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25 Hot Famous Jews

We’d totally let these chicks spin our dreidel.


86 Responses to "25 Hot Famous Jews"

  1. Dr. Pepper says:

    You did take that dick up your ass far enough though.

  2. hitler says:

    every fucking body is gay now…. i told you but you didnt want to listen…
    bumsen Sie dumme Amerikaner ….. absolut zu den Juden

  3. Iinglorious Barterd says:

    Hitler Says:
    fuck you stupid Americans ….. completely to the Jews

    Or at least that’s what my google translator tells me. Asshole.

  4. office jerk says:

    *waiting for “Jewish Guy” to post something about how he hates niggers or americans*

    PS: “Jewish Guy” is a fat white supremacist douche from Kansas flying a false flag to rile up people against jews, he’s not a jew himself.

  5. office jerk says:

    #16 … must … resist … making .. concentration camp joke…

  6. colleen says:

    Really? You didn’t include Natalie Portman? I’m a straight woman and I get wet when I see Natalie!

    …fuckin’ retards…

  7. Fin-Dangle says:

    Most of these just prove that if you chop a Jew chick`s nose down enough they turn out ARRRIGHT!!

  8. Jon Yodice says:

    america became a pimple on the cock of the earth right after we threw the greenback to the wind and let the king of england have lincoln assassinated. your racism is in vain and has nothing to do with the state of things, your pal Bush PERPETUATED this CUNTries terrible immigration policy.

    what will people like you do after north america becomes one nation and you and the “wetbax” are part of the same sovereignty. theres no point in just hating the hundreds of millions of brown people, the ones responsible for your and the whole nations problems are actually white and hold the highest seats of power in this country learn things

  9. Jon Yodice says:

    you’ll just complain more*** that what youll do lol

  10. Incorrects says:

    My thoughts exactly, except I’m a dude.

  11. areyoufuckingblind says:

    yes natalie portman is on there. nude…..SHWING

  12. Dude says:

    I’m totally Fapping to your comment….girls getting wet on girls plus pics fap fap fap fap

  13. Dude says:

    jews man fucking jews….even though i am a wetback half nigger that looks like a Sand Nigger…Jews and rednecks are the wrost.

  14. furiousgeorge says:

    If you do a 25 Hot Famous Blacks is Quincy Jones’ daughter going to be on that one too? Names would have helped too, I know most of the those Jews but not all.

  15. Neal says:

    no Lindsey Vuolo Miss November 2001? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindsey_Vuolo

  16. pratik says:

    I’m guessing the next gallery will be “25 hot chicks who made it with a black guy but won’t own up to it”.

  17. Sup bitch! says:

    I agree, colleen makes me wanna slap my nuts left and right.

    girl on girl


  18. ... says:

    Sarah Silverman?? Really?

  19. Tubs Mcfatfuck says:

    Chelsea Handler ? Really ? Seriously though ? Really ? For real ? Chelsea Handler ?

  20. Chicoson says:

    I had no idea all these smoking hotties were jewish. I don’t believe it. If true though, I am giong to start claiming my half-judaism.

    As far as some names, I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johanson, Rachel Bilson, Michelle Tranchenburg, Amanda Bynes, Kate Hudson, Isla Fisher, Alyson Hanigan, Sarah Silverman, Ashley Tisdale, Gwenith Paltrow and Anne Frank. Put them in order yourselves.

  21. Anonymous2.0 says:

    most of these girls are half or less, if even that.

  22. C-Reg says:

    I dont know what it is about sarah silverman but she gives me the boners.

  23. susan says:

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  24. Dread Fred says:

    Brook Burke is Smokin Hot…………

  25. Masshole says:

    Where is my sammich you fahking whore!

  26. Hashbrown says:

    Why the FUCK is Rachel Weisz not on here? She’s the hottest Jew.

  27. Jew lover says:

    What a stupid thing to say. Why don’t you just gas yourself if that sounds like a good idea to you?

  28. Teutone says:

    The sentence “bumsen Sie dumme Amerikaner ….. absolut zu den Juden” makes absolutly no sense!

    I asume he ment “fickt euch ihr blöden Amis, genau so wie ihr Juden!”

