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25 Hot Anime Babes

Cartoons were never this hot when we were growning up. All we had was Judy Jetson and Cheetara from Thundercats, and that just made you feel weird.


56 Responses to "25 Hot Anime Babes"

  1. luvin the crazies says:

    The replies to this are just hilarious! Nothing gets people’s blood boiling like a few half naked anime chics! LMAO

  2. The Todd says:

    Put down high five!

  3. Anonymouss says:

    I Like Turtles!!

  4. Ampatent says:

    Roman Polanski must have picked a few of these pictures…

  5. omgwtfbbq says:

    ARE YOU HONESTLY FUCKING STUPID? There’s a fuckin display picture right below the title of this article on the homepage. Instead of being a complete idiotic douche bag, maybe you should second attepmt the ‘Mexican Landslide’

  6. yo FoShIzZLe AiGhT says:

    yoyo ima dawg hoo lieks to talk shit so nobody can reed what isay ya know what im sayin ok cool well i need to jack to sum cartoon chiks now so ill ttyl bros aight cyall

  7. Hungry says:

    In respone to REALLY?
    By your logic, if would need to have to look at 25 pictures of scat porn to see if i would like it or not, instead of just looking at the first one and passing it by.

    and yes, scat porn rocks!

  8. noreply55 says:

    Meh, mostly fanart and home-made CG’s of black and white manga originals. Could be better but overall a good crop.

  9. ~~o,,o~~ ICe ~~o..o~~Ice~~o,,o~~ says:

    Yo girls are girls if they’re animated sure w.e its just a picture of a girl dosnt mean u cant think its hot theyre drawn to look perfect and its amusing so to all you cryin bout it and yellin at nerds go fuck of and stop tryin to act hard on the fuckin internet and if you get hard lookin at this shit, what ever floats your boat dude.

  10. Otaku King says:

    Ohhhhhh yes thank you holy taco thank you for this half decent gallery of anime goodness. Any chance of a tentacle rape gallery. Thank you again and long live japan.

  11. Neon says:

    they needed this stuff in the Renaissance

  12. Sandwhich says:

    This shit blows. What happened to you HT? You use to be cool.

  13. REALLY? says:


  14. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    ur mom just gave me a BJ.EPIC WIN!!!

  15. Barkley's Beer Bong says:

    Notice how these Japanese anime chicks all have big eyes, big tits and big asses?

    These have all the attributes the real Japanese women lack!

  16. Andy says:

    i don’t even know how to respond to this update, it’s a whole new low

  17. aPlateOfGrapes says:


  18. omgwtfbbq says:

    To the people who commented negatively on this:

    You’re fucking stupid, honestly. If you don’t fuckin like this shit, then don’t fuckin click it. Did you like.. fuckin mistake this for Kim Kardashian’s ass or something? Miss click? If not, then shut the fuck up, don’t comment, before I cum on your sister, then break your fuckin fingertips so you won’t be able to log into HT or redtube.

    aPlateOfGrapes, you’re fuckin hilarious, no sarcasm intended.

  19. HEY says:

    whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA….

    Wait a minute.

    Where the hell are the tentacles?!?!?!?

  20. REALLY? says:

    you have to see something before you can decide whether you like it or not. so shut the fuck up and stop being a fucking criticizing anus.

  21. Comrade says:

    WTF? Cartoons seriously? What kind of a fucking nerd virgin jacks off to some jap’s drawing. fucking faggots.

  22. Anime is Ghey says:


    Only a complete fucking loser would look at this shit and get wood. Guess which category you’re getting filed under moron?

  23. I'm 12 and I love wuss porn says:


  24. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    Very Fine HT !!!
    Anime/Hentai Babes rock.

  25. Salty bollock says:

    …..is jacking off to your mom….fap fap fap fap fap fap

  26. Salty bollock says:

    Reason enough for sex starved japanese artists to draw pictures of them like that…….i bet your missus looks like sasquatch….jealous much!!

  27. Bosco says:

    I sink I have a frush…

  28. Coroner says:

    stfu mastofag. HT don’t ever pull this shit again

  29. Anonymousabeer says:


  30. tyby says:

    super pictures

  31. pratik says:

    The 13 year old part of me just came in his pants.

  32. omgwtfbbq says:

    They’re all hiding something obviously.
    ..A boner.

  33. fourteenlines says:

    Trust, they had it. Not as colorful, granted, but it existed.

  34. I-love-anime says:

    i like how innocent they look delicate like a flower and deliciously ripe like a juicy melon

  35. WTF, man?!? says:

    The kid whose asshole you’re fingering?

  36. Sigh says:

    If anime sucks so much why did you click on an article marked 25 hottest anime chicks?

  37. guy who loves masturbating to anime porn says:

    bro go fuck a cabbage

  38. Anime is Ghey says:

    HT are you f’n serious with this bullshit? What is the craze with anime chicks, anime porn and all this stupid shit?

    I’d rather you repost the Mexican Urban Dictionary story again than this garbage.

    Weak HT, really weak.

  39. Salty bollock says:


  40. tony4343 says:

    Learning english also makes my nipples hard also.

  41. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    i’m gonna be honest it may give people woody’s but stop acting like u dont find it hot i do anime was’nt meant for kids hentai came before anime so STFU,seriously comrade if you
    don’t find it hot you sir, have erectile dysfunction.

  42. Nobody special says:

    Did you guys just discover anime or hentai this week or something? Some of these images have fantastically shitty quality. Try looking around for about a half hour on a decent site and you won’t find crap images like this.

  43. Hilarious says:

    I like real chicks. This looks like nerd heaven. I am done with this site.

  44. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    c’mon your the only one jerking of to a kid’s cartoon if it’s hentai i understand.

  45. fourteenlines says:

    By “chicks” you mean “men”. And by “done with” you mean “will keep coming back to.”

  46. sucka 4 tits says:

    Fake tits…….

  47. Nanananananeenoonana says:


  48. Hand Banana says:

    Tonight You….

  49. nerd says:


  50. some dumb skank says:

    Carl is such a hottie. TONIGHT!!!

  51. Conando says:

    In the words of Carl, “Get over here broad!!!!”

  52. Yea boiii says:

    thats what I hate about hentai, It was all cool in my teen years but now that I am 21. blah. I mean most of these girls faces dont even fit their bodies. Kinda makes me grossed out

  53. LeVar Burton says:

    fap fap fap fap fap

  54. RADA RADA says:

    the last one is funny