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25 Hot Guitar Babes

Guitar legend and inventor, Les Paul, died today at the age of 94. He was best known for developing the solid-body electric guitar, so, in honor of him, we’ve put together a gallery of 25 smoking hot guitar babes. 


37 Responses to "25 Hot Guitar Babes"

  1. Alyssa says:

    When Paris Hilton is the LEAST whore-ish looking out of 25 pictures.. you know something is wrong.

  2. Grim says:

    With the obvious-and hilarious-exception of the last pic, a delectable gallery!

  3. Chriss says:

    Ya know…… number 17 is a naaaaaaaaasty amatuer porn star…… search around

  4. carpet chomper says:

    there was only one bass… *wipes tears*

  5. Anonymous Mouse says:

    so uuuhhhhhh who else got a bigger boner when they saw their favorite guitar?

  6. Cat man due says:

    and i bet only the last one can actually play

  7. Thunderscrotum says:

    1) The girl in front of the drum kit is holding a Strat, not a Tele. “Nasty” isn’t the word I’d pick, but whatever …

    2) I’m not sure Sarah Jessica Parker is who you think she is.

    3) My captcha is “jerrio-get-down ripe.” I defy anyone to come up with a better one than that, ever.

  8. Sciuridae says:

    this should be how the advertise all guitars.

    by the way, the naked chick with the red tele in front of the white drumkit… whats up with her? she’s looking like she’s about to take a crap. nasty.

    best pics: 8, 10 and 11. classy, nice guitar, nice chick.
    they should change the gitar in number 7 to a gibson, and the girl to someone with less of a sarah jessica parker face.

  9. Dude Smith says:

    Nice pics but I’m certain none of these chicks can play a lick. Pun intended!

  10. George T says:

    Why is some retard always asking that EVERY DAMN TIME?!

  11. Lashandra says:

    why they always messing up the last pic?

  12. Throbbin' Hood says:

    The worst thing is she has one of those cheap suck-ass Walmart First Act guitars.

  13. rowdyp says:

    well played

  14. Old Guy says:

    Alright, which one of you bitches can play, “Smoke on the Water?”

    Never mind. We’ll fuckin’ dub it in.

  15. louise says:

    … or something is right ….

  16. Phoenix says:

    Anyone else notice that #5′s bookshelf has the entire Left Behind series, and a bible? SOMEBODY’s going to have to go to confession!

  17. Вов@Nь)4 says:

    бля… охриненные тёлки!!!)))драть таких нада!!!)))

  18. hannah irking says:

    they all are, wtf is your point?

  19. Вов@Nь)4 says:

    тока сука последняя весь кайф обломала!!((( в топку!!!

  20. TOMASS says:


  21. Johnson Smashwell says:

    you need to straighten out your priorities…

    it took me 5 minutes to even find that bookshelf

  22. rat fink says:

    dude maybe this is just me the girls are smokin hot and all but god damn it they are going to ruin those instruments! girl juices and wood and paint do not combine well!

  23. Warning you in advance, this is gonna be lame says:

    Fucking AWESOME. I wouldn’t mind giving any of these chicks some “hammer-ons” with my “bone nut” as they give me a “humbucker” (excepting, of course, Mama Cass in the last one). Like Mr. Squishy up there, I’m digging the bare-ass chick. I wouldn’t mind running my cable through her Big Muff.

    Thank you. I will now show myself out.

  24. loving_life says:

    well they are all pretty though some of them could have done better poses and i agree about having all those lady juices on all the equipment lol not cool and they really need to watch how they have their feet some of them have unlikable feet yet they are showing them off and on top of that their toes get all misplaced but they are still pretty with the exception of the fatty lol just funny

  25. philosoraptor says:

    hint: that one wasn’t a great choice

  26. philosopher says:

    there are so many possible comments, I don’t know which one to choose

  27. roflcopter says:


  28. Mr. Squishypants says:

    Gotta give it to the naked-ass chick in front of the drum set, though I also like the second chick in black licking the Tele. She just looks so assfuckable.

  29. jethro says:

    One of them has to play with the guitar with her feet.

  30. duh says:

    Would’ve been nice if they were all Les Paul guitars but still, the chicks are hot.

  31. shartfelch says:

    here’s my cock. maybe you’d rather suck on that for a while.

  32. ^_^ says:

    OMG Sorry but first picture has to go!
    So not hot i think the guitar makes me Harder than she does.
    Super Butter Face, Flat chest ..Plain nasty!& its the cover Come on HT!

  33. Melissa says:

    good thing it’s not that hard to find a hot horny woman within a stones throw of a guitar

  34. thanxx says:

    seyxxxxxxxxxxx http://celebstar.org

  35. Rick says:

    Man you guys really like Melissa Midwest…

  36. BDBDBD says:

    Wait… where’s the fatty with a Fender-Strat jammed halfway up her va-jay-jay?

    That should be the 25th picture.

    I want my boner-killin’ last picture!

  37. justin says:
    wish granted.