    Mein Führer sagt: Gigedi!

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap……

  29. Sandwhich says:

    1:Bar Refaeli
    2:Jamie Lynn
    3:Sarah Silverman
    4:Alicia Silverstone
    5:Ashley Tisdale
    6:Scarlett Johansson
    7:Brooke Burke
    8:Chelsea Handler
    9:Emmy Rossum
    10:Alyson Hannigan
    11:Gwyneth Paltrow
    12:Isla Fisher
    13:Kate Hudson
    14:Katie Price
    15:Amanda Bynes
    16:Mia Kirshner
    17:Michelle Trachtenberg
    18:Mila Kunis
    19:Natalie Portman
    20:Rachel Bilson
    21:Rashida Jones
    22:Amanda Peet
    23:Samantha Harris
    24:Sarah Michelle Gellar
    25:Selma Blair

    You’re welcome.

  30. Sandwhich says:

    And Anne Frank as the last photo.

  31. Jewish guy says:

    fuck you office jerk, i am not a fat white red neck slob from kansas, and fucking kansas?.thats the best state yiu could come up with

    anyhow, i dont need to make any apologies for my views

    niggers, sand niggers and wet backs are ruining america

  32. Jewish guy says:

    i knew holytaco was anti semitic, anne frank at the end?

    do you shitfucks have any idea how much anne frank suffered during the holocaust?

  33. Boogers says:

    Probably not as bad as we suffer from your comments.

  34. Ben Linus says:

    definitely. dude she was on star trek!

  35. Ben Linus says:

    this just proves Hitler was gay.

  36. Stuffers says:

    Now I notice that katie Price is in there aka Jordan. Now yes her Grandmother is a Jewish but once you take into consideration the amount of her thats been swapped, Changed or Removed Via Surgery I think im pretty accurate in saying “She is about as Jewish as my Foreskin”

  37. AnonymousA says:

    Sie american Arschlöcher, die Juden essen Sie von innen

  38. Mr. Helpful says:

    Right click on inage, save as, gives you their name.

  39. Phaedrus says:

    You’re right! Like that third pic: I had no idea 1388603579_787db23cc9 was so hot!

  40. Muslim=Terrorist says:

    Snappy words Ace! Read much?

  41. Muslim=Terrorist says:

    I hate Jews. Hitler had some good ideas he just didn’t take it far enough!

  42. Mgtube says:

    I call fake on half of these bitches… especially the last one!

  43. Mgtube says:

    Plus I’m a jew, I’m allowed to…

  44. jewish guys father says:

    and definitely not as bad as the rugburns i got on my shaft from banging your mom in the ass

  45. elwoodinontario says:

    How about some names!

  46. america sucks says:

    so you can fap?

  47. Tiger's Wood says:

    Had no idea half of these girls were Jewish. You learn things every day when you google Chelsea Handler’s ass.

  48. Ivan says:

    Fucking americans ,read a history book before you said something,,Russians where then ones who won the war,they kick hitler`s ass,they where the first to enter Berlin,,you guys where too busy having trouble with japan in the pacific,,,,

  49. hitler says:

    lame ….
    bumsen Sie dumme Amerikaner ….. absolut zu den Juden

  50. HaHa says:

    lol you didnt realize that “bumsen Sie dumme Amerikaner ….. absolut zu den Juden” are written from an american?
    learn german! and dont use an fucked up idiot translator from the internet !!!

    mal ganz abgesehen davon das die meisten amerikanischen mitbuerger mit ihrem pseudo patriotischen faschismus heute mehr nazis sind denn alle deutschen je zuvor!

    get a life !

    really nice chicks ;)

  51. sweetfly says:

    That is not entirely true . The Russians can take credit for killing and capturing a whole shitload of Germans but the Allies can take credit for depleting Hitler of the needed oil and material to run his war machine . Towards the end of the war Hitler was using the very old and the very young as warriors . Meanwhile his tanks , trucks , planes and trains were useless because there was no gasoline to power them . So really both sides contributed equally to Hitler`s downfall .

  52. Fox says:

    Peace and love.

  53. Titty McShameless says:

    Stupid Germans. No wonder we kicked your ass in the war. AMERICA! Fuck yeah!

