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25 Hot Gamer Chicks

I’d totally play with these girls.


43 Responses to "25 Hot Gamer Chicks"

  1. Last Fat Chick says:

    I love PENIS!!!!

  2. Miss Kelly says:

    Hahhah! These chicks ain’t got nothin’ on me!


    -Miss Kelly

  3. Unimpressed says:

    Call me when you’ve got real gamer chicks and not models posing.

  4. Charles says says:

    the last 2 earn the xbox ring of death award for hot gamer chicks.

  5. sithlord says:

    Failsauce. These chicks are all playing consoles.

  6. ryan says:

    4 is sexy

  7. Awesome says:

    PS3 FTW!

  8. RandomGuy says:

    Cant believe no one has made the “they can come play with MY joystick anytime” joke yet =/

  9. Jim Woods says:

    Wow! Hot gamer chicks are AMAZING! Only thing that beats a hot gamer chick, is a hot skater chick!


  10. Oseas says:


  11. DonkeyXote's Tranny Mom says:

    Those last two pics don’t show a chick, that’s actually DonkeyXote trying to escape his pathetic life.

  12. Barn Door says:

    The last chick might actually be somewhat attractive if she lost 400 pounds. Think about how much fun you could have with all that loose skin afterwords.

  13. AP says:


  14. Uratowel says:

    #9 should have used a Xbox

  15. Pony Boy says:

    They can come play with my joystick anytime.

  16. Cat man due says:

    hand a girl a controller and shes considered a “gamer chick” puhleaze. Some hotties tho

  17. Tatts says:

    What happened to Felicia Day? i thought she would of been up there.

  18. Sinislaw says:

    the Link to the Past one looks under 18.

  19. Ano says:


  20. Ben Affleck says:

    See, I always said girls suck at video games. Most of these idiots got all tangled up and lost their clothes trying to play simple consoles.

    Maybe you gals should stick to the wash room and cooking for your men.

  21. 2009 Taxes says:

    The last two are my favorites.

  22. Just Trying to Help says:

    Really….it’s great to put a face on all that blather…I like the double/triple fat rolls, hides the sweat.

  23. Puff says:

    are you blind or dumb? like im going to list all pictures just for your stupid commentary

  24. Joe The Asshole says:

    What games are they playing???

  25. Puff says:

    Does it matter?

  26. Joe The Asshole says:

    that’s why I’m asking you fucken douche!

  27. I beat you... says:


  28. krio says:

    first, last 1 is so hot

  29. Coyote says:

    Hot damn, nice work Taco. Nice work indeed.

  30. Ayka'ama Lott says:

    Chubbs there ruined the momentum my fist had on my dick!

  31. Stink says:

    I pitty that poor bastard that had to give chubbs that tatoo.

  32. Stink says:

    or “tattoo”

  33. e says:


  34. Chubbs says:

    Damned alligator BIT my hand off!

  35. Ralph the Wonder Llama says:

    #3 FTW!!!!!!

  36. sex-pun guy says:

    they can hold my wii remote any time

  37. sex-pun lad says:

    they can perform oral sex to me any time

  38. hot gamer chicks = 90% jailbait. cool!

  39. office jerk says:

    i see a common trend throughout the pictures! most of those girls are sitting WAY too near the TV, i think the explanation is that they are nearsighted – which also explains why they would be gamers, they don’t realize how hot they are and think they are ugly nerds and should just sit inside and play video games.

  40. Blown says:

    I think these are all pictures of the same girl. She got near-sighted and cross eyed by keeping her eyes focused on my nob as she slobbed it.

  41. Exile says:

    No Felicia Day?


  42. pratik says:

    She’s an actual gamer girl… these are just chicks that answered obscure modeling ads on CraigsList.

  43. Cracker says:

    I’d hit the big girl. Those big ol’ titties are fine by me!