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25 Hot Arizona Girls

You may disagree with the state’s politics, but you definitely regret not going to college there.


36 Responses to "25 Hot Arizona Girls"

  1. Go Buffs says:

    Besides a couple fat chicks, it’s likely none of these girls are virgins. No thanks.

  2. Mr. Seargent says:


  3. STFUTRUCK says:

    so I know now what school I want to go to….thanks holy taco…and can we get links to more photos plz and ty

  4. ednkc says:

    HOTT! Oh yeah I agree with Arizona’s politics! Arizona is looking better and better each day!

  5. office jerq says:

    \what are you a fucking muslim or something?

  6. D says:

    Both ASU and UA are nothing more than 4 year junior colleges with some of the sluttiest, STD infested whores around.

  7. Lets Make Butt Babies says:

    taking virignity is just a wet dream for those that haven’t done it.

    i would rather roll with a slut that “ease in” a virgin and if you had any expereince for comparison you would be the same way.

  8. Just me says:

    I counted 72 hot girls

  9. Just me says:

    Really dude? I bet your a virgin… or gay

  10. Michael H says:

    Isn’t ironic that there’s no women of colour in this list. Just sayin’

    • John says:

      Maybe because there’s no hot women of color in Arizona that at least showed up when these pictures were taken, Don’t try making this a racial thing.

  11. tdizzle says:


  12. Finnegan says:

    Hoff is holding a water bottle full of Vodka aaaaand what seems to be a turd…

  13. Lets Make Butt Babies says:

    This list was satisfactory. I would but bang all of these girls even though most of them were just okay looking but slutted out (which is the correct way for just okay looking girls to be).

  14. It's a mess. says:

    Don’t hassle the Hoff…

  15. Dread Fred says:

    0 Responses to “25 Hot Arizona Girls”

  16. College chicks are hotter than porn stars everyday.
    And we still love you drunk Hoff.

  17. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    1 word: Sorostitutes

    ASU Bros!

  18. pratik says:

    Well played Dwight, well played.

    I’m beginning to think you and I are the only funny people around here.

  19. tdizzle says:

    really? he combines soroity and prostitutes and that’s funny? i feel like you’re a bad judge of who’s funny anywhere

  20. ASU Guy says:

    This isn’t a good representation of hot Arizona girls at all. Half the chicks on this list wouldn’t pass off for hot at ASU.

  21. justin says:
    Pics or your completely full of shit.
  22. GoFuckYourseIf says:

    I like to use “your” instead of “you’re” too. Can I work for HT?

  23. DonkeyXote says:

    Haha.. BURN!!!!

  24. Ben Affleck says:

    ASU guy -
    Seriously? By the fact that you’re willing to post a comment online at all means you clearly must fall into the same category as the rest of us:
    Internet dwelling troglodytes who think Yoda is hot.

    Our standards are so low that poorly shaded polygons spawned an industry leading sex icon named Laura Croft.
    Half of us think the girl with 3 boobs from total recall is hot.
    Our ideal girlfriend is a real doll.
    We’ve all seen every episode of Ranma 1/2 – a show about a guy that turns into a girl and yet we still think the girl Ranma is hot even though we know she has a dick half the time.
    We’ve all jacked off thinking about ensign Rho at least once. A detail that would be less sad if we didn’t also think of captain Picard in the same fantasy.

    Yeah, we’re all choosers for sure.

  25. ASU Guy says:

    If you have even spent 5 minutes on ASU campus you would see what I mean. I see more hot chicks walking to class every day than are on this entire list.

  26. SirMixNoMore says:

    Too bad NONE are looking at you.

  27. Ben Affleck says:

    But you can’t photograph them really hot ones with a standard lens. They explode.

    Pretty much all colleges are filled with really hot girls that most likely surpass this post. Except UC Berkeley. If you can see through the cloud of weed, you’ll have to suppress the urge to vomit at the sight of all the hippies.

  28. The Naughty Professor says:

    I just came so hard that I impregnated my neighbour.

  29. The Naughty Professor's Daughter says:

    I think some of it went up my skirt, help!

  30. John staymos says:

    i just moved back from AZ and these girls are only the TIP of the iceberg, sexy

  31. pratik says:

    Seems like ASU chicks are way sluttier than UA chicks.

  32. DonkeyXote says:

    Apu-trik, shut the fuck you barely even went to community college!

    I love it how these ignorant scumbags act like big connoisseurs of women and the only pussy they’ve had rubbed across their fucking faces is that of their mothers at birth.

  33. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Yeah they are.

    It goes like this: ASU > UofA > NAU

    ASU= slutty party girls/ sorostitutes

    UofA= supposedly “smart” chicks, they’re really not, but they’re not as good looking as the ASU slampieces.

    NAU= snow bunnies. Not as much to choose from at NAU, but they still have some good looking slampieces

    By the way, slampiece here is used as any definition on urbandictionary.com except definition 1.


  34. john Goodman says:

    What the hell is wrong with the one on the right in the thedirty.com pic. Dam!!

  35. DonkeyXote says:

    What I want to know is what the hell is wrong with the picture above it?

    Flat butts don’t come any saggier than that!! Oh no!!!