  54. america sucks says:

    fuck you Canada owned you shitbrick

  55. Finnegan says:

    Yeah America kicked Germanys ass twice and then they paid a loooooot of money to build it up again to become one of the worlds dominant economic powers, wich can even rival your own… how stupid is that :P

  56. Ronald Wilson Reagan says:

    Hey Finnegan, why don’t you say that again so we can fucking nuke your lame little piece of shit back to the stone age. America Rules homo!

  57. bob says:


  58. yellowcav says:

    stupid germans.

  59. i'm THAT guy says:

    HA HA HA!!! IS THAT FUCKING ANNE FRANK AT THE END??? Well done Holy Taco, also thank you for not showing “before” and “after” pictures

  60. Peta penis says:


  61. Drake says:

    I noticed something about Jewish women. Correct me if I am wrong but I noticed that Jewish women have little/no boobs. The only population of Jewish women who got boobs are most of the time fake (if not 100% of the time). Maybe it’s just me but if so post a reply of any Jewish women with naturals if you think what I’m saying isn’t correct.

  62. DOLEMITE says:

    sarah silverman is one of the nastiest dirty 5 dollar trash bag hoes there is. she is a prime example of why spousal abuse should be awarded and not punished.

  63. JerDaddy says:

    Scarlett Johanson? Wow that chick is super extra hot! I had no idea….

    And you racist pricks, get a life us spics do all ur dirty work when no one else will do it. If we’re ruining america then maybe your honky ass should start up a confederate movement and let’s have ourselves some good ol lynchins and another civil war so more blood can be shed for stupidity, bad enough we had to deal with George Dub-Ya. Screw your hatred and bigotry.

  64. American Veteran says:

    It wouldn’t hurt us to listen to our foreign friends and neighbors. We do a lot of talking (we feel this, and we stand for that) but maybe not as much listening as we should do. Thanks for your input. Oh, and some cute ladies on this list.

  65. lezbro says:

    You Americans are funny!They r all hot chicks what does their religion has to do with it? u got some ugly ones too,the same for Catholics,protestants & so on
    Putting Anne frank is a bit un p.c. but she was good looking & probably had more dignity & courage than all of us sitting comfortably in front of our screen.

    If it werent for some xtremists making innocent people pay for their penis related problem those “sand niggers” could teach you a thing or two i.e. Ottoman empire in spain

    Freedom of speech is marvelous!Enjoy

  66. Douchebag says:


    that made the coffee i was drinking come out of my nose.

  67. Nutz says:

    They’re jew-able.

  68. yellowcav says:


  69. Rogue says:

    How could you not include Emmanuelle Chriqui? She’s 100% Jew
    and 100% hot !

  70. Anne Frank did it for me.

  71. CS says:


  72. House jerk says:

    Why? they’re complimenting her! Get your panties out of a bunch, it’s a humor site…damn panty waste

  73. Mengele says:

    L o L

  74. B says:

    lol wow, terrible last pic

  75. clubf00t says:

    dont call here ugly, she cant help it shes retarded

  76. random says:

    wow i had no idea sara silverman was…. hot
    maybe im just prejudice against ugly retarded women with horrible accents

  77. Anonymous Platypus says:

    She’s jew-dorable.

  78. yellowcav says:

    hahaha . Sara ailverman is hot because shes funny. Most retarted people are funny. It like saying a fart isnt funny

  79. Hoe-nucock says:

    I e-jew-culated.

  80. crimer says:

    basically anyone who’s anything in Hollywood is either Jewish or Scientlogist.

  81. Vonshine says:

    Sarah Silverman shaves her armpit then lick the hair off the razor, that’s hot!

  82. thenagz says:

    you forgot naomi russell.. or do porn sctresses with partial jewish bloodline belong to this list?

    (btw. one of the words at the captcha below is “undress” quite a coincidence, ey? :D )

  83. anony says:

    you know HT staff… i don’t laugh much at the last pic. but honestly, this one got me.

  84. ahha says:

    Some liberties were taken with the use of the term “Hot” as well as “Jew.”

  85. Barn Door says:

    I did not nose some of them are Jews.