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25 Hot Afros (With Girls Underneath Them)

girl with an afro

An afro is a bad ass hairstyle that puts things like the mullet to shame and, frankly, looks much hotter than 90% of all mullets we’ve ever seen.  So here’s a gallery.

afro girl lying down

afro girl in a chair

afro booty

black and white afro

big afro

beyonce in austin powers with an afro

pam grier afro

afro and shades

afro in black

afro wigafro bikini

afro wig

afro and a bowtie

afro bikini

afro girl on a car

rihanna afro

pink afro

white afro

afro in the shadows

afro in pink

afro girl is packng heat

afro in white

small afro

afro bikini

12 Responses to "25 Hot Afros (With Girls Underneath Them)"

  1. ShhhWHATT says:

    expected like a big hairy snatch at the end

  2. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    there has to be at least 3 insect species living in each of those…

  3. Loser says:

    i wanna put some cream on every piece of chocolate shown here

  4. mezzanine says:

    Was expecting Gary Spivey at the end

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Nothnig hot about afros.

  6. AssHead says:

    who is that lady with extra hot legs on the 12′th picture?… god damnit is all i can say… sexiest ebony ever…