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25 Hot Irish Girls


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s time for girl made Irish by their green clothing (or lack thereof).

irish bikini girls

irish ladies

sarah michelle gellarirish bikini

leprechaun girl

st. patty stripper

girl and a leprechaun

Irish beauty

hot leprechaun

irish bikini

irish ladies

irish chicks

irish front and back

irish stockings

big Irish

irish flag

irish bikini

irish chick

3 Responses to "25 Hot Irish Girls"

  1. bag which one douches says:

    There are 42 girls here.
    and one midget.

  2. Peter O'Hardin says:

    I suppose you weren’t able to authenticate the heritage of some of these women. I counted way more than 25.

  3. What says:

    #25, your wish is granted!