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25 Hot Female Drummers

hot drummer

One of the greatest mysteries in life is why exactly a chick drummer is so cool.  Meh.  Go with it.

drummer in bra

blonde drummer

black and white drummer

chick drumming

drummer panties

drummer chick

girl with drum

sheila e

chick drummer

girl drummer

woman drummer

sheila e

girl drummer

bra drums

drummer girl

drummer chick

rihanna drumming

woman drummer

girl drumming

drummer chick

chick drummer

drummer girl

hot drummer

32 Responses to "25 Hot Female Drummers"

  1. Chaaarrrhaaarrrrleigghhhhhh says:

    hot female drummers is a little misleading when you take a look at numero seveno… none the less number one has some nice ta tas.

    oh also FIRST!

  2. donquijote says:

    probably the worst 25 ive ever seen

  3. holy nipple says:

    I see London I see France the 16th chick down has a nip slip

  4. so sorry says:

    the first girl has 2 right hands………..sorry, and big boobs

  5. ohh noo! says:

    16th down… the one that looks like boy George and has a “see-thru” bra ….. thats gonna haunt me for a while.

    thanks holy taco

  6. Jesus says:

    Thou shall not lie… those women may be cool, but not all are attractive.

  7. White says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Meg White is hot?

  8. afbg says:

    90% of the drummers were nasty

  9. Mrs. No-No says:

    More Cowbell !!!

  10. Baba Booey says:

    Title should read: 25 unattractive, sometimes chubby, sometimes just ugly female drummers.

  11. Balls of Steel says:

    I’ll agree with the commenters except for Serial Drummer. She looks dangerously good.

  12. BillyBop says:

    What about the drummer from Lenny Kravitz’s band? Shes super awesome and hot.

  13. Rick says:

    Most of these girls are ugly… more importantly I’m sure NONE of them are decent drummers.

  14. DonkeyXote says:

    Holy wheat crackers!!! That 6th one is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!

  15. Papi Diablo says:

    When they drum, it makes their titties bounce. Mystery solved

  16. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    It’s because you faggots are gay, and having a woman be doing manly things makes them more attractive to you.

    kinda like women in uniforms.


  17. mymomsleftshoe says:

    16 is a guy…sorry to say, but if you spank to that, well…..

  18. Shizzy says:

    I think maybe you should have had a vote on what girls are considered hot because almost everyone of these girls are fugly. Either you have no standards on what hot is or you need to get your eyes check cuz some of them broads are just downright scary looking and in a bad not good way epic fail!

  19. Squalid says:

    im gay

  20. trechills says:

    oh lol that is funny, 1 of the funnier things ive seen on holytaco, you tottally got me, you ment hot weather wise not in the how they look wise, it was a thinker.

  21. Whatever says:

    Where the hell is Meg White, Shes an actual drummer, hot, with great tits???

  22. Eric Cartman says:

    Where is Roxie Petrucci of the band Vixen on that list? She’s both hot, and a real drummer.

  23. Xef says:

    11 and 17 are the only ones I want to bone.

  24. Doug says:

    where is the chick that use to drum for Lenny Kravitz?? You know and actual drummer.

  25. BrittanyH says:

    number 16 is hideous.

  26. Mindsplatter says:

    #2 is fucking perfect. Any idea who she is?