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25 Hot Bartenders

The only shot you’ll have with these girls is the one that comes in a one ounce glass.


32 Responses to "25 Hot Bartenders"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    Nothing hot about the asian ones.

  2. Dead_Frankz says:


  3. robby says:

    HT might as well have named this 25 Bartenders in Bikinis. Honestly, it doesn’t take stripping down to your lingerie to make you an attractive (rather, hot) bartender. I thought you knew better, HolyTaco.

  4. DonkeyBlowMe says:

    Our women are too exotic for you Donkey…fag.

  5. Djouf says:

    As a percentage, I wonder how many have STD’s?

  6. Roofie says:

    All of them, and I should know.

  7. The Thorough Misogynist says:

    1) Cute face; fakest tits I’ve ever seen.
    2) Who let the Ooompa Loompas out the Chocolate Factory?
    3) Face so ugly it should be a crime.
    4) Gigantic ears; weird smile.
    5) Razor-sharp nose.
    6) Skirt made of duct tape.
    7) Pointy nose.
    8) No tits; funny mouth.
    9) Appears to be taking a massive shit.
    10) Huge skank; fake tits.
    11) Greasy asian; elf hands.
    12) Cellulite.
    13) Smushy face.
    14) Old; insane.
    15) Fran Drescher.
    16) Edward James Almos.
    17) No tits; huge lips.
    18) Retard face.
    19) HOLY SHIT, SHE’S PERFECT. Some one tell me her name!
    20) Pedro Martinez.
    21) Mustache.
    22) Ripped off a man’s leg.
    23) Ugly face.
    24) Clown mouth.
    25) Lesbo hair.

  8. Anonymoose says:

    well done sir, well done

  9. brian says:

    i like your style

  10. Your math teacher says:

    There are only 24 women there. Your argument is invalid.

  11. DonkeyBlowMe says:

    Get a life you spaz. I can’t believe someone kept scrolling up and down just to deliverately comment on each chick. fucking douche!

  12. A to M Guy says:

    (yawn) wow, trashy girls in slutty outfits that will prolly give out if you slip them a large bill.
    What else is new?
    More asians! ):/

  13. Ben Affleck says:

    I’m gay so none of these did anything for me

  14. Matt Damon says:

    I’d have a shot on all of ‘em !

  15. Gorilla says:

    This sucks without a bar name and city to go with each picture

  16. Steve says:

    25 very good tips.

  17. dwayne "tooth fairy" johnson says:

    you can’t score unless you take a shot!

  18. dick sauce in your mother says:

    fap fap fap :(

  19. bob saget says:

    RB cola is awesome. you’re an idiot.

  20. *insert witty name* says:

    Now, in all seriousness, Red Bull Cola tastes like diluted sewer water. Y’know those cola-flavoured ice pops that came in long plastic wrappers? When they are melted in a semi-solid and drank, they tase similar to Red Bull Cola. And that semi-solid also tasted like sewer water.

  21. *insert witty name* says:

    Ewww, Red Bull Cola?!? That last picture ruined the whole damn article.
    And just so you’s all know, i would rather drink my own semen than willingly drink Red Bull Cola. Just throwin’ that info out there, in case any of y’all are interested….

  22. She's seen some shit! says:

    Gotta love the haggard-looking one in the 3rd pic.

  23. idstilldoher says:

    looks just like fergie

  24. Snarfy says:

    More like Axel Rose

  25. so ghey says:


  26. John Goodman's Mother says:

    Good Lord son…put that diseased piece of flacid flesh away and come rim my hairy ass.

  27. I do says:

    1 Darlene
    2 Brittni
    3 Meagun
    4 Mecedes
    5 Bambi
    6 Joann
    7 Britney
    8 Ashley
    9 Britteney
    10 Katsumi
    11 Shasha
    12 Penelope
    13 Indira
    14 Roseann
    15 Annika
    16 Layla
    17 Angelina
    18 Britney
    19 Ashlee
    20 Zulu
    21 Wanda
    22 Yolanda
    23 Marissa
    24 Britnee
    25 Starla

  28. John Goodman says:

    I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone have the names of any of these girls?

  29. Bob says:


    (Fucking stoker)

  30. Guinea Pirate says:

    Now I really need a drink at the bar!!!

    *runs off*

  31. justin bieber says:

    Yeah the second to last one is bob’s mom.