.

  21. Ben b From London Ont. says:

    And number 11. Eleven is worth a Shy locks ransom.

  22. Baaba Aboobey says:

    #7 has some cameltoe. And #22? I’d hate to sniff out the moose-knuckle on that bitch… looks like those shorts are sticking to whatever special glue she’s got a-brewin’ up in there.

  23. Anonymous456456 says:

    who gives a fuck about the ring the important question is who the fuck is number 11

  24. The other guy says:

    Bookmarks>Bookmark this page>Add. Fap.

    I love how it says “Tit” on the punching bag

  25. Baaba Aboobey says:

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m more into cocks. How about pics of the 25 hardest, throbbingest, veiniest cocks ever? C’mon, HT, what do you say? Fuck, I gotta go fap now …

  26. the original Bob FaBoobie says:

    Actually, dickhead second poster, that WOULD be a funny list and I’m sure you would be FIRST to comment, and with such great detail… how closely do you inspect those meat-rockets, anyway?

  27. OlbrieN says:

    Who cares if the ring is in her left hand, neither anyone of you would bang her.

  28. dntcareifshezmarried says:

    #20 and blonde in bondage wrist and ankle bands are 2 best.

  29. IHateHavingToPutANameInToLeaveACommentEvenIfIDontHaveTo says:

    Love the rose. :)

  30. Lt. says:

    In the words of a good friend…”I have never seen a ring plug a hole!”

  31. Jacob says:

    Left hand, its in the mirror, dumbasses.

  32. taulkin31 says:

    hilarious….. even better if he had the green dress on!!!!!

  33. Jabba says:

    EPIC FAIL… Its on her right hand..

  34. Bigdickson says:

    Whos is #1? She looks like a friend of mine b4 she had kids…she Yummy!

  35. Anonymous56 says:


  36. chet says:

    its not a fucking engagement ring or wedding ring anyway! wtf

  37. the philosopher says:

    so many memories
    so many arguments

  38. philosoraptor says:

    mellow out bitch

  39. Melon_Cat says:

    1st…. thank you for not posting the usual ending

  40. ontopoyomama says:

    So many fapping memories…I must revisit them. FapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFapFap

  41. Awesome says:

    Grrrrr *drool* :P

  42. I was going to pick one that I liked best but soo many were good I can’t pick just a couple.

  43. Grunk says:


  44. Derka Derka says:

    You have won the stupidity award of the day.
    Do not pass second grade.
    Do not collect $200 dollars.
    And my god have mercy on your soul.

  45. Idiot.^^^^ says:

    May* fixed you fag.

  46. Takilis says:

    Well it certainly ain’t MY god who’ll have mercy on you.

  47. Biggus Dicus says:

    She’s looking in the mirror. The ring is on her left hand.

  48. Captian obvious says:

    You sir, are retarded.

  49. JOJOBEANS says:

    LEFT HAND! Go put something in your left hand and stand in front of a mirror the same way she is doing and see which hand it looks like its in.

    For fucks sake.

  50. Captian obvious says:

    Refer to comment above. Fail.

  51. Takilis says:

    It seems you Captain obvious have failed to say something useful.

  52. goincoconuts says:

    listen you cunt wads, draw a fucking L on your left hand and R on your right hand and stand in front of a mirror.

  53. Sparrow says:

    But I did and they came out backwards. Now what am I supposed to do?

  54. Dead Dude. says:

    Go fap.

  55. pratik says:

    All these tits and asses and you guys argue about what hand a ring is on.

  56. WouldDoDaria says:


    Would be funny to see those guys in strip joint. It’s a bud…No it’s bud LIGHTTTTT

  57. IDGAF